Flyspray:: Flyspray::QCAD: Recently closed tasks 2016-02-11T13:10:15Z FS#1381: Draw > Polyline > Simplify: changing tolerance has no effect 2016-02-11T13:10:15Z 2016-02-11T13:09:14Z

Tolerance input field in simplify tool has no effect.

FS#1378: Wrong value separator accepted and accomplished 2016-02-11T08:40:57Z 2016-02-10T09:19:01Z

My settings for Coordinate Format: Decimal Point = Dot

Accidentally using a comma instead of a dot in a value field leads to a wrong result without any warning.


Using the “Rectangle with Size” tool accidentally with a comma will not trigger a warning (red text) and it will draw a wrong sized rectangle.
It seems to me that QCAD is using the after comma value to draw this rectangle.
Given value 30,5 by 50,7 leads to a rectangle 5 by 7
Crazy values like 1.,.35 by 71.,.75 are also accepted and leads to a rectangle size of 35 by 75 without any warning.
A crazy value like 71.,..75 will finally trigger a red text warning!

Counter test horiz. Line: Value 100,25 leads to a line with 25 in length.
Value 100.25 leads to a line with 100.25 in length.

Using the same tools with the correct separator will work as expected!

Same game with most of all other tools which are asking for a given value. No warning at all - just wrongly accomplished.

FS#1379: Snap: cannot snap to intersection between infinite line and polyline 2016-02-10T14:21:19Z 2016-02-10T14:20:33Z

Intersections between polylines and XLines (infinite lines, contruction lines) cannot be found in some situations.

FS#1077: Centreline Cross using wrong Coordinate Format 2016-02-09T14:46:12Z 2014-07-23T19:55:25Z

My Coordinate Format/Decimal Point is adjusted to Dot’.’ but the “Centreline Cross (C,S)” will only accept Comma for Angel. X/Y works fine!

BTW: Is the spelling correct in the Menu? Should it be spelled “Centerline Cross” instead of “Centreline Cross” ...?

FS#1115: Windows: slow file dialogs 2016-02-09T14:27:53Z 2014-10-13T16:27:14Z

Windows 7 Professional 64bit SP1

File > Open shows empty dialog for 1 minute, then shows dialog contents.

FS#1370: Context Menu suddenly stopped working ? 2016-02-09T14:25:05Z 2016-02-01T13:02:04Z

Context Menu suddenly stopped working ?

Yep, tried everything I know of, can’t get it back.

FS#1376: Tool matrix: missing "X/Y of position" and "Y/X of position" snap function 2016-02-08T11:14:45Z 2016-02-08T11:12:28Z

There is no “X/Y of position” and “Y/X of position” snap function in Tool matrix.

Thomas Stoelting
FS#1374: Using Filter in Tool Settings fails 2016-02-05T13:55:53Z 2016-02-05T13:48:47Z

Presumably after entering a search filter one would press enter on the keyboard, when I enter for example ‘Line’ and press enter the dialog closes and nothing happens ?

FS#1286: Canvas flickers/flashes white when scrolling. 2016-02-02T08:15:44Z 2015-10-27T13:17:13Z

When scrolling quickly, the entire canvas flashes white (some kind of video buffer issue?). This includes the rulers, but excludes the scroll bars and the corner fillet at the top-left between the two rulers. Frequency of flicker is linked to speed too - the more you scroll the fast the flicker.

I’ve marked the severity high - obviously this is not a functional problem, but the strobe effect is causing headaches and may have negative affects for people with illnesses triggered by flashing light. Even with the background set to white, the flashing is still severe - when the background is set to black, it’s unbearable.

Using a Mac Pro (10.10.3) with AMD FirePro D300 2048 MB graphics and dual displays. Happens on either of the displays. Was using an August 2013 build with the issue - just upgraded to latest build and have same issue. Didn’t experience this on previous/older Mac Pro (running 10.8), so suspect it’s an issue with hardware or OS version?

Jon McCoy
FS#1297: Add context menu 2016-02-01T09:05:46Z 2015-11-17T10:14:57Z

Optionally show context menu when right-mouse button is clicked on top of entity.

Originally from FS#1111: “Furthermore, the two named applications show that it’s easily possible to combine dragging (mouse pressed) and context menu (mouse clicked) on the same mouse button.
Providing a context menu would increase the usability especially for people used to Windows default applications.
I.e. deleting, copying, creating polylines from segments, breaking up blocks/polylines would be functions I’d find useful in a context menu.”