Flyspray:: Flyspray::QCAD: Recently closed tasks 2014-12-13T20:45:05Z FS#1147: View > Zoom to selection with only vertical / horizontal line 2014-12-13T20:45:05Z 2014-12-13T08:16:23Z

“Zoom to selection” shows no effect on vertical and horizontal lines: Message: “No selection found”.

Recognizable at:
vertical lines, horizontal lines,
Rectangle, Rectangle with size,
Polygon Center Point, Polygon two corner (only in the case that you have vertical/horizontal lines),

Shapes as a polyline - no problem. ;-)

FS#1088: Snap: can snap to endpoints of text entities in block references 2014-12-12T23:05:20Z 2014-08-20T15:33:50Z
  • Create block with text entity in it
  • Insert block reference
  • Snap tools snap to endpoints, centers, etc. of text entity shapes
FS#1142: Distance Entry in "Feet and Inches" 2014-12-10T21:33:02Z 2014-12-07T20:01:58Z

I use architectural units everyday in QCAD and would appreciate being able to enter feet and inches from the “command line” for convenience and accuracy.

I have been entering “calculations” to arrive at the distance values (i.e. 10*12+6.125 = 10’-6 1/8”), but this method is time consuming and prone to input error.

I would like to see Acad’s architectural distance method implemented in QCAD. This entry method would replace the “calculated” entry with (as an example): 10’6-1/8.

Command Line: Next point: 10’6-1/8
The <’> mark triggers a 12 times multiplier for the proceeding number,
the next number is the whole inches and
the ↔ is a separator that adds the fraction to the whole inches before it.

Thanks for considering this feature request. I’m certain that many QCAD users in the Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical and Construction professions wold appreciate this convenience (especially those moving past Acad).

FS#1145: Closing inactive tab of a modified drawing: drawing file name mixup 2014-12-10T21:08:09Z 2014-12-10T19:39:59Z

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create new drawing and fill it with some contents that’s easy to distinguish, for example text “DRAWING 1”.
2. Save it as dr1.dxf
3. Close it
4. Open dr1.dxf
5. Edit it, for example change text from “DRAWING 1” to “DRAWING 2” 6. Save changed file as dr2.dxf
7. Close it
8. Open dr1.dxf (it should have content “DRAWING 1”)
9. Open dr2.dxf (it should have content “DRAWING 2”)
10. Close tab dr1.dxf
10.1 Qcad will ask you to save changes.
10.2 Press “Yes” –> nothing happens, dialog doesn’t disappear.
10.3 Press “Discard” –> dialog disappears, tab gets closed
10.4 Tab that has content of file dr2.dxf (”DRAWING 2”) remains open but gets title “dr1.dxf” (!)
11. Close tab
12. Press “Yes” in dialog that asks to save changes

1. Open dr1.dxf
2. Open dr2.dxf
As you can see, both files have equal contents (”DRAWING 2”)

Expected results:

1. Files have their own contents.
2. Dialogs asking to save files disappear when checking “Yes”, “Cancel” or “Discard” 3. Tabs don’t change titles and associated file names when other tabs are closed.

illarion kovalchuk
FS#1140: Auto trim: not working on rays, xlines 2014-12-07T15:29:37Z 2014-12-07T15:27:51Z

Exception in BreakOut.js

FS#1139: dxflib: leading / trailing spaces are removed from text 2014-12-06T12:38:35Z 2014-12-05T20:38:39Z

dxflib strips leading / trailing spaces from text when importing DXF files.

FS#1135: Minimally reproducible segfault when moving a leader into a different layer (OS X 10.9.5) 2014-12-02T22:39:48Z 2014-12-02T00:53:31Z


I have a nice minimally reproducible bug on QCAD v3.7.4 on Mac OS X 10.9.5 (Mavericks).
QCAD will segfault whenever I take the following steps:

1. Open a new document
2. Create a leader object (D,E) in the default ‘0’ layer. Leave its style and color defined by the layer, as per default.
3. Create a new layer, with a non-default line style or color. The line weight & layer name do not matter.
4. Select the leader object previously create
5. Open the property editor and assign the object to the new layer just created.
Every time, this will cause QCAD to segfault on my machine. The crash report is attached.

Another minimally reproducible path to the same error is to do the following:
1. Open a new document
2. Create a leader object (D,E) in the default ‘0’ layer. Give it a custom color and line style that over-ride the layer defaults.
3. Create a new layer, with a non-default line style or color. The line weight & layer name do not matter.
4. Select the leader object previously created.
5. Open the property editor and assign the object to the new layer just created.
6. Still in the property editor, switch the leader object’s color back to ‘By Layer’.
The same segfault will occur.

It seems that the crash is triggered by the action of changing a leader object’s color (and/or line style) in a manner that requires the object to check the containing layer’s default color and style. You can achieve this by either changing the object’s layer, or switching the color and style from being custom defined to ‘by layer’, as long as the selection requires the line’s appearance to change.

Any thoughts? My machine’s crash report is attached.


Daniel Duke
FS#1138: Xlines (infinite lines) via 'Parallel Line' 2014-12-02T15:29:37Z 2014-12-02T12:33:30Z

Would it be possible to add Xline (infinite line) draw via ‘Parallel Line’ tool?

FS#1118: Text not saved 2014-12-02T11:24:04Z 2014-10-24T12:37:00Z


I am stage manager and I have been using QCAD PRO nearly every day for 2 years now.
But since yesterday it seems that text is not saved within the file : when I reopen a saved file, text doesn’t show up. Do I miss a setting ?
I currently run Mac OS X Mavericks but there haven’t been any issues with this OS for months.

I deleted the app and prefs and tried out with 3.6.0 (which I don’t use because it often quits brutally), and also the free version of 3.6.4
But the issue still the same.

As I use this app for my work, it is very annoying not to be able to use text !
Thanks for your help

Bastien hild
FS#1136: Selection filter: property list not translated 2014-12-02T11:22:23Z 2014-12-02T08:11:09Z

QCAD Pro / Deutsch

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