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ROperation Class Reference

This abstract class is an interface for all operation implementations. More...

#include <ROperation.h>

Inheritance diagram for ROperation:
RRequireHeap RNonCopyable RAddObjectsOperation RChangePropertyOperation RClipboardOperation RDeleteAllEntitiesOperation RDeleteObjectsOperation RMixedOperation RMoveReferencePointOperation RMoveSelectionOperation

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Public Member Functions

virtual RTransaction apply (RDocument &document, bool preview=false) const =0
 Applies this operation to selection in the given document.
RS::EntityType getEntityTypeFilter () const
 ROperation (bool undoable=true, RS::EntityType entityTypeFilter=RS::EntityAll)
void setAllowInvisible (bool on)
void setRecordAffectedObjects (bool on)
void setSpatialIndexDisabled (bool on)
virtual ~ROperation ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from RRequireHeap
void doDelete ()

Protected Attributes

bool allowInvisible
RS::EntityType entityTypeFilter
bool recordAffectedObjects
bool spatialIndexDisabled
bool undoable

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from RRequireHeap
virtual ~RRequireHeap ()

Detailed Description

This abstract class is an interface for all operation implementations.

An operation encapsulates a modification that can be applied to a document. An implementing class might for example implement a move operation that moves all selected entities by a given vector.

This class is wrapped for script environments.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ROperation::ROperation ( bool  undoable = true,
RS::EntityType  entityTypeFilter = RS::EntityAll 
virtual ROperation::~ROperation ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual RTransaction ROperation::apply ( RDocument document,
bool  preview = false 
) const
pure virtual

Applies this operation to selection in the given document.

This is used for both previews and the actual apply. In case of a preview, the given document is a temporary document with a storage that is linked to the real document for realistic condiditions for the preview.

Implemented in RPasteOperation, RAddObjectsOperation, RMixedOperation, RChangePropertyOperation, RDeleteObjectsOperation, RDeleteAllEntitiesOperation, RMoveSelectionOperation, RMoveReferencePointOperation, RCopyOperation, and RDeleteSelectionOperation.

RS::EntityType ROperation::getEntityTypeFilter ( ) const
void ROperation::setAllowInvisible ( bool  on)
void ROperation::setRecordAffectedObjects ( bool  on)
void ROperation::setSpatialIndexDisabled ( bool  on)

Member Data Documentation

bool ROperation::allowInvisible
RS::EntityType ROperation::entityTypeFilter
bool ROperation::recordAffectedObjects
bool ROperation::spatialIndexDisabled
bool ROperation::undoable

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