QCad User Reference Manual

40. Migration from QCad 1

This chapter lists known problems when migrating from QCad 1 to QCad 2 and should be a help to those who convert drawings from QCad 1 to QCad 2.

40.1. DXF Compatibility

When opening DXF drawings made with QCad 1, you might experience problems with dimensions, hatches and texts. This is because the DXF format produced by QCad 1 is not 100% standard compliant. You can import DXF drawings from QCad 1 by changing the format in the File Open dialog to 'QCad 1.x file (*.dxf *.DXF)' as shown in Figure 150.

Figure 150: Opening QCad 1 drawings.

Rounded texts are no longer supported in QCad 2 for better compatibility with other programs. You can import rounded texts by splitting them up into single elements in QCad 1.

40.2. Layer Handling

Changeing layer attributes in QCad 1 had no effect on already constructed entities. In QCad 2, changing layer attributes can also change the attributes of all entities that are on that layer and have attributes that are set to "ByLayer".

When migrating from QCad 1 to QCad 2, tou might find that the attributes of the entities in old drawings are no longer appropriate. Usually it is recommendable to set all attributes to "ByLayer". To do that, choose Attributes from the Modify menu. Then select all entities and click the 'Continue' button. In the dialog, change all attributes to 'By Layer' as shown in Figure 151.

Figure 151: Changing all attributes to 'By Layer'.