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DL_DimensionData Struct Reference

Generic Dimension Data. More...

#include <dl_entities.h>

Public Member Functions

 DL_DimensionData (double dpx, double dpy, double dpz, double mpx, double mpy, double mpz, int type, int attachmentPoint, int lineSpacingStyle, double lineSpacingFactor, const std::string &text, const std::string &style, double angle, double linearFactor=1.0, double dimScale=1.0)
 Constructor. More...

Public Attributes

double angle
 Rotation angle of dimension text away from default orientation. More...
int attachmentPoint
 Attachment point. More...
double dimScale
 Dimension scale (dimscale) style override. More...
double dpx
double dpy
double dpz
double linearFactor
 Linear factor style override. More...
double lineSpacingFactor
 Line spacing factor. More...
int lineSpacingStyle
 Line spacing style. More...
double mpx
double mpy
double mpz
std::string style
std::string text
 Text string. More...
int type
 Dimension type. More...

Detailed Description

Generic Dimension Data.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DL_DimensionData::DL_DimensionData ( double  dpx,
double  dpy,
double  dpz,
double  mpx,
double  mpy,
double  mpz,
int  type,
int  attachmentPoint,
int  lineSpacingStyle,
double  lineSpacingFactor,
const std::string &  text,
const std::string &  style,
double  angle,
double  linearFactor = 1.0,
double  dimScale = 1.0 


Parameters: see member variables.

Member Data Documentation

double DL_DimensionData::angle

Rotation angle of dimension text away from default orientation.

int DL_DimensionData::attachmentPoint

Attachment point.

1 = Top left, 2 = Top center, 3 = Top right, 4 = Middle left, 5 = Middle center, 6 = Middle right, 7 = Bottom left, 8 = Bottom center, 9 = Bottom right,

double DL_DimensionData::dimScale

Dimension scale (dimscale) style override.

double DL_DimensionData::dpx

X Coordinate of definition point.

double DL_DimensionData::dpy

Y Coordinate of definition point.

double DL_DimensionData::dpz

Z Coordinate of definition point.

double DL_DimensionData::linearFactor

Linear factor style override.

double DL_DimensionData::lineSpacingFactor

Line spacing factor.

0.25 .. 4.0

int DL_DimensionData::lineSpacingStyle

Line spacing style.

1 = at least, 2 = exact

double DL_DimensionData::mpx

X Coordinate of middle point of the text.

double DL_DimensionData::mpy

Y Coordinate of middle point of the text.

double DL_DimensionData::mpz

Z Coordinate of middle point of the text.

std::string DL_DimensionData::style

Dimension style (font name).

std::string DL_DimensionData::text

Text string.

Text string entered explicitly by user or null or "<>" for the actual measurement or " " (one blank space). for supressing the text.

int DL_DimensionData::type

Dimension type.

0 Rotated, horizontal, or vertical 1 Aligned 2 Angular 3 Diametric 4 Radius 5 Angular 3-point 6 Ordinate 64 Ordinate type. This is a bit value (bit 7) used only with integer value 6. If set, ordinate is X-type; if not set, ordinate is Y-type 128 This is a bit value (bit 8) added to the other group 70 values if the dimension text has been positioned at a user-defined location rather than at the default location

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