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FS#1040: Break out Manual on Circle/Ellipse does not respect Remove Segment setting 2014-07-15T10:47:05Z 2014-04-12T13:35:47Z

3.4.7 trial as well as community Git 9d3979

  • Draw a circle
  • B2
  • Make sure “Remove segment” is ticked
  • Select circle, then select two points to break out in between


  • Segment gets removed (not really, but read on)


  • Segment does not get removed, but circle is indeed broken into two arcs

Same for an ellipse.

I can see that by selecting two points on a closed circular shape it’s nigh impossible to tell which segment the user actually wants to remove :)

The documentation doesn’t mention this corner case. For clarity, a note detailing this effect a bit should be added to the docs.

On a slightly related note, I do not see why the feature couldn’t work on Polyline objects as well (with the same corner case restriction if it’s a closed polyline).

Very useful feature btw, thanks for it.

FS#1073: Duplicate images with same path not saved 2014-07-14T09:45:36Z 2014-07-14T09:44:33Z

Only affects files saved through dxflib.

FS#335: Drawing preferences: Change font of dimensions 2014-07-08T00:31:03Z 2011-10-25T22:20:24Z

Configure font used for dimensions.

FS#1070: Add support for trace entities 2014-07-02T13:26:11Z 2014-07-01T12:09:20Z

See forum thread at:

FS#1057: Japanese translation missing in a couple spots .... 2014-06-25T00:42:06Z 2014-05-23T20:10:53Z

Is the Japanese translation still in progress or is this a update Problem?

FS#1065: Display artifact with Ray/XLine 2014-06-18T23:48:56Z 2014-06-18T23:19:46Z

Git d0eaf0, Linux/FreeBSD, Qt 4.8

Start up QCAD, *do not pan or change zoom level*. Draw a Ray or an XLine so that it (its extension, in case of Ray) goes through (0,0) and is 45 degrees (ie. draw y = x).

In this case and this case only, the Ray/XLine will be reduced to a line segment exactly between its start- and end points. It seems that this is only a visual artifact: if you pan or zoom now, the segment will be restored to what it’s supposed to be.

If you change zoom/pan back to what it was at startup, the artifact re-manifests itself.

Some flashes indicate that there are some other positions, not just the initial view, that also bring this up (ie. if you pan to a specific position, artifact appears again; it’s probably deterministic, too, but I can’t seem to be able to stop at that exact point while panning so I could count or something).

FS#731: Break out segment: fails in some cases 2014-06-18T18:11:35Z 2012-12-03T09:48:26Z

See fs731.dxf

FS#265: Block Attributes 2014-06-17T20:20:43Z 2011-09-17T13:18:58Z


  • Ask user to enter block attribute values when inserting block
  • If attribute definition changes (tag changes), update attributes accordingly (note that other CAD systems don’t do this)
  • Support for multiline attributes
  • Control order of attributes (as shown to user in property editor, when inserting blocks)


  • Defining new block attribute definitions (constructing block attribute definition entities)
  • Editing block attribute definitions (property editor)
  • Synchronize attributes based on attribute definitions (position, angle, size, ...)
  • Loading block attribute definitions from DXF / DWG
  • Saving block attribute definitions to DXF / DWG
  • Loading block attributes from DXF / DWG
  • Saving block attributes to DXF / DWG

Related commands: DDATTE, ATTEDIT, ATTDEF

FS#865: Invisible Blocks are causing a warning Window ... 2014-06-17T20:17:26Z 2013-07-26T10:03:33Z

If I use in an area with invisible Blocks the “rectangular selection” in “lower left to upper right” direction for a move/copy, mirror, clipboard etc. action - a warning window appear. Also the reference points of the invisible blocks are visible.

If I use the “rectangular selection” in upper right to lower left direction everything works as expected.