Flyspray:: Flyspray::QCAD: Recently opened tasks 2014-09-30T13:41:26Z FS#1106: Add support for wipeouts 2014-09-30T13:41:26Z 2014-09-30T13:41:26Z

Wipeout entities can be used to hide rectangular or polygonal sections of a drawing, for example to make space for a label inside a hatch.

FS#1105: Bug - Layers lost when using Isometric Projection tool 2014-09-30T12:21:41Z 2014-09-30T12:15:29Z

Windows 8.1

Layers lost when using Isometric Projection tool

Test case

1.Set up layers.
2.Draw shape (I used a square).
3. Select shape and use Isometric tool (PJ).
5. Layers are lost as soon as reference point is selected.

please see screenshots:

FS#1104: Printing: Add support for page range 2014-09-30T10:18:05Z 2014-09-29T22:49:30Z

When printing from the preview mode a standard Windows popup shows, letting me select the printer, number of copies and a page range. Unfortunately QCAD (or Windows) ignores the page range - it always prints all pages. So right now I always have to copy the parts I want to print, page them into a separate document and print that instead - even though I got all my stuff nicely lined up for printing on multiple pages.

Jørn Wildt
FS#1103: Hatch: use imperial patterns for unitless drawings 2014-09-29T11:02:50Z 2014-09-29T10:59:47Z

Unitless drawings use metrical patterns, should be imperial for compatibility.

FS#1102: Ray reference point 2014-09-26T09:48:36Z 2014-09-26T09:48:36Z

Using a horizontally/vertically ray means always I have to use a preset Reference point which is 0° for the horizontal Ray and 90° for the vertically Ray. The Reference point Option Box is deactivated.

It would be nice to be able to choose by myself between a Start and End Reference point like the vert./horiz. Line options.

FS#1101: Hatch: "GRAVEL" pattern creates point shapes around hatch boundary 2014-09-24T10:37:21Z 2014-09-24T01:58:32Z

Line weight in exported pdf is sometions wrong. Example, create a polyline closed figure and hatch it with style GRAVEL, then export to PDF. The outline line width will vary depending on the actual zoom factor of the display. I believe this bug is causing points to be displayed at various sizes in the PDF.

Pete Martin
FS#1100: Add drag dimension (snap) along dimension line 2014-09-05T07:30:44Z 2014-09-05T07:30:44Z

In Autocad when making a dimension when left clicking to place the dimension there is the possibility to drag the dimension to either side of the dimension. This is also possible with Qcad dimension, but it losses the snapping and does not extend the dimension line out to the dimension text.

This is very useful when the two lines the needs a dimension are close together, or overlapping with another.

Attached is two images one for autocad and one for Qcad

Niels Nielsen
FS#1099: Add Leader with text and number bubble 2014-09-04T21:30:10Z 2014-09-04T21:30:10Z

Having leader with numbers and text would be awesome to better interact with the drawing and making BOM lists.

Currently it takes too mush time to make the leaders with text and number bubbles.

Niels Nielsen
FS#1098: Support for set of layers 2014-09-03T16:52:31Z 2014-09-03T16:52:31Z

Many constructions refer to a basis of elements, which stay constant in all follow-ups. As an example there is a floorplan and I would like to create different variations of room layout (e.g. A and B). In my example the basis consists of 30 layers an each variation needs 10 further ones. At last there are 50 different layers in my drawing. Designing layout A needs layer 1 to 30 (basis) and 31 to 40 (A) to be shown, but 41 to 50 (B) must be invisible. Now I modify Var.B which makes me to single click the visibility of 31 to 40 (A) to be not shown and 41 to 50 (B) to be shown. You’ve got it?

It would be great help, to save the set of all shown layers by an individual name in a pulldown-menu. Visibility of my variations could be chosen by userdefined “set of layers”, e.g. “Var-A”, “Var-B” and “Var-A_but_different”. In this way I pick just one set-name in my pulldown-list instead of marking and demarking between countless layers.

In my opinion this tool would be a small aspect in QCad but a giant leap for user-pleasentness ;-)

Carsten Bein
FS#1097: uncaught exception: /LibraryBrowser.js:362 2014-09-12T09:33:47Z 2014-09-03T16:09:07Z

$ git status
On branch master
Your branch is up-to-date with ‘origin/master’.

$ qcad
Debug: RDxfPlugin::init
Debug: RExamplePlugin::init
Debug: TransactionListenerPlugin::init
Debug: TIMER: 59 ms - “loading add-ons”
Warning: “QFormBuilder was unable to create a custom widget of the class ‘QWebView’; defaulting to base class ‘QWidget’.”
Debug: TIMER: 602 ms - “initializing add-ons”
Warning: Script Exception:
“TypeError: Result of expression ‘’ [undefined] is not a function.”
Warning: “<anonymous>()@/home/mo/opt/qcad/scripts/Widgets/LibraryBrowser/LibraryBrowser.js:362”
Warning: RScriptHandlerEcma::eval: script engine exception: “TypeError: Result of expression ‘’ [undefined] is not a function.”
Warning: “<anonymous>()@/home/mo/opt/qcad/scripts/Widgets/LibraryBrowser/LibraryBrowser.js:362”
Warning: At least one uncaught exception:
Warning: “<anonymous>()@/home/mo/opt/qcad/scripts/Widgets/LibraryBrowser/LibraryBrowser.js:362”

I have some large library, but the library browser is always crashing since long time and several versions, also tagged versions. I need to disable it by removing LibraryBrowser.js completely or deleting my configuration in order to get QCad starting again.
This is the master head from git, on Gentoo@amd64