Flyspray:: Flyspray::QCAD Bugtracker: Recently edited tasks 2018-12-06T11:03:58Z FS#1835: QCAD Professional crashing when trying to open .dwg file 2018-12-06T11:03:58Z 2018-12-04T10:59:00Z

Hi I am having an issue with the attached DWG file, when I try to open the file qcad opens then immediately crashes and I am unable to do anything.

Here is the event viewer log:

Faulting application name: qcad.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5b9fbdd3
Faulting module name: MSVCR120.dll, version: 12.0.21005.1, time stamp: 0x524f83ff
Exception code: 0xc0000409
Fault offset: 0x0000000000074a30
Faulting process id: 0x1ad8
Faulting application start time: 0x01d48bbf05480557
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\QCAD\qcad.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Program Files\QCAD\MSVCR120.dll
Report Id: fa661b18-d0df-41a8-88e9-37c2ea345bcb
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID:

Joe McRobert
FS#1830: HP7580 Penplotter 2018-12-06T10:48:34Z 2018-11-28T10:01:17Z

Hi Andrew,

I was fiddeling around with a copy of the hpgl postprocessor, and has it adapted, up and running for a HP7580 penplotter. You may add this to QCAD if you like.

Poking and peeking in the other postprocessor files, I found enough information to generate a very acceptable hpgl.plt file now, including the required pen changes.

The purpose of a ‘bracket-field’ (as [S] ) is clear to me. Where are [S#] and [S!] used for?

H. Stiekema
FS#1836: Offset for paste along entity 2018-12-04T13:08:58Z 2018-12-04T13:08:58Z

add a new parameter “offset” in the dialog “Paste along entity”


Thomas Stoelting
FS#1829: Incorrect font weights in macOS 10.14 Mojave 2018-11-29T14:59:53Z 2018-11-27T09:04:16Z

See QTBUG-69955 which affects QCAD on Mojave:

FS#1832: Modify > Explode: attributes of block references are orphaned after exploding 2018-11-29T14:59:32Z 2018-11-29T08:45:38Z

In a the modelspace I have a block reference of a block(parent), which includes block references (with attributes) of another blocks(child). Than I select this parent block reference and choose Explode. The result is, that the child block references have visible attributes, but they are not connected to the block reference anymore (I can not see them in property editor when the child block is selected). Than when I choose synchronize attributes, new attributes with default values will appear.
I am not sure it his is a bug or expected behavior of the Explode feature.

If it is not a bug, I would like to have new Extract feature, which would copy the content of the selected block reference and immediately insert it exactly to the same place (attributes would be still connected to child references) Extracted block reference would be than removed. Optionally, it could delete the block definition if it is not used anymore in the drawing (but there is already Block Purge feature which will do this).

Tomas Novak
FS#1831: Block > Copy Block: attributes of block references are orphaned in copied block 2018-11-29T14:58:48Z 2018-11-29T08:14:45Z

1) Open the attached dxf file
2) Right click on “vne_vent_odvod_ec_3f” block in Block list and select Copy block
3) Choose name
4) Insert reference of this Copy block to the modelspace
5) Save the file
6) Close and reopen the file

RESULT: Attributes of block references included in the original block are missing in the copied block.
Immediately after insertion of the copied block I can see in the property editor, that block reference attributes are not “conected” to the block reference, but they are still visible. They disappear when the file is reopen.

Alternative way I use to copy this kind of blocks without error: Open block I want to copy, Select all entities, reference copy of them, paste to modelspace, select them in modelspace and choose create block.

Tomas Novak
FS#1834: Property Editor: Attributes of block reference not showing 2018-11-29T14:20:28Z 2018-11-29T14:17:28Z

- Create block with attributes
- Create block reference
- Select block reference
→ Property editor does not show attributes

FS#1833: Deep synchronize attributes feature 2018-11-29T09:01:54Z 2018-11-29T09:01:54Z

There is the Synchronize attributes feature which works well. But It affects only block references in the active layout(modelspace, block layout). If I want to synchronize attributes of block references in in another blocks, i have to manually go through all blocks and run synchronize attributes feature. That is the reason I would like to modify Synchronize attributes feature to affect all block references in a drawing, or add new Deep synchronize attributes feature.

Tomas Novak
FS#1828: Chinese language not loading correctly 2018-11-21T08:54:26Z 2018-11-21T07:23:09Z

Most of the Chinese items cannot be shown correctly. But when I check the qm files, the translation are there and the contents are correct.

I’m using the Pro version

Simon Hu
FS#1827: Property Editor: Accept advanced scale expressions for viewport scale 2018-11-20T22:14:49Z 2018-11-20T21:09:01Z


Identical scale expression used in Print Preview like 5:1, 5/1, 5”=1”, 5 are working flawless like expected.
Same expression used in a Viewport scale leads to different outcomes.

The Property Editor used to fix that in Paper_Space does also not accept those standard expressions.