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RDimAngularEntity Class Reference

Aligned dimension entity class. More...

#include <RDimAngularEntity.h>

Inheritance diagram for RDimAngularEntity:
RDimensionEntity REntity RObject

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual RDimAngularEntityclone () const
virtual RDimAngularDatagetData ()
virtual const RDimAngularDatagetData () const
RVector getDimArcPosition () const
RVector getExtensionLine1End () const
RVector getExtensionLine1Start () const
RVector getExtensionLine2End () const
RVector getExtensionLine2Start () const
QPair< QVariant,
getProperty (RPropertyTypeId &propertyTypeId, bool humanReadable=false, bool noAttributes=false)
virtual RS::EntityType getType () const
 RDimAngularEntity (RDocument *document, const RDimAngularData &data, RObject::Id objectId=RObject::INVALID_ID)
void setData (RDimAngularData &d)
void setDimArcPosition (const RVector &p)
void setExtensionLine1End (const RVector &p)
void setExtensionLine1Start (const RVector &p)
void setExtensionLine2End (const RVector &p)
void setExtensionLine2Start (const RVector &p)
bool setProperty (RPropertyTypeId propertyTypeId, const QVariant &value, RTransaction *transaction=NULL)
 Sets the given property to the given value.
virtual ~RDimAngularEntity ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from RDimensionEntity
virtual void exportEntity (RExporter &e, bool preview=false, bool forceSelected=false) const
 Exports the entity to the given exporter.
RVector getDefinitionPoint () const
QString getFontName () const
double getLinearFactor () const
double getLineSpacingFactor () const
RS::TextLineSpacingStyle getLineSpacingStyle () const
QString getMeasurement (bool resolveAutoMeasurement=true) const
QString getText () const
double getTextAngle () const
RTextData getTextData () const
RVector getTextPosition () const
bool hasCustomTextPosition () const
virtual bool isValid () const
 RDimensionEntity (RDocument *document, RObject::Id objectId=RObject::INVALID_ID)
void setCustomTextPosition (bool on)
void setDefinitionPoint (const RVector &p)
void setFontName (const QString &fn)
void setLinearFactor (double f)
void setText (const QString &t)
void setTextPosition (const RVector &p)
virtual ~RDimensionEntity ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from REntity
virtual const RShapecastToConstShape () const
virtual RShapecastToShape ()
void copyAttributesFrom (REntity *entity, bool copyBlockId=true)
 Copies all attributes (layer, block, color, line weight, line style) from the given entity.
void dump ()
virtual bool flipHorizontal ()
virtual bool flipVertical ()
RBlock::Id getBlockId () const
QString getBlockName () const
virtual RBox getBoundingBox (bool ignoreEmpty=false) const
virtual QList< RBoxgetBoundingBoxes (bool ignoreEmpty=false) const
virtual QList< RVectorgetCenterPoints (const RBox &queryBox=RDEFAULT_RBOX) const
virtual RVector getClosestPointOnEntity (const RVector &point, double range=RNANDOUBLE, bool limited=true) const
virtual QSharedPointer< RShapegetClosestShape (const RVector &pos, double range=RNANDOUBLE, bool ignoreComplex=false) const
virtual QSharedPointer< RShapegetClosestSimpleShape (const RVector &pos, double range=RNANDOUBLE) const
RColor getColor () const
RColor getColor (bool resolve, const QStack< REntity * > &blockRefStack)
virtual int getComplexity () const
virtual double getDistanceTo (const RVector &point, bool limited=true, double range=0.0, bool draft=false, double strictRange=RMAXDOUBLE) const
int getDrawOrder () const
virtual QList< RVectorgetEndPoints (const RBox &queryBox=RDEFAULT_RBOX) const
virtual RPolyline getHull (double offset) const
virtual QList< RVectorgetInternalReferencePoints (RS::ProjectionRenderingHint hint=RS::RenderTop) const
 Can be overwritten to return internal, resolved reference points.
virtual QList< RVectorgetIntersectionPoints (const REntity &other, bool limited=true, const RBox &queryBox=RDEFAULT_RBOX, bool ignoreComplex=true) const
virtual QList< RVectorgetIntersectionPoints (const RShape &shape, bool limited=true, const RBox &queryBox=RDEFAULT_RBOX, bool ignoreComplex=true) const
virtual QList< RVectorgetIntersectionPointsWithShape (const RShape &shape, bool limited=true, const RBox &queryBox=RDEFAULT_RBOX) const
 Make getIntersectionPoints with shape parameter accessible for script wrappers.
RLayer::Id getLayerId () const
QString getLayerName () const
RLinetype::Id getLinetypeId () const
RLinetype::Id getLinetypeId (bool resolve, const QStack< REntity * > &blockRefStack) const
RLinetypePattern getLinetypePattern () const
double getLinetypeScale () const
RLineweight::Lineweight getLineweight () const
RLineweight::Lineweight getLineweight (bool resolve, const QStack< REntity * > &blockRefStack) const
double getLineweightInUnits (const QStack< REntity * > &blockRefStack) const
virtual QList< RVectorgetMiddlePoints (const RBox &queryBox=RDEFAULT_RBOX) const
REntity::Id getParentId () const
virtual RVector getPointOnEntity () const
virtual QList< RVectorgetPointsWithDistanceToEnd (double distance, RS::From from=RS::FromAny, const RBox &queryBox=RDEFAULT_RBOX) const
virtual QList< RVectorgetReferencePoints (RS::ProjectionRenderingHint hint=RS::RenderTop) const
virtual QList< QSharedPointer
< RShape > > 
getShapes (const RBox &queryBox=RDEFAULT_RBOX, bool ignoreComplex=false) const
virtual RVector getVectorTo (const RVector &point, bool limited=true, double strictRange=RMAXDOUBLE) const
virtual bool intersectsWith (const RShape &shape) const
bool isEditable (bool allowInvisible=false) const
virtual bool isInside (const RBox &box) const
virtual bool isOnEntity (const RVector &point, bool limited=true, double tolerance=RDEFAULT_TOLERANCE_1E_MIN4) const
bool isSelected () const
 Reimplemented by entities that are part of a block reference but not stored as part of the block definition (currently only block attributes).
virtual bool isSelectedForPropertyEditing ()
bool isVisible () const
virtual bool mirror (const RLine &axis)
virtual bool mirror (const RVector &axis1, const RVector &axis2)
virtual bool move (const RVector &offset)
 Moves this entity by the given offset.
virtual bool moveReferencePoint (const RVector &referencePoint, const RVector &targetPoint)
 Moves the given reference point to the given target point or does nothing if this entity has no reference point as the given location.
 REntity (RDocument *document, Id objectId=-1)
virtual bool rotate (double rotation, const RVector &center=RDEFAULT_RVECTOR)
virtual bool scale (const RVector &scaleFactors, const RVector &center=RDEFAULT_RVECTOR)
virtual bool scale (double scaleFactor, const RVector &center=RDEFAULT_RVECTOR)
void setBlockId (RBlock::Id blockId)
void setColor (const RColor &color)
void setDocument (RDocument *document)
void setDrawOrder (int drawOrder)
 Sets the draw order of this entity.
void setLayerId (RLayer::Id layerId)
void setLinetypeId (RLinetype::Id linetypeId)
void setLinetypePattern (const RLinetypePattern &linetypePattern)
void setLinetypeScale (double linetypeScale)
void setLineweight (RLineweight::Lineweight lineweight)
void setParentId (REntity::Id parentId)
virtual void setSelected (bool on)
 Selects or deselects this entity.
virtual bool stretch (const RPolyline &area, const RVector &offset)
 Stretches the end points of this entity that are inside area by offset.
void update () const
 Entities can reimplement this function to invalidate any internal cache (mark the entity as dirty).
virtual ~REntity ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from RObject
QMap< QString, QVariantMap > getCustomProperties () const
QVariant getCustomProperty (const QString &title, const QString &key, const QVariant &defaultValue=RDEFAULT_QVARIANT)
QStringList getCustomPropertyKeys (const QString &title) const
QStringList getCustomPropertyTitles () const
virtual QSet< RPropertyTypeIdgetCustomPropertyTypeIds () const
RDocumentgetDocument ()
const RDocumentgetDocument () const
RObject::Handle getHandle () const
RObject::Id getId () const
virtual QSet< RPropertyTypeIdgetPropertyTypeIds () const
virtual bool hasPropertyType (RPropertyTypeId propertyTypeId)
bool isProtected () const
bool isUndone () const
void removeCustomProperty (const QString &title, const QString &key)
 Removes the custom property with the given name.
 RObject (RDocument *document=NULL, Id id=INVALID_ID)
void setCustomProperty (const QString &title, const QString &key, const QVariant &value)
 Sets a custom property with the given name.
void setProtected (bool on)
virtual void setUndone (bool on)
virtual ~RObject ()

Static Public Member Functions

static QSet< RPropertyTypeIdgetStaticPropertyTypeIds ()
static void init ()

Static Public Attributes

static RPropertyTypeId PropertyBlock
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyColor
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyCustom
 Copyright (c) 2011-2015 by Andrew Mustun.
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyDimArcPositionX
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyDimArcPositionY
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyDimArcPositionZ
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyDrawOrder
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyExtensionLine1EndX
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyExtensionLine1EndY
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyExtensionLine1EndZ
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyExtensionLine1StartX
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyExtensionLine1StartY
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyExtensionLine1StartZ
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyExtensionLine2EndX
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyExtensionLine2EndY
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyExtensionLine2EndZ
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyExtensionLine2StartX
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyExtensionLine2StartY
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyExtensionLine2StartZ
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyFontName
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyHandle
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyLayer
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyLinetype
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyLinetypeScale
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyLineweight
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyLowerTolerance
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyMeasuredValue
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyMiddleOfTextX
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyMiddleOfTextY
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyMiddleOfTextZ
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyText
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyType
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyUpperTolerance
- Static Public Attributes inherited from RDimensionEntity
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyAutoLabel
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyAutoTextPos
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyDefinitionPointX
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyDefinitionPointY
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyDefinitionPointZ
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyLinearFactor
- Static Public Attributes inherited from REntity
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyMaxX
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyMaxY
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyMinX
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyMinY
- Static Public Attributes inherited from RObject
static const Handle INVALID_HANDLE = -1
static const Id INVALID_ID = -1
 Copyright (c) 2011-2015 by Andrew Mustun.
static RPropertyTypeId PropertyProtected

Protected Member Functions

virtual void print (QDebug dbg) const
 Stream operator for QDebug.

Protected Attributes

RDimAngularData data

Detailed Description

Aligned dimension entity class.

This class is available in script environments.
Shared Pointer Support:
Objects can be used in QSharedPointer.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RDimAngularEntity::RDimAngularEntity ( RDocument document,
const RDimAngularData data,
RObject::Id  objectId = RObject::INVALID_ID 
RDimAngularEntity::~RDimAngularEntity ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual RDimAngularEntity* RDimAngularEntity::clone ( ) const

Implements REntity.

virtual RDimAngularData& RDimAngularEntity::getData ( )
Reference to the data object of the entity.

Implements RDimensionEntity.

virtual const RDimAngularData& RDimAngularEntity::getData ( ) const
Const reference to the data object of the entity.

Implements RDimensionEntity.

RVector RDimAngularEntity::getDimArcPosition ( ) const
RVector RDimAngularEntity::getExtensionLine1End ( ) const
RVector RDimAngularEntity::getExtensionLine1Start ( ) const
RVector RDimAngularEntity::getExtensionLine2End ( ) const
RVector RDimAngularEntity::getExtensionLine2Start ( ) const
QPair< QVariant, RPropertyAttributes > RDimAngularEntity::getProperty ( RPropertyTypeId propertyTypeId,
bool  humanReadable = false,
bool  noAttributes = false 
The value and attributes of the given property or an invalid property if this property owner has no property with the given ID.

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

static QSet<RPropertyTypeId> RDimAngularEntity::getStaticPropertyTypeIds ( )

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

virtual RS::EntityType RDimAngularEntity::getType ( ) const

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

void RDimAngularEntity::init ( )

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

void RDimAngularEntity::print ( QDebug  dbg) const

Stream operator for QDebug.

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

void RDimAngularEntity::setData ( RDimAngularData d)
void RDimAngularEntity::setDimArcPosition ( const RVector p)
void RDimAngularEntity::setExtensionLine1End ( const RVector p)
void RDimAngularEntity::setExtensionLine1Start ( const RVector p)
void RDimAngularEntity::setExtensionLine2End ( const RVector p)
void RDimAngularEntity::setExtensionLine2Start ( const RVector p)
bool RDimAngularEntity::setProperty ( RPropertyTypeId  propertyTypeId,
const QVariant &  value,
RTransaction transaction = NULL 

Sets the given property to the given value.

If this property owner does not know a property with that ID, it is up to the property owner what happens. The property might be added into a list of dynamic properties or dropped.

True if the property owner was modified in any way, false otherwise.

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

Member Data Documentation

RDimAngularData RDimAngularEntity::data
RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyBlock

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyColor

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyCustom

Copyright (c) 2011-2015 by Andrew Mustun.

All rights reserved.

This file is part of the QCAD project.

QCAD is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

QCAD is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with QCAD.

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyDimArcPositionX
RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyDimArcPositionY
RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyDimArcPositionZ
RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyDrawOrder

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyExtensionLine1EndX
RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyExtensionLine1EndY
RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyExtensionLine1EndZ
RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyExtensionLine1StartX
RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyExtensionLine1StartY
RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyExtensionLine1StartZ
RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyExtensionLine2EndX
RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyExtensionLine2EndY
RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyExtensionLine2EndZ
RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyExtensionLine2StartX
RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyExtensionLine2StartY
RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyExtensionLine2StartZ
RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyFontName

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyHandle

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyLayer

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyLinetype

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyLinetypeScale

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyLineweight

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyLowerTolerance

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyMeasuredValue

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyMiddleOfTextX

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyMiddleOfTextY

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyMiddleOfTextZ

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyText

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyType

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

RPropertyTypeId RDimAngularEntity::PropertyUpperTolerance

Reimplemented from RDimensionEntity.

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