Flyspray:: Flyspray::QCAD: Recently closed tasks 2018-02-21T10:22:15Z FS#1716: Wrong plural forms in translations 2018-02-21T10:22:15Z 2018-02-11T14:45:08Z

I found that words which has plural forms are translated in manner where only two forms are possible - like in English language. For example: “Object” and “Objects”. But other languages (for example Polish) very often have more than 2 plural forms.
There are also strings which use only one form (for example: “Reset label position of %1 dimension(s).”) but cardinal number placed in string point on more forms than one.
All these strings looks bad when translated and sometimes even in English. I mark most of them using comments:

I believe problem can be fixed using plural form strings:

Piotr Sokół
FS#1718: File > SVG Export: selected entities exported in selection color 2018-02-19T12:15:42Z 2018-02-19T11:51:06Z

See also:

FS#1717: small fix in startup script 2018-02-19T10:48:33Z 2018-02-13T23:25:57Z

The current startup script fails when called through symbolic link due to string:


It is better to change it to:

DIR=$(dirname -- $(readlink -f -- $0))
Timofey V. Chernyshev
FS#1715: Print option "Auto fit pages to drawing" broken 2018-02-09T14:47:25Z 2018-02-09T08:21:58Z

Print option “Auto fit pages to drawing” broken.

FS#1712: dwg2pdf: auto fit fails for blocks 2018-02-02T12:15:41Z 2018-02-02T12:15:30Z

Autofit (-a) has no effect when converting a block or layout block (other than Model_Space).

FS#1710: Lack of translations for close dialog using Ubuntu 2018-01-30T09:45:54Z 2018-01-27T09:16:21Z

Using Ubuntu GNOME, there are some untranslatable buttons strings on close file dialog. Screenshot attached.

Piotr Sokół
FS#1711: Error at copy with refpoint and paste, result is mirrored and factor1.2 greater, 2018-01-29T11:27:32Z 2018-01-29T11:21:59Z

QCAD V3.19
Error at copy with ref point and paste

Look at the video

for testing
I made a litte drawing, then select all
then make copy with refpoint, set refpoint
then insert it

Result: the copy is mirrored and with factor 1.2 greater then original

FS#1708: Layer > Select Layer: add feedback 2018-01-17T16:35:02Z 2018-01-17T12:04:33Z

Win 7
Q-CAD 3.19.2

R-Click in Layer list
With a selection, selecting by Layer adds the Items on that Layer to the selection.
With a selection, deselecting by Layer subtracts the Items on that Layer from the selection.
This is not a bug in casu because this can be the intention of the function. Adding or Subtracting.

Intuitively ‘selecting by Layer’ to retrict to that Layer solely has only the desired effect if no selection existed before.
Deselecting by Layer with no previous selection should mention there was none to start with.
Selecting by Layer from an empty Layer should mention that nothing is added.

Faults are prone to make.

Selecting a Layer uniquely would be an interesting additional feature.


FS#1707: Dimension text size and arrow for imported drawings, way too small 2018-01-15T14:39:01Z 2018-01-15T13:12:27Z

A nasty bug that I posted some time in the forum that prevents QCAD to read properly the content block associated with dimension.

Here’s what is happening:
- every dimension entity in DXF/DWG is stored with a block representing its contents (or in fact, anything else)
- QCAD ignores that block and instead renders the dimension using the various sizes and properties of the dimension

FS#1706: Grid line mask drawing lines 2018-01-14T11:09:56Z 2018-01-14T10:06:02Z

After changing the colours of the grid points and grid lines I noticed that when I draw a line exactly over a grid line the grid line masks the drawing line. When zoomed in the lines disappear all together. Please see attached images.

Christian Aigner