Flyspray:: Flyspray::QCAD: Recently opened tasks 2015-05-20T11:13:31Z FS#1216: DXF/DWG writing: block name mixup with anonymous blocks 2015-05-20T11:13:23Z 2015-05-20T11:09:11Z

Anonymous blocks (with names starting with *, imported from other software) can be mixed up on writing.

FS#1215: Linetype combo box: linetypes not sorted 2015-05-20T11:13:31Z 2015-05-20T11:07:07Z

Linetypes should be sorted in linetype combo boxes.

FS#1214: Array of blocks -> Clipboard -> "flip pasted entities" problem 2015-05-17T21:04:42Z 2015-05-17T21:04:42Z


Select a block array,
put it with “Copy with reference” or “Cut with reference” into the clipboard,
choose a reference point which isn’t in the center of the array,
use the paste tool / with option “flip pasted entities”

If I flip only in horizontal or vertical direction the preview box will double in size and I can’t place the entities precisely regarding to the reference point.
If I try to flip in both directions at the same time - you can’t see this effect.

FS#1213: point of tangency precision error 2015-05-15T10:06:33Z 2015-05-15T08:13:47Z

- using the Polygon (2 points of side) tool create a triangle based on points 0,0 and 10,0
- using the 3 Tangents tool create the incircle of the triangle
- measure from each vertex to each point of tangency

Instead of getting 5 as a result for each you get either 4.99999993, 5.0000001 or 5.00000007.

Dongxu Li says:

“the problem is that inscribed circle is generated correct up to relative precision of 1e-8, while the tangential points are test at a precision level of 1e-10. Therefore, the inscribed circle actually intersects with one line.”

I have marked this as critical because I work with tangent circles a lot, and need these measurements to be accurate.

FS#1212: Library Browser: inconsistent paths under Windows 2015-05-12T13:33:41Z 2015-05-12T13:33:10Z

Windows paths are expected to be consistent, but aren’t (slash / backslash mixup) which can lead to QCAD thinking that a source was removed even if it wasn’t.

FS#1211: Localized color names saved to DXF 2015-05-12T13:29:25Z 2015-05-12T13:27:46Z

Property ColorSettings/BackgroundColor can contain localized color name in DXF.

FS#1210: Block > Insert: too many rows previewed 2015-05-11T09:26:50Z 2015-05-11T09:26:25Z

Preview always shows maximum number of previewable rows instead of configured number of rows.

FS#1209: Printers do not appear without modification to Cups 2015-05-09T12:50:47Z 2015-05-09T10:19:14Z

Printers do not appear in QCAD unless you modify the default cups to create a /etc/printcap file

Is a work around

This is the only application on the platform this has to be done for.

I am guessing it affects any Linux with the printcap not set.

james a r brown
FS#1208: Remember folded layer state 2015-05-07T11:32:34Z 2015-05-07T11:32:34Z


FS#1207: Alternating colors for layer list, block list 2015-05-08T22:13:16Z 2015-05-07T11:30:48Z