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 1710 TranslationBug ReportLow Lack of translations for close dialog using Ubuntu Closed
Task Description

Using Ubuntu GNOME, there are some untranslatable buttons strings on close file dialog. Screenshot attached.

 1716 TranslationBug ReportLow Wrong plural forms in translations Closed
1 Task Description

I found that words which has plural forms are translated in manner where only two forms are possible - like in English language. For example: “Object” and “Objects”. But other languages (for example Polish) very often have more than 2 plural forms.
There are also strings which use only one form (for example: “Reset label position of %1 dimension(s).”) but cardinal number placed in string point on more forms than one.
All these strings looks bad when translated and sometimes even in English. I mark most of them using comments:




I believe problem can be fixed using plural form strings: https://www.gnu.org/software/gettext/manual/html_node/Plural-forms.html

 1753 TranslationBug ReportLow View > Property Editor: entity types in property editor ...Closed
Task Description

Translations in scripts/ts are not loaded (affects splash screen, property editor, default action, various standard messages, some context menus)

 24 WebsiteFeature RequestLow Website Tasks Closed
Task Description



  • announce in forum
  • make developer’s corner, links to
    • RSFrameworkAPI Documentation
    • QCAD 3 Code Snippets ECMAScript (Google Docs)
    • QCAD 3 Developer Notes (Google Docs)
    • QCAD 3 Forum
  • change copyright year (still 2010)


  • update QCAD site


  • mark version 3 TP1 as current version



  • add new forum category
 127 WebsiteFeature RequestLow QCAD scripts development Closed
Task Description

The QCAD scripts, that contain a great deal of functionality in the QCAD framework, are so to say open source, in the limited, still powerful, sense that they can be read, inspected and single-handedly adapted to local needs. Wouldn’t it make sense to store these in a public source code repository?

So to allow closer tracking of development, eg. Of course, all of the scripts would then have to know which release of the /kernel/ they require as a support. But that should be a good thing anyways, as soon as a community of framework users arises, wasn’t it?

 1327 WebsiteBug ReportLow qcad.org vs. ribbonsoft.com Closed
Task Description

In the head of the new task form there is a “search for existing…” link to ribbonsoft.com even though I am browsing flyspray on qcad.org; maybe this can be made a relative link?

 1457 WebsiteBug ReportLow Website FAQ Deutsch Closed
Task Description

Beschreibung “Fehlerbehebung” fehlt. Anker verweist auf #Troubleshooting und führt ins Leere.


 1770 WebsiteBug ReportLow qcad.org shop language Closed
Task Description

FR - Ok,
DE - Ok,

EN - not OK. Main text is in english, menu is in german.

 494 WebsiteBug ReportVery Low QCAD 3 it's also for Apple PPC! Closed
Task Description

In the website → http://www.qcad.org/qcad3.html
lacks compatibility with Leopard 10.5.8 PPC. I chose QCAD for this ... ;-)

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