Flyspray:: Flyspray::QCAD Bugtracker: Recently closed tasks 2018-08-10T09:29:31Z FS#1795: Quit Menu Item disabled after opening preferences 2018-08-10T09:29:31Z 2018-08-07T20:19:26Z

Quit Menu Item disabled after opening preferences.

System: OSX 10.13.6
Qcad version:

How to repeat:

  1. Open QCad
  2. Open preferences dialogue “QCad Pro → Preferences”
  3. Close dialogue
  4. The menu item “Quit QCad Pro” is now disabled. See attached screenshot

Repeatability: 100%

Johan Persson
FS#1794: Detect Duplicates / Options / Refresh Icon missing 2018-08-07T19:54:34Z 2018-08-07T19:47:53Z

Please see also

FS#1792: Dimension > Angular: transformations broken 2018-07-31T13:43:27Z 2018-07-30T15:45:16Z

(I originally described the problem in the forum: )
(The problem was also reproduced by user “Husky” so it not installation specific.)

I have a model where one of the details is as shown in attachment 1

However, when I create a viewport and display the part in the the layout the angular measurement is another. See attachment 2.

In the model it should be noted that the part displayed is a detail copied with a different scale as to Zoom in on a detail in order to put dimensions on it. It was created by copying a part of the model and pasting it back in the model but with 3x zoom.

I have also included the full .dxf file in the hope that it helps you both reproduce and fix this issue

Note: The same problem seems to also produce “ghostlines” in other viewports in the layout which is not present in the model. Removing the angular measurement also removed the ghostline. You can observe the issue by looking at layout2 and you can see a line (dimension layer) going from top right corner of the viewport towards the lower left. This line is not present in the model and appears to be some strange extension to the angular dimension the detail that is just to the top right in the model.

Macbook Pro 15”, OS X 10.13.6

(Can also be reproduced in Linux version)

QCad version:

Version: (3.21.2)
Build Date: Jul 9 2018
Revision: f9cea14
Qt Version: 5.10.0
Architecture: x86_64
Compiler: Clang 8.0.0

Johan Persson
FS#1791: Edit > Paste: relative zero point not set 2018-07-25T19:53:48Z 2018-07-25T18:52:19Z

If I insert a content from the Clipboard to the drawing a new Relative Zero Point isn’t created.
I’m not able to use e.g. a restriction regarding to the last inserted content. QCAD will use the last Relative Zero Point in the drawing even if I already inserted a content.

Clipboard content = circle

1. First insert

Restriction horizontal

2. Second insert

FS#1790: Info fuction returns right dimensions but drawing dimension line sends wrong data 2018-07-25T19:50:19Z 2018-07-25T18:30:50Z
Marc Fluet
FS#1787: View > Property Editor: Layer combo box not sorted 2018-07-23T14:06:59Z 2018-07-23T14:06:18Z

Layer combo box in the property editor is not sorted.

See also:

FS#1786: Block > Select Block References: not using active block in block list 2018-07-23T11:16:10Z 2018-07-23T06:51:51Z

... can’t find Block References if the Block which contains the Block References (Attributes) isn’t selected prior with the mouse.

The Selection Filter will find the Block References regardless which block is chosen in the Block List.

FS#1784: View > Property Editor: Block attribute labels with international characters 2018-07-21T11:14:54Z 2018-07-21T07:53:21Z

Bei der Eingabe von Blockattributen im Eigenschaften Editor werden die deutschen Sonderzeichen nicht richtig wiedergegeben.

When entering block attributes in the Properties Editor, the German special characters are not displayed correctly.

Thomas Stoelting
FS#1783: RArc::splitAt(): fails in some cases 2018-07-16T15:00:58Z 2018-07-16T14:11:11Z

RArc::splitAt() works wrong in some cases.
To reproduce execute this script:

            var arc = new RArc(new RVector(0, 0), 100, Math.PI*2, Math.PI/2, true);
            var points = [];
            var arcs = arc.splitAt(points);
            if (arcs.length == 2) {
                qDebug("OK, arcs count:", arcs.length);
            } else {
                qDebug("FAILED, arcs count:", arcs.length);

            arc.mirror(new RLine(0, 0, 0, 100));

            points = [];
            arcs = arc.splitAt(points);
            if (arcs.length == 2) {
                qDebug("OK, arcs count:", arcs.length);
            } else {
                qDebug("FAILED, arcs count:", arcs.length);

The first case split in two arcs, but the second splits in one arc only.

I think the reason is the code in RArc::splitAt():

        if (RMath::getAngleDifference180(a1, a2))*radius()<0.001) {

The RMath::getAngleDifference180() return angle between -pi and pi so absolute value should be used.

Lev Golod
FS#1782: Successive middle mouse button zoom in/out: delay between steps 2018-07-13T15:16:24Z 2018-07-13T09:16:50Z

I very much like the new middle mouse button zoom in/out and congratulate Andrew for implementing it so quickly but there’s an annoying delay that is necessary between successive zoom in/out actions. This is easily understood by comparing it to zooming in/out with the +/- keys. With the keyboard you can repeat zooms as quickly as the keyboard repeat rate allows; with the middle mouse button quick zooms are not possible.

Jean-François Lemaire