QCAD - 2D CAD System.

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ID Category Task Type Severity Summary Status Progress Votes
 1648  QCAD (main) Feature Request Low  Uniform Layer listing in dropdown as in Layer List Widg ... Closed 100% 1
 1638  QCAD (main) Bug Report Low  SansNS.cxf coding mismatch  Closed 100% 0
1637 QCAD (main) Bug Report Low Buttons Layer List Widget acting on other open file Assigned 0% 1
 1606  QCAD (main) Performance Issue Low  Selecting 'Draw Order' halts system temporary  Closed 100% 0
 1605  QCAD (main) Bug Report Low  Edit > Paste: Empty layers created when pasting to curr ... Closed 100% 1
 1604  QCAD (main) Bug Report Low   Exploding splines has equal results disregarding the s ... Closed 100% 0
1607 QCAD (main) Suggestion Very Low Indent 'Spline Segments:' in explode preferences Assigned 0% 1
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