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SvgImporter Member List

This is the complete list of members for SvgImporter, including all inherited members.

canImport(void fileName, void nameFilter)SvgImporterinline
importArc(void ox, void oy, void x, void y, void rx, void ry, void angle, void isLarge, void sweep)SvgImporterinline
importBezier(void x1, void y1, void px1, void py1, void px2, void py2, void x2, void y2)SvgImporterinline
importBezier2(void x1, void y1, void px, void py, void x2, void y2)SvgImporterinline
importCircle(void x, void y, void r)SvgImporterinline
importEllipse(void x, void y, void rx, void ry)SvgImporterinline
importFile(void fileName)SvgImporterinline
importLine(void x1, void y1, void x2, void y2)SvgImporterinline
importPath(void dData)SvgImporterinline
importPolygon(void pointsData, void open)SvgImporterinline
importRectangle(void x, void y, void w, void h)SvgImporterinline
importShape(void shape)SvgImporterinline
setStyle(void s)SvgImporterinline
setTransform(void t)SvgImporterinline
SvgImporter(void document, void resolution)SvgImporterinline