QCAD - 2D CAD System.

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ID Category Task Type Severity Summary  desc Status Progress Votes
1098 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Support for set of layers Assigned 0% 0
693 QCAD (main) Feature Request Medium Support for external references (XREF) Likely to be implemented 0% 12
264 QCAD (main) Feature Request Medium Support for "Layouts" (paper space, viewport) Likely to be implemented 80% 25
1034 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Supplementary note added to Application preferences dia... Assigned 0% 0
1126 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Suggestion for Dimension Location setting Assigned 0% 3
1407 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Splines: add support for knot weights, start-, end tang... Assigned 0% 0
1107 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Splines: add / remove control points of existing spline... Assigned 0% 0
736 QCAD (main) Bug Report Low snap tool menu is shown before specifiv tool menu Assigned 0% 0
1428 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Snap middle of the minimum distance between two entity'... Assigned 0% 4
817 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Snap and cut all intersection in a given area tool ... Assigned 0% 1
728 QCAD (main) Performance Issue Low Slow loading of drawing with many block inserts Assigned 0% 1
116 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Show polyline area in property editor Assigned 30% 2
566 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Shortkey for rectangle text rotation Assigned 0% 0
564 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Settings organisation in level Assigned 0% 0
1549 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Separate Coordinate Display from Drawing Dimensions Assigned 0% 0
992 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low selections to stay selected when projecting to an isome... Assigned 0% 0
523 QCAD (main) Bug Report Low Selection tool button in CAD tool bar shows line tools ... Assigned 0% 0
1645 QCAD (main) Bug Report Low Selection methods broken on some 3D dxf files (box sele... Assigned 0% 0
1026 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Selection Filter also present in the Menu "Selection" Assigned 0% 0
1171 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Selecting the right entity when entities are close / on... Assigned 0% 3
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