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 1249 QCAD (main)Bug ReportHigh QCAD makes USB stick read only Closed
Task Description

After the first time I have saved a file from QCAD to the USB stick, the USB stick becomes read only.

Highly inconvenient as one then needs to copy over the data and format it again.

 678 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Text box does not accept the "enter" key Closed
Task Description

Since the new QCAD 3, it is not possible any more to use “enter” in text boxes. The “enter” is always replaced by another symbol, which makes it impossible to have a long text string as a unit - like it always was in QCAD.

Could this please be fixed? It makes text control difficult.

 679 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow When drawing, a "escape" does not always cancel the las ...Closed
Task Description

This problem experienced since the first beta in both Win and Linux versions.

When a function (like a line) was selected for use and one press ESC twive to get back tot he main menu, it sort of does not cancel that last function. If one wouls now press on another function (like edit or circle) QCAD goes back to the line function.

the only way to rectify this is to press Esc many times. Sometimes the process needs to be repeated more than once.

I could not yet devise a sure fire way of reproducing this, but it does seems to happen as soon as the drawing gets bigger. I could not make it work with a clean page.

Although not crippling, it does break the elegance of drawing seamlessly and is a bit frustrating..

That said, I find QCAD 3.0.0 now significanlty faster than the Betas when loading and zooming in and out.

 1240 QCAD/CAMBug ReportLow USB Flas Drive save makes the drive Read Only Closed
Task Description

This problem is USB Flash drive related.

First of all, QCAD does not show the flash drive a drive where data can be stored, but it does when one wants to open a file.

If one then did open a file from the flash drive, saving it back tot he flash drive change the permission of the entire drive to read only and I could not manage to change that other than formatting the drive.

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