QCAD - 2D CAD System.

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ID Category Task Type Severity  desc Summary Status Progress Votes
 14  QCAD (main) Feature Request Medium  File: Print Preview  Closed 100% 0
508 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low zoom speed option Assigned 0% 1
503 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Convert entities to points with a fixed distance Assigned 0% 0
502 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Points on line: enter distance instead of number of poi... Assigned 0% 1
500 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Autohide Side Panel Assigned 0% 0
498 QCAD (main) Bug Report Low issue importing from Autocad Assigned 0% 0
 487  QCAD (main) Bug Report Low  QCad 3.0 RC2 on Mac Leopard - status bar font is tiny, ... Closed 100% 0
482 QCAD (main) Bug Report Low Block with hatch, scaled with different X / Y factors Assigned 0% 0
477 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low crop objects at page margins Assigned 0% 0
 471  QCAD (main) Feature Request Low  Feature request -to make the Library browser "dockable" ... Closed 100% 0
467 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Feature request for new Arc tool option to add to Arc s... Assigned 0% 1
 460  QCAD (main) Bug Report Low  doubleclick/select truetype font problems  Closed 100% 0
 459  QCAD (main) Bug Report Low  Bitmap Export is Cropping a few pixels too many from bo ... Closed 100% 0
455 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low logical operations for polylines Assigned 0% 0
454 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low combined move/rotate/scale with two reference points Assigned 0% 0
 453  QCAD (main) Bug Report Low  Draft mode: GUI action state not updated when switching ... Closed 100% 0
 448  QCAD (main) Feature Request Low  Put the asterisk in tab title of modied files in front  ... Closed 100% 0
 441  QCAD (main) Bug Report Low  Library Browser: DB file does not exist / is not creat ... Closed 100% 0
396 QCAD (main) Feature Request Low Blocks: moving blocks: show bounding box Assigned 0% 0
 335  QCAD (main) Feature Request Low  Drawing preferences: Change font of dimensions  Closed 100% 7
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