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 1465 QCAD/CAMBug ReportCritical Circle is drawn as polygon Closed
Task Description


I have a circle and circle is not round.
Unit of drawing is in metres and radius is set to 2.38.
The circle displays as a polygon instead.

 1468 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Custom patterns are not selectable from qcad Closed
Task Description


I added a new custom pattern into patterns/metric folder
However, even after restarting QCAD, new pattern is not showing in hatch dialog.

 1467 QCAD/CAMBug ReportLow Short leader will not render the arrow Closed
Task Description


I tried to add a leader and for some reason the arrow does not appear. I found out that this occurs when the line is short. To me, line is sufficiently long enough but somehow QCAD thinks it is too short.

Screenshot shows added leader.

Also when I try to change arrow: no to “yes”, while the dropdown shows yes, I am not able to select it. It just defaults to no.

Draw longer line.

 1466 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Toolbars on second screen cannot be accessed if second  ...Closed
Task Description


One day I dragged print toolbar into another monitor. This worked ok when I had multiple monitor in the office.
Then I took my laptop out where there is no external monitor connected.
When I tried to use the QCAD I noticed that the tool bar I had dragged onto another monitor cannot be accessed.
I cannot find a way to attach those floating toolbars...

Expected behaviour:
Floating toolbars should be draggable or provide a button to attach it back to qcad main window.

No workaround to attach floating toolbars.

1464QCAD (main)Feature RequestLowOption button to access finer grid to snapAssigned
Task Description


I use eagle cad for pcb designs and I like its ability to snap to finer snap to grid when pressing option button (ALT in windows).
I am fine with auto grid setting, however, it would be good to also have a way to access finer grid when pressing down option button.

For example, when zoomed out, grid is 100mm apart.
When pressing down on the option button (ALT in windows), grid switches to finer 10mm.
This will save me time, zooming in to access finer grid to snap to.

 1463 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Scaling also scales locked layers Closed
Task Description


Upon selecting and scaling multiple objects, locked layers are also scaled.

Locked layers are unaffected by any modification commands

Manually unselect objects before scaling

1462QCAD (main)Bug ReportLowMac Trackpad zoom gesture not working as expectedAssigned
1 Task Description


I am using mac version and I have annoying issue with trackpad.
I use qcad primary with my trackpad and under application preferences (Graphics View/Navigation), my setting is as follows.
Mouse wheel / two finger swipe: Scroll (Trackpad...
Enable pan gesture : unticked (found that enabling this often goes into pan mode when I am just moving my pointer around)
Limit zoom and scroll to prevent overflows : ticked (hoping that this would prevent weird zooming issue. I will describe what I am experiencing later this page)
Reverse mouse wheel direction for zoom :unticked
Mouse wheel zoom factor: 1.02

Things work as expected:

  • panning with two finger swipe
  • and the rest

Issue I am experiencing:

Often, when I am zooming in and out with two finger gestures, the view suddenly sets to some weird state and my drawing goes off the ruler.
The mouse point remains where it is.

Reset viewpoint with autozoom and navigate around.

Expected zoom behaviour:
I expect viewpoint to zoom in / out at where my mouse pointer is or at least the centre of current view point.

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