Flyspray:: Flyspray::QCAD: Recently opened tasks 2015-07-29T13:50:03Z FS#1246: Saving MText with linefeeds in escaped text causes corruption of DXF file 2015-07-29T13:50:03Z 2015-07-29T13:46:48Z

Saving MText with linefeeds in escaped text causes corruption of file.


FS#1245: Zoom in / zoom out: drawing painted at inconsistent offsets 2015-07-28T00:38:58Z 2015-07-27T23:03:25Z

Zooming in or out repeatedly (keeping + or - key pressed or using mouse wheel) shows the drawing at incorrect offsets in between frames with the correct offset.

Original report:

Zoom in and out with the Mouse wheel is working but it is unfortunately jumping in a zickzack course.

FS#1244: SVG import: consider original unit 2015-07-27T16:22:00Z 2015-07-27T16:17:49Z

Add support for importing units other than defaults (pixels) based on unit given in svg:width / svg:height attributes.

FS#1243: Printing / PDF Export: points offset 2015-07-27T14:18:57Z 2015-07-27T14:09:11Z

Hi !
im’ trying the 3.9.6 base version, and i have found a problem in printing/exporting..

To replicate the bug:
Try to draw a simple form, for ex a circle, and draw a center of this circle using POINT function.

Now if you make a print preview, then CENTER the circle in the page and try to export to pdf or print, the circle and the POINT (center) are ofsetted !!

i have try to make the same operation with 3.9.5 and i have no problem !!!

Axel Lynx
FS#1242: SVG import DPI box should use localized decimal separator 2015-07-24T13:58:32Z 2015-07-24T13:58:32Z

I wanted to make it so, that SVG units translate 1:1 into CAD units; I use the German localized QCAD and entered 25,4 into the box with the wrong result, i.e. the same as 25; Entering 25.4 got me what I wanted: The question box needs the point and ignores the comma. Would be nice if it could use the localized separator.

FS#1241: Options tool bar fields not editable, no interaction with graphics view possible 2015-07-24T11:15:16Z 2015-07-24T11:14:58Z

Likely affects Windows Vista, 7, 8.


Caused by update from Qt 4.7.4 to Qt 4.8.7

FS#1240: USB Flas Drive save makes the drive Read Only 2015-07-20T17:40:43Z 2015-07-20T17:30:25Z

This problem is USB Flash drive related.

First of all, QCAD does not show the flash drive a drive where data can be stored, but it does when one wants to open a file.

If one then did open a file from the flash drive, saving it back tot he flash drive change the permission of the entire drive to read only and I could not manage to change that other than formatting the drive.

Koos Uys
FS#1239: Draw > Polyline > Create from Segments: fails with arc segments 2015-07-20T10:31:01Z 2015-07-20T10:29:08Z

In some cases, loose arc segments result in errors.

FS#1238: Explode: zero length lines from closed polyline 2015-07-20T10:15:17Z 2015-07-20T10:14:37Z

Exploding polylines which are closed both geometrically (first vertex equals last vertex) and logically (closed property is true) results in an additional zero length line after the last segment.

FS#1237: Blocks should be layer agnostic 2015-07-19T09:59:18Z 2015-07-19T00:52:53Z

I have created a block from a selection. I have then later created more items on my CAD page using that block, then later yet, moved the objects to a new layer. I noticed that while the object has accepted being on the new layer, the color hasn’t changed to the new layer’s color. I can only get the line color to change if I go into the block itself and move the individual segments of the block to that new layer, then save the new block (which, by the way, I can’t save over the existing block?!?!)

In the sample file attached, you will see that the block item in the 3 o’clock position is in layer 0, while the rest are in “Vent Holes” layer. If you make layer 0 hidden, the one block is hidden (like it should), but the block item refuses to take on the layer’s color even though the block’s color is “By Layer”

Jim Foster