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RVector Member List

This is the complete list of members for RVector, including all inherited members.

createPolar(double radius, double angle)RVectorinlinestatic
equalsFuzzy(const RVector &v, double tol=RS::PointTolerance) const RVector
get2D() const RVectorinline
getAngle() const RVector
getAngleTo(const RVector &v) const RVector
getAngleToPlaneXY() const RVector
getAverage(const RVector &v1, const RVector &v2)RVectorstatic
getCeil() const RVector
getClosest(const QList< RVector > &list) const RVector
getClosestDistance(const QList< RVector > &list, int counts)RVector
getClosestIndex(const QList< RVector > &list) const RVector
getCrossProduct(const RVector &v1, const RVector &v2)RVectorstatic
getDistanceTo(const RVector &v) const RVector
getDistanceTo2d(const RVector &v) const RVector
getDividedComponents(const RVector &v) const RVector
getDotProduct(const RVector &v1, const RVector &v2)RVectorstatic
getFloor() const RVector
getLerp(const RVector &v, double t) const RVector
getMagnitude() const RVector
getMagnitude2d() const RVector
getMaximum(const QList< RVector > &vectors)RVectorstatic
getMaximum(const RVector &v1, const RVector &v2)RVectorstatic
getMaximumX(const QList< RVector > &vectors)RVectorstatic
getMaximumY(const QList< RVector > &vectors)RVectorstatic
getMinimum(const QList< RVector > &vectors)RVectorstatic
getMinimum(const RVector &v1, const RVector &v2)RVectorstatic
getMinimumX(const QList< RVector > &vectors)RVectorstatic
getMinimumY(const QList< RVector > &vectors)RVectorstatic
getMultipliedComponents(const RVector &v) const RVector
getNegated() const RVector
getNormalized() const RVector
getSortedByAngle(const QList< RVector > &list, const RVector &center, double angle)RVectorstatic
getSortedByDistance(const QList< RVector > &list, const RVector &v)RVectorstatic
getSquaredMagnitude() const RVector
getTransformed(const RMatrix &m) const RVector
getTransformed2d(const QTransform &t) const RVector
getTransformed2dM(const RMatrix &m) const RVector
getUnitVector() const RVector
getXList(const QList< RVector > &vectors)RVectorstatic
getYList(const QList< RVector > &vectors)RVectorstatic
getZList(const QList< RVector > &vectors)RVectorstatic
greaterThanX(const RVector &v1, const RVector &v2)RVectorinlinestatic
greaterThanY(const RVector &v1, const RVector &v2)RVectorinlinestatic
isInside(const RBox &b) const RVector
isInWindow(const RVector &firstCorner, const RVector &secondCorner)RVector
isoProject(RS::IsoProjectionType type, bool trueScale)RVector
isValid() const RVector
lessThanX(const RVector &v1, const RVector &v2)RVectorinlinestatic
lessThanY(const RVector &v1, const RVector &v2)RVectorinlinestatic
mirror(const RLine &axis)RVector
mirror(const RVector &axis1, const RVector &axis2)RVector
move(const RVector &offset)RVector
moveList(QList< RVector > &list, const RVector &offset)RVectorstatic
operator!=(const RVector &v) const RVectorinline
operator*(double s) const RVector
operator*=(double s)RVector
operator+(const RVector &v) const RVector
operator+=(const RVector &v)RVector
operator-(const RVector &v) const RVector
operator-() const RVector
operator-=(const RVector &v)RVector
operator/(double s) const RVector
operator/=(double s)RVector
operator==(const RVector &v) const RVector
rotate(double rotation)RVector
rotate(double rotation, const RVector &center)RVector
rotate3d(const RLine &axis, double rotation)RVector
rotate3d(const QQuaternion &quaternion)RVector
rotateList(QList< RVector > &list, double rotation)RVectorstatic
rotateList(QList< RVector > &list, double rotation, const RVector &center)RVectorstatic
RVector(double vx, double vy, double vz=0.0, bool valid_in=true)RVector
scale(double factor, const RVector &center=nullVector)RVector
scale(const RVector &factors, const RVector &center=nullVector)RVector
scaleList(QList< RVector > &list, double factor, const RVector &center=nullVector)RVectorstatic
scaleList(QList< RVector > &list, const RVector &factors, const RVector &center=nullVector)RVectorstatic
set(double vx, double vy, double vz=0.0)RVectorinline
setAngle(double a)RVector
setMagnitude2d(double m)RVector
setPolar(double radius, double angle)RVector
setX(double x)RVector
setY(double y)RVector
setZ(double z)RVector
stretch(const RPolyline &area, const RVector &offset)RVector
transform(const RMatrix &m)RVector
transform2d(const QTransform &t)RVector
transform2dM(const RMatrix &m)RVector