Open Source 2D CAD
Launching Command Line Tools

Any ECMAScript file can be executed with the QCAD binary as a standalone application, using the -autostart command line argument:

./qcad -autostart myscript.js

The default autostart script is scripts/autostart.js, which launches the QCAD application. If the autostart script is given as command line argument, the default autostart script is not launched.

If your script does not require or does not have access to a user interface (for example in a server environment), you may pass the command line switch -no-gui to QCAD:

./qcad -no-gui -autostart myscript.js

Under Mac OS X, you might also want to use -no-dock-icon to prevent Mac OS X from showing a dock icon every time your application is launched:

./qcad -no-gui -no-dock-icon -autostart myscript.js