QCAD - 2D CAD System.

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ID Category Task Type Severity Summary  desc Status Progress Votes
596 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Tool "Lengthen" mit "Total" erweitern oder .... Assigned 0% 0
708 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low To re-introduce Tile and Cascade window options Assigned 0% 2
674 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low To add optional 'auto' dimension tracking feature. Assigned 0% 0
516 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low To add option to 'print only' selected area. Assigned 0% 2
649 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low To add an Array option. Assigned 0% 0
1223 QCAD (main) Bug Report Very Low Text: formatting with subscript and font size Assigned 0% 0
1128 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Text: automatically wrap text at text box width Assigned 0% 0
979 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Text dialog: insert special characters in simple text m... Assigned 0% 0
864 QCAD (main) Bug Report Low Template Preview/Info doesn't shows the sheet orientati... Assigned 0% 0
1233 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Tab key to cycle between selected objects Assigned 0% 0
1445 QCAD (main) Bug Report Low Switching off grid scaling can break rulers Assigned 0% 0
1242 QCAD (main) Bug Report Low SVG import DPI box should use localized decimal separat... Assigned 0% 0
208 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low SVG export: support custom line weights Assigned 0% 0
137 QCAD (main) Refactoring Low SVG Export precision Assigned 0% 0
598 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Support tangents between ellipses Assigned 0% 1
1094 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Support OS X 10.9.x (Maverick) Full Screen Pattern Assigned 0% 0
1098 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Support for set of layers Assigned 0% 0
693 QCAD (main) Feature Request Medium Support for external references (XREF) Likely to be implemented 0% 9
264 QCAD (main) Feature Request Medium Support for "Layouts" (paper space, viewport) Likely to be implemented 50% 22
1034 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Supplementary note added to Application preferences dia... Assigned 0% 0
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