QCAD - 2D CAD System.

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ID Category Task Type  asc Severity Summary Status Progress Votes
1443 QCAD (main) Bug Report Very Low View > Status Bar remains unchecked Assigned 0% 0
705 QCAD (main) Bug Report Low Verwaltung Library Resourcen und Favoriten .... Assigned 0% 0
721 QCAD (main) Bug Report Low Vertical dimensions imported as horizontal dimensions Assigned 0% 0
1572 QCAD Community Edition Bug Report Low Unexpected dimension font changes in QCAD 3.16 for MacO... Waiting on User 0% 0
1460 QCAD (main) Bug Report Very Low Two Display Environment --> Problems with Toolboxes and... Assigned 0% 1
513 Translation Bug Report Low Translation errors (German, French, Italian, Spanish, P... Assigned 0% 0
1223 QCAD (main) Bug Report Very Low Text: formatting with subscript and font size Assigned 0% 0
864 QCAD (main) Bug Report Low Template Preview/Info doesn't shows the sheet orientati... Assigned 0% 0
1445 QCAD (main) Bug Report Low Switching off grid scaling can break rulers Assigned 0% 0
1242 QCAD (main) Bug Report Low SVG import DPI box should use localized decimal separat... Assigned 0% 0
736 QCAD (main) Bug Report Low snap tool menu is shown before specifiv tool menu Assigned 0% 0
523 QCAD (main) Bug Report Low Selection tool button in CAD tool bar shows line tools ... Assigned 0% 0
700 QCAD (main) Bug Report Low Saved 'hatched' block loses hatching when using isometr... Assigned 0% 0
1087 QCAD (main) Bug Report Low Ruler ticks are not corresponding to the grid points Assigned 0% 0
1369 QCAD/CAM Bug Report Very Low qcad-bin is trying to access non-existent /home/andrew Assigned 0% 0
733 QCAD (main) Bug Report Low QCAD Trial: batch tool dwg2bmp produces no output Assigned 0% 0
729 QCAD (main) Bug Report Low Preferences not stored on some installations Assigned 0% 0
1042 QCAD (main) Bug Report Very Low Preferences dialogs: help button shown in dialog header Assigned 0% 0
665 QCAD (main) Bug Report Low Possible printing error on Linux fedora 16? Assigned 0% 0
1587 QCAD (main) Bug Report Very Low PDF export created with wrong date time Assigned 0% 0
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