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RBox Member List

This is the complete list of members for RBox, including all inherited members.

contains(const RBox &other) const RBox
contains(const RVector &v) const RBox
containsBox(const RBox &other) const RBoxinline
containsPoint(const RVector &v) const RBoxinline
get2D() const RBoxinline
getCenter() const RBox
getCorner1() const RBox
getCorner2() const RBox
getCorners() const RBox
getCorners2d() const RBox
getHeight() const RBox
getLines2d() const RBox
getMaximum() const RBox
getMinimum() const RBox
getPolyline2d() const RBox
getSize() const RBox
getTriangles() const RBox
getWidth() const RBox
grow(double offset)RBox
growToInclude(const RBox &other)RBox
growToInclude(const RVector &v)RBox
growToIncludeBox(const RBox &other)RBoxinline
growToIncludeBoxes(const QList< RBox > &others)RBox
growToIncludePoint(const RVector &v)RBoxinline
growXY(double offset)RBox
intersects(const RBox &other) const RBox
intersectsWith(const RShape &shape, bool limited=true) const RBox
isOutside(const RBox &other) const RBox
isOutsideXY(const RBox &other) const RBox
isSane() const RBox
isValid() const RBox
move(const RVector &offset)RBox
operator!=(const RBox &other) const RBoxinline
operator==(const RBox &other) const RBox
RBox(const QRectF &rect)RBoxexplicit
RBox(double x1, double y1, double x2, double y2)RBox
RBox(const RVector &c1, const RVector &c2)RBox
RBox(const RVector &center, double range)RBox
RBox(const RVector &center, double width, double height)RBox
setCorner1(const RVector &v)RBox
setCorner2(const RVector &v)RBox
toQRectF() const RBox