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ExFileExporterFactory Class Reference

File exporter factory. More...

Inheritance diagram for ExFileExporterFactory:

Public Member Functions

void canExport (void fileName, void nameFilter)
void ExFileExporterFactory ()
void getFilterStrings ()
void instantiate (void document, void messageHandler, void progressHandler)

Detailed Description

File exporter factory.

Responsible for filter strings, checking if this exporter is suitable to export files of a given type and for instantiating the file exporter on request.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

void ExFileExporterFactory::ExFileExporterFactory ( )

Member Function Documentation

void ExFileExporterFactory::canExport ( void  fileName,
void  nameFilter 
void ExFileExporterFactory::getFilterStrings ( )
void ExFileExporterFactory::instantiate ( void  document,
void  messageHandler,
void  progressHandler 

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