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Mirror Class Reference

Mirrors selected entities. More...

Inheritance diagram for Mirror:
Transform Modify EAction RActionAdapter RAction

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Public Member Functions

void beginEvent ()
 Called when the user starts this action by clicking a button, choosing a menu, entering a command, etc.
void escapeEvent ()
 Called when the user presses Escape or clicks the right mouse button.
void getAuxPreview ()
 Called by updatePreview.
void Mirror (void guiAction)
void pickCoordinate (void event, void preview)
 High level event triggered when a coordinate was specified by the user of a coordinate specification should be previewed.
void setState (void state)
 Set the state of this action.
void showDialog ()
 Shows the translation dialog.
void transform (void entity, void k, void op, void preview, void forceNew)
 Callback function for Transform.getOperation.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Transform
void clearCache ()
void getOperation (void preview, void selectResult, void cache)
 Implemetation of getOperation for tools that operate on a selection and do something with every entity in the selection (e.g.
void Transform (void guiAction)
void verifySelection ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Modify
void deleteSelectedEntities (void msgEntitiesDeleted, void msgNothingDeleted)
void getTitle ()
void Modify (void guiAction)
void slotAutoRefreshChanged (void checked)
void slotClose ()
void slotRefresh ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from EAction
void applyCommand (void event, void preview)
 High level event triggered when a command line command should be applied or previewed.
void applyOperation ()
 Applies the operation returned by this.getOperation().
void commandEvent (void event)
 Default implementation.
void commandEventPreview (void event)
 Default implementation.
void coordinateEvent (void event)
 Default implementation.
void coordinateEventPreview (void event)
 Default implementation.
void createDialog (void uiFile, void parent)
 Creates a new dialog based on the given UI file with the given parent.
void createWidget (void uiFile, void parent)
 Creates a new widget based on the given UI file with the given parent.
void EAction (void guiAction)
void entityPickEvent (void event)
 Default implementation.
void entityPickEventPreview (void event)
 Default implementation.
void finishEvent ()
 Called when this action is terminated.
void getDocumentInterface ()
void getGraphicsView ()
void getGraphicsViews ()
void getHighlightedEntities ()
 Called by updatePreview.
void getOperation (void preview)
 Called by updatePreview.
void getScales ()
void getToolTitle ()
void hideUiOptions (void saveToSettings)
 Hides the UI options of this action.
void initState ()
 Called to initialize a new state of this action.
void initUiOptions (void resume, void optionsToolBar)
 Overwrite to initialize combo boxes and other UI elements of the options tool bar.
void keyPressEvent (void event)
 Called when the user presses a key.
void keyReleaseEvent (void event)
 Called when the user releases a key.
void mousePressEvent (void event)
 Does nothing.
void mouseReleaseEvent (void event)
void pickEntity (void event, void preview)
 High level event triggered when an entity was picked by the user or to preview picking an entity.
void propertyChangeEvent (void event)
 Allows all actions to handle property change events.
void resumeEvent ()
 Called whenver the action resumes its operation, for example after it was temporary suspended for another action.
void setArrowCursor ()
 Sets the current cursor of the current document interface (all views attached to it) to the normal arrow cursor.
void setCommandPrompt (void prompt)
void setCrosshairCursor ()
 Sets the current cursor of the current document interface (all views attached to it) to crosshair cursor.
void setCursor (void cursor, void name)
void setLeftMouseTip (void tip)
void setRightMouseTip (void tip)
void setUiOptions (void uiFile, void split)
 Sets the UI options toolbar content for this tool.
void showUiOptions (void resume, void restoreFromSettings)
 Shows the UI options of this action if this.uiFile is set.
void simulateMouseMoveEvent ()
void slotReset ()
 Called if the user clicks the reset button of an action.
void suspendEvent ()
 Called whenver the action is suspended, for example if another action is started while this action is active.
void updatePreview (void clear)
 Updates the preview based on the operation returned by getOperation and the auxiliary construction returned be getAuxPreview.
- Public Member Functions inherited from RActionAdapter
virtual void commandEvent (RCommandEvent &)
 Called when a command is entered in the command line.
virtual void commandEventPreview (RCommandEvent &)
 Called when a command is being edited in the command line.
virtual void coordinateEvent (RCoordinateEvent &)
 Called for every coordinate event.
virtual void coordinateEventPreview (RCoordinateEvent &)
 Called if the action is in PickCoordinate mode and the mouse is moved around.
virtual void entityPickEvent (REntityPickEvent &)
virtual void entityPickEventPreview (REntityPickEvent &)
virtual void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent &)
virtual void keyReleaseEvent (QKeyEvent &)
virtual void mouseDoubleClickEvent (RMouseEvent &)
 Called on mouse double click events.
virtual void mouseMoveEvent (RMouseEvent &)
 Called on mouse move events.
virtual void mousePressEvent (RMouseEvent &)
 Called on mouse press events.
virtual void mouseReleaseEvent (RMouseEvent &)
 Called on mouse release events.
virtual void panGestureEvent (QPanGesture &)
 Called on pan gesture events.
virtual void pinchGestureEvent (QPinchGesture &)
 Called on pinch gesture events.
virtual void propertyChangeEvent (RPropertyEvent &)
 Called when the value of a property is modified while this action is active.
 RActionAdapter (RGuiAction *guiAction=NULL)
virtual void setGraphicsView (RGraphicsView *)
 Called if this action is set as a navigation action of a graphics view.
virtual void swipeGestureEvent (QSwipeGesture &)
 Called on swipe gesture events.
virtual void tabletEvent (RTabletEvent &)
 Called on tablet events.
virtual void wheelEvent (RWheelEvent &)
 Called on mouse wheel events.
- Public Member Functions inherited from RAction
RAction::ClickMode getClickMode ()
RDocumentgetDocument ()
QList< RGraphicsScene * > getGraphicsScenes ()
virtual RGuiActiongetGuiAction ()
RActiongetOverrideBase ()
RStoragegetStorage ()
QString getUniqueGroup ()
bool hasNoState ()
bool isOverride ()
bool isTerminated ()
 RAction (RGuiAction *guiAction=NULL)
 Copyright (c) 2011-2014 by Andrew Mustun.
void setClickMode (RAction::ClickMode m)
 Sets the current click mode.
void setDocumentInterface (RDocumentInterface *di)
void setGuiAction (RGuiAction *guiAction)
void setNoState ()
void setOverride ()
void setOverrideBase (RAction *base)
void setUniqueGroup (const QString &ug)
RVector snap (RMouseEvent &event)
 Uses the currently active snap function to snap to the closest object or grid point.
void terminate ()
 Terminates the action.
virtual ~RAction ()

Public Attributes

int axisPoint1
int axisPoint2
- Public Attributes inherited from Transform
int useCurrentAttributes
- Public Attributes inherited from Modify
int autoRefresh
int copies
- Public Attributes inherited from EAction
int additionalOptionsToolBars
int delegate
int guiAction
int includeBasePath
int optionsToolBarEnabled
int relativeZeroPos
int settingsGroup
int splitUiOptions
int state
int uiFile

Detailed Description

Mirrors selected entities.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

void Mirror::Mirror ( void  guiAction)

Member Function Documentation

void Mirror::beginEvent ( )

Called when the user starts this action by clicking a button, choosing a menu, entering a command, etc.

Shows the GUI elements that refer to this action as checked. Displays GUI options if this.uiFile is set to a valid UI file. Displays tool help in Help Viewer if available.

Reimplemented from Modify.

void Mirror::escapeEvent ( void  )

Called when the user presses Escape or clicks the right mouse button.

Reimplemented from EAction.

void Mirror::getAuxPreview ( )

Called by updatePreview.

Implementations must return an array of RShape objects that should be displayed as auxiliary construction.

Reimplemented from EAction.

void Mirror::pickCoordinate ( void  event,
void  preview 

High level event triggered when a coordinate was specified by the user of a coordinate specification should be previewed.

Reimplemented from EAction.

void Mirror::setState ( void  state)

Set the state of this action.

Action implementations overwrite this function to initialize this action for the given state. This includes setting the appropriate click mode, displaying the appropriate CAD toolbar, setting mouse tips, mouse cursor, etc.

Reimplemented from EAction.

void Mirror::showDialog ( )

Shows the translation dialog.

True if the dialog was accepted, false if it was canceled.
void Mirror::transform ( void  entity,
void  k,
void  op,
void  preview,
void  forceNew 

Callback function for Transform.getOperation.

Member Data Documentation

int Mirror::axisPoint1
int Mirror::axisPoint2

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