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ADT_HC4500 Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ADT_HC4500:

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void ADT_HC4500 (void documentInterface, void newDocumentInterface)
void getFileExtensions ()
void getLineNumberCode ()
void writeFooter ()
void writeHeader ()
void writeToolDown ()
void writeToolUp ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from GCode
void append (void line, void str)
void GCode (void documentInterface, void newDocumentInterface)
void getCamLayerId ()
void getCircularCCWMoveCode ()
void getCircularCWMoveCode ()
void getFCode (void value)
void getFeedrate ()
void getICode (void value)
void getJCode (void value)
void getLinearMoveCode ()
void getRapidMoveCode ()
void getSafetyZLevel ()
void getToolDownLevel ()
void getToolUpLevel ()
void getXCode (void value)
void getYCode (void value)
void getZCode (void value)
void gotFeedrateChange (void f)
void gotModeChange (void m)
void gotXMove (void x)
void gotYMove (void y)
void gotZMove (void z)
void gotZUpMove (void z)
void initGlobalOptionWidget (void w)
void initLayerOptionWidget (void w)
void prepareForCutting ()
void toolIsDown ()
void toolIsUp ()
void writeAfterRapidLinearMove (void x, void y)
void writeBeforeRapidLinearMove (void x, void y)
void writeCircularMove (void x, void y, void center, void radius, void startAngle, void endAngle, void isLarge, void isReversed)
void writeLine (void custom, void append)
 Writes the next line of the file or the given custom line with line nummer.
void writeLinearMove (void x, void y)
void writeRapidLinearMove (void x, void y)
void writeRapidZMove (void z)
void writeZMove (void z)

Public Attributes

int globalOptions
int incrementalXYZ
int layerOptions
int orientation
int rampOff
int rampOffFactor
int rampOn
int rampOnFactor
int separator
int splitFullCircles
int tolerance
- Public Attributes inherited from GCode
int absoluteIJ
int alwaysWriteGCode
int decimals
int f
int fPrev
int g
int gPrev
int i
int j
int lineNumber
int toolPosition
int x
int xPrev
int y
int yPrev
int z
int zPrev

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

void ADT_HC4500::ADT_HC4500 ( void  documentInterface,
void  newDocumentInterface 

Member Function Documentation

void ADT_HC4500::getFileExtensions ( )

Reimplemented from GCode.

void ADT_HC4500::getLineNumberCode ( )

Reimplemented from GCode.

void ADT_HC4500::writeFooter ( )

Reimplemented from GCode.

void ADT_HC4500::writeHeader ( )

Reimplemented from GCode.

void ADT_HC4500::writeToolDown ( )

Reimplemented from GCode.

void ADT_HC4500::writeToolUp ( )

Reimplemented from GCode.

Member Data Documentation

int ADT_HC4500::globalOptions

Reimplemented from GCode.

int ADT_HC4500::incrementalXYZ
int ADT_HC4500::layerOptions

Reimplemented from GCode.

int ADT_HC4500::orientation
int ADT_HC4500::rampOff
int ADT_HC4500::rampOffFactor
int ADT_HC4500::rampOn
int ADT_HC4500::rampOnFactor
int ADT_HC4500::separator

Reimplemented from GCode.

int ADT_HC4500::splitFullCircles
int ADT_HC4500::tolerance

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