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GCodeInch Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for GCodeInch:
GCode CamExporter

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Public Member Functions

void GCodeInch (void documentInterface, void newDocumentInterface)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GCode
void append (void line, void str)
void GCode (void documentInterface, void newDocumentInterface)
void getCamLayerId ()
 Overwrite to create individual layers (e.g.
void getCircularCCWMoveCode ()
void getCircularCWMoveCode ()
void getFCode (void value)
void getFeedrate ()
void getFileExtensions ()
void getICode (void value)
void getJCode (void value)
void getLinearMoveCode ()
void getLineNumberCode ()
void getRapidMoveCode ()
void getSafetyZLevel ()
void getToolDownLevel ()
void getToolUpLevel ()
void getXCode (void value)
void getYCode (void value)
void getZCode (void value)
void gotFeedrateChange (void f)
void gotModeChange (void m)
void gotXMove (void x)
void gotYMove (void y)
void gotZMove (void z)
void gotZUpMove (void z)
void initGlobalOptionWidget (void w)
void initLayerOptionWidget (void w)
void prepareForCutting ()
void toolIsDown ()
void toolIsUp ()
void writeAfterRapidLinearMove (void x, void y)
void writeBeforeRapidLinearMove (void x, void y)
void writeCircularMove (void x, void y, void center, void radius, void startAngle, void endAngle, void isLarge, void isReversed)
void writeFooter ()
void writeHeader ()
void writeLine (void custom, void append)
 Writes the next line of the file or the given custom line with line nummer.
void writeLinearMove (void x, void y)
void writeRapidLinearMove (void x, void y)
void writeRapidZMove (void z)
void writeToolDown ()
void writeToolUp ()
void writeZMove (void z)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CamExporter
void appendToContour (void contour, void prepend)
 Appends / prepends entities to the given contour until no more connected entities can be found.
void CamExporter (void documentInterface, void newDocumentInterface)
void closeLogFile (void fileName)
void contourContains (void contour, void point)
 Allow exporters to implement their own test if point is inside contour.
void convert (void v)
 Converts the given value v from the document unit into the output unit.
void createLayer (void layerName, void color)
void endExport ()
void exportArcSegment (void arc, void allowForZeroLength)
void exportContour (void contour, void contourId, void pos, void siEntryPoints, void progressDialog)
 Exports the given contour, starting at the the given position pos.
void exportContourEntity (void entity, void rampOnPoint, void rampOffPoint)
 Exports the given entity.
void exportEntities (void allBlocks, void undone)
void exportFile (void fileName)
void exportFirstContourEntity (void entity, void rampOnPoint, void rampOffPoint)
void exportLastContourEntity (void entity, void rampOnPoint, void rampOffPoint)
void exportLineSegment (void line, void angle)
void exportPoint (void point)
void exportSingleContourEntity (void entity, void rampOnPoint, void rampOffPoint)
void fuzzyCompare (void v1, void v2)
void getContour (void entityId)
 Creates a new contour (Contour object) with the given entity and all connected entities.
void getDocument ()
void getEllipseSegments ()
 Overwrite to specify number of segments to use for interpolating ellipses.
void getIncrementalXYZ ()
 Overwrite to enable incremental X/Y/Z moves.
void getInnerBeforeOuter ()
 Overwrite to change inner to outer option.
void getOperation ()
void getPathOptimization ()
 Overwrite to change path optimization.
void getPathOrientation ()
 Overwrite to change contour orientation.
void getRampOff ()
 Overwrite to change contour ramp off.
void getRampOn ()
 Overwrite to change contour ramp on.
void getScale ()
 Overwrite to change scale of output.
void getSplineSegments ()
 Overwrite to specify number of segments to use for interpolating splines.
void getSplitFullCircles ()
 Overwrite to change split circle behavior.
void getStartPosition ()
void getTolerance ()
 Overwrite to change tolerance (maximum gap between connected entities).
void getUnit ()
 Overwrite to change unit of output.
void getUnitScale ()
 Overwrite to set fixed unit scale.
void initLogFile (void fileName)
 Prepares the log file for debugging.
void log (void msg)
void logView (void fileName)
void notifyUser (void msg, void progressDialog)
void prependToContour (void contour)
void rapidMove (void p)
void startExport ()
void write (void str)
void writeLine (void line)
void writeRampOff (void shape, void entity)
void writeRampOn (void shape, void entity)

Public Attributes

int decimals
int unit
- Public Attributes inherited from GCode
int absoluteIJ
int alwaysWriteGCode
int f
int fPrev
int g
int globalOptions
int gPrev
int i
int j
int layerOptions
int lineNumber
int separator
int toolPosition
int x
int xPrev
int y
int yPrev
int z
int zPrev
- Public Attributes inherited from CamExporter
int contourCounter
int contours
int cursor
int document
int documentInterface
int duringRapidMove
int ellipseSegments
int incrementalXYZ
int innerBeforeOuter
int logStream
int newDocument
int newDocumentInterface
int op
int pathOptimization
int pathOrientation
int rampOff
int rampOffFactor
int rampOn
int rampOnFactor
int scale
int splineSegments
int splitFullCircles
int stream
int tolerance
int traversed
int unitScale

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

void GCodeInch::GCodeInch ( void  documentInterface,
void  newDocumentInterface 

Member Data Documentation

int GCodeInch::decimals

Reimplemented from GCode.

int GCodeInch::unit

Reimplemented from CamExporter.

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