QCad User Reference Manual

34. Hotkeys

This is an overview of all hotkey combinations that can be used to trigger commands more efficiently. These two and three-letter combinations can only be entered if the command line has no keyboard focus. Two-letter combinations must be entered within a period of maximal 2 seconds. If you have mistyped a two-letter combination, please press Escape or wait two seconds and start again.

Some commands have more than one key combination. This is mostly for better compatibility with other programs.

In addition to the hotkey combinations listed below, the standard way of handling keys is used in dialogs. Under Windows and Unix operating systems, you can use Alt-Key combinations to press buttons (e.g. Alt-O for OK). If you are using Mac OS X this might be Option-O or Alt-O depending on your keyboard.

Under Mac OS X, use the Option key where the Ctrl key is indicated.

34.1. Command Line

Space / Command-M Activate command line
Escape Deactivate command line or go one step back in the current action or show the main menu if no actions are active.
Arrow Up / Down Recall the last command inputs
Tab Show all currently available commands or complete the first letters of a command into the full command

34.2. File Handling

Ctrl-N Create a new drawing
Ctrl-O Open a drawing
Ctrl-S Save current drawing
Ctrl-W Close current drawing
Ctrl-P Print current drawing
Ctrl-Q Quit application

34.3. Basic Editing

oo, Ctrl-Z Undo (oops)
uu, Ctrl-Shift-Z Redo
Ctrl-X Cut
Ctrl-C Copy
Ctrl-P Paste

34.4. View

rd Redraw
zw Zoom Window
za Auto Zoom
zi, + Zoom In
zo, - Zoom Out
zp Pan Zoom
zv Back to previous view

34.5. Layer Handling

fr* Freeze all layers
th* Defreeze (thaw) all layers

34.6. Snapping

os Free positioning
sg Snap to grid
se Snap to endpoints
sn, sc
Snap to centers
sm Snap to midpoints
si Snap to intersections
np Snap to nearest point on entity

34.7. Construction

po Point
li Line
Line with given angle
pa, of
Parallel / Offset
re Rectangle
rp Regular Polygon
ci Circle
c2 2 Point Circle
c3 3 Point Circle
ar Arc
a3 3 Point Arc
ep Ellipse
tx, mt Text

34.8. Dimensioning

da Aligned Dimension
dh Horizontal Dimension
dv Vertical Dimension
dr Linear (rotated) dimension
ld Leader

34.9. Entity Selection

tn, Ctrl-K Deselect all
Ctrl-A Select all

34.10. Modification

ch Bevel (chamfer)
rm, xt Trim, extend
tm Multi line trim, extend
mv Move
mi Mirror
sz Scale
ss Stretch
Entity properties
Entity attributes
er Erase (Delete)
xp, ex Explode