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RBlockReferenceData Class Reference

Defines the geometry and appearance of a block reference entity. More...

#include <RBlockReferenceData.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool applyTransformationTo (REntity &entity) const
virtual RBox getBoundingBox (bool ignoreEmpty=false) const
virtual double getDistanceTo (const RVector &point, bool limited=true, double range=0.0, bool draft=false, double strictRange=RMAXDOUBLE) const
virtual QList< RVectorgetInternalReferencePoints (RS::ProjectionRenderingHint hint=RS::RenderTop) const
 Can be overwritten to return internal, resolved reference points.
RVector getPosition () const
RBlock::Id getReferencedBlockId () const
QString getReferencedBlockName () const
virtual QList< RVectorgetReferencePoints (RS::ProjectionRenderingHint hint=RS::RenderTop) const
double getRotation () const
RVector getScaleFactors () const
virtual QList< QSharedPointer
< RShape > > 
getShapes (const RBox &queryBox=RDEFAULT_RBOX, bool ignoreComplex=false) const
virtual RVector getVectorTo (const RVector &point, bool limited=true, double strictRange=RMAXDOUBLE) const
void groundReferencedBlockId () const
RVector mapToBlock (const RVector &v) const
virtual bool mirror (const RLine &axis)
virtual bool move (const RVector &offset)
 Moves this entity by the given offset.
virtual bool moveReferencePoint (const RVector &referencePoint, const RVector &targetPoint)
 Moves the given reference point to the given target point or does nothing if this entity has no reference point as the given location.
QSharedPointer< REntityqueryEntity (REntity::Id entityId) const
 RBlockReferenceData ()
 Copyright (c) 2011-2014 by Andrew Mustun.
 RBlockReferenceData (RBlock::Id referencedBlockId, const RVector &position, const RVector &scaleFactors, double angle)
virtual bool rotate (double rotation, const RVector &center=RDEFAULT_RVECTOR)
virtual bool scale (const RVector &scaleFactors, const RVector &center=RDEFAULT_RVECTOR)
void setPosition (const RVector &p)
void setReferencedBlockId (RBlock::Id blockId)
void setReferencedBlockName (const QString &blockName)
void setRotation (double r)
void setScaleFactors (const RVector &sf)
virtual void update () const
 Entities can reimplement this function to invalidate any internal cache (mark the entity as dirty).
virtual void update (RObject::Id entityId) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from REntityData
virtual const RShapecastToConstShape () const
virtual RShapecastToShape ()
virtual bool flipHorizontal ()
virtual bool flipVertical ()
RBlock::Id getBlockId () const
QString getBlockName () const
virtual QList< RBoxgetBoundingBoxes (bool ignoreEmpty=false) const
virtual QList< RVectorgetCenterPoints (const RBox &queryBox=RDEFAULT_RBOX) const
virtual RVector getClosestPointOnEntity (const RVector &point, double range=RNANDOUBLE, bool limited=true) const
virtual QSharedPointer< RShapegetClosestShape (const RVector &pos, double range=RNANDOUBLE, bool ignoreComplex=false) const
virtual RColor getColor () const
virtual RColor getColor (bool resolve, const QStack< REntity * > &blockRefStack) const
RDocumentgetDocument ()
const RDocumentgetDocument () const
virtual int getDrawOrder () const
virtual QList< RVectorgetEndPoints (const RBox &queryBox=RDEFAULT_RBOX) const
virtual QList< RVectorgetIntersectionPoints (const REntityData &other, bool limited=true, bool same=false, const RBox &queryBox=RDEFAULT_RBOX) const
 Override to disable intersection point.
virtual QList< RVectorgetIntersectionPoints (const RShape &shape, bool limited=true, const RBox &queryBox=RDEFAULT_RBOX) const
RLayer::Id getLayerId () const
QString getLayerName () const
virtual RLinetype::Id getLinetypeId () const
virtual RLinetype::Id getLinetypeId (bool resolve, const QStack< REntity * > &blockRefStack) const
virtual RLinetypePattern getLinetypePattern () const
virtual double getLinetypeScale () const
virtual RLineweight::Lineweight getLineweight () const
virtual RLineweight::Lineweight getLineweight (bool resolve, const QStack< REntity * > &blockRefStack) const
double getLineweightInUnits (const QStack< REntity * > &blockRefStack) const
virtual QList< RVectorgetMiddlePoints (const RBox &queryBox=RDEFAULT_RBOX) const
RObject::Id getParentId () const
virtual RVector getPointOnEntity () const
virtual QList< RVectorgetPointsWithDistanceToEnd (double distance, RS::From from=RS::FromAny, const RBox &queryBox=RDEFAULT_RBOX) const
virtual bool intersectsWith (const RShape &shape) const
virtual bool isInside (const RBox &box) const
virtual bool isOnEntity (const RVector &point, bool limited=true) const
virtual bool isSelected () const
virtual bool mirror (const RVector &axis1, const RVector &axis2)
 REntityData (RDocument *document=NULL)
 Copyright (c) 2011-2014 by Andrew Mustun.
virtual bool scale (double scaleFactor, const RVector &center=RDEFAULT_RVECTOR)
virtual void setBlockId (RBlock::Id blockId)
void setColor (const RColor &color)
void setDocument (RDocument *document)
virtual void setDrawOrder (int drawOrder)
 Sets the draw order of this entity.
virtual void setLayerId (RLayer::Id layerId)
virtual void setLinetypeId (RLinetype::Id linetypeId)
virtual void setLinetypePattern (const RLinetypePattern &p)
virtual void setLinetypeScale (double linetypeScale)
void setLineweight (RLineweight::Lineweight lineweight)
virtual void setParentId (RObject::Id parentId)
virtual void setSelected (bool on)
 Selects or deselects this entity.
virtual bool stretch (const RPolyline &area, const RVector &offset)
 Stretches the end points of this entity that are inside area by offset.
virtual ~REntityData ()

Protected Member Functions

 RBlockReferenceData (RDocument *document, const RBlockReferenceData &data)

Private Attributes

RBox boundingBox
QMap< REntity::Id,
QSharedPointer< REntity > > 
RVector position
RBlock::Id referencedBlockId
double rotation
RVector scaleFactors


class RBlockReferenceEntity
class RViewportEntity

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from REntityData
RBlock::Id blockId
RColor color
int drawOrder
RLayer::Id layerId
RLinetype::Id linetypeId
double linetypeScale
RLineweight::Lineweight lineweight
RObject::Id parentId
bool selectionStatus

Detailed Description

Defines the geometry and appearance of a block reference entity.

This class is wrapped for script environments.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RBlockReferenceData::RBlockReferenceData ( RDocument document,
const RBlockReferenceData data 
RBlockReferenceData::RBlockReferenceData ( )

Copyright (c) 2011-2014 by Andrew Mustun.

All rights reserved.

This file is part of the QCAD project.

QCAD is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

QCAD is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with QCAD.

RBlockReferenceData::RBlockReferenceData ( RBlock::Id  referencedBlockId,
const RVector position,
const RVector scaleFactors,
double  angle 

Member Function Documentation

bool RBlockReferenceData::applyTransformationTo ( REntity entity) const
RBox RBlockReferenceData::getBoundingBox ( bool  ignoreEmpty = false) const
The bounding box that contains this entity.

Reimplemented from REntityData.

double RBlockReferenceData::getDistanceTo ( const RVector point,
bool  limited = true,
double  range = 0.0,
bool  draft = false,
double  strictRange = RMAXDOUBLE 
) const
The shortest distance from this entity to the given point.
limitedLimit lines, arcs at end points, otherwise the orthogonal distance to the unlimited line / circle is returned.
rangeThis is returned for solid filled entities (solid filled or dense hatches, text entities) if the point is on the entity and the distance would be zero.
draftCalculate based on draft mode representation of the entity.
strictRangeIf limited, this is the maximum range from either end point of the entity. Zero to only return distances that are strictly orthogonal to the entity.

Reimplemented from REntityData.

QList< RVector > RBlockReferenceData::getInternalReferencePoints ( RS::ProjectionRenderingHint  hint = RS::RenderTop) const

Can be overwritten to return internal, resolved reference points.

This is used for example for block references in combination with snap to reference points. Default implementation returns same as getReferencePoints().

Reimplemented from REntityData.

RVector RBlockReferenceData::getPosition ( ) const
RBlock::Id RBlockReferenceData::getReferencedBlockId ( ) const
QString RBlockReferenceData::getReferencedBlockName ( ) const
QList< RVector > RBlockReferenceData::getReferencePoints ( RS::ProjectionRenderingHint  hint = RS::RenderTop) const
Vector of reference points of this entity. Reference points can usually be moved around by the user to change the geometry of the entity.

Implements REntityData.

double RBlockReferenceData::getRotation ( ) const
RVector RBlockReferenceData::getScaleFactors ( ) const
QList< QSharedPointer< RShape > > RBlockReferenceData::getShapes ( const RBox queryBox = RDEFAULT_RBOX,
bool  ignoreComplex = false 
) const
Shapes that represent the geometry of this entity.

Reimplemented from REntityData.

RVector RBlockReferenceData::getVectorTo ( const RVector point,
bool  limited = true,
double  strictRange = RMAXDOUBLE 
) const
The distance vector from this entity to the given point.
pointthe point to which the distance was measured
limited,:If true, an invalid vector is returned if the closest point on the entity is outside of the entity (e.g. in the extension line of a line or outside the start / end angle of an arc).

Reimplemented from REntityData.

void RBlockReferenceData::groundReferencedBlockId ( ) const
RVector RBlockReferenceData::mapToBlock ( const RVector v) const
bool RBlockReferenceData::mirror ( const RLine axis)

Reimplemented from REntityData.

bool RBlockReferenceData::move ( const RVector offset)

Moves this entity by the given offset.

Reimplemented from REntityData.

bool RBlockReferenceData::moveReferencePoint ( const RVector referencePoint,
const RVector targetPoint 

Moves the given reference point to the given target point or does nothing if this entity has no reference point as the given location.

True if a reference point has been moved successfully, false otherwise.

Implements REntityData.

QSharedPointer< REntity > RBlockReferenceData::queryEntity ( REntity::Id  entityId) const
The entity with the given ID, transformed according to the transformation of this block reference.
bool RBlockReferenceData::rotate ( double  rotation,
const RVector center = RDEFAULT_RVECTOR 

Reimplemented from REntityData.

bool RBlockReferenceData::scale ( const RVector scaleFactors,
const RVector center = RDEFAULT_RVECTOR 

Reimplemented from REntityData.

void RBlockReferenceData::setPosition ( const RVector p)
void RBlockReferenceData::setReferencedBlockId ( RBlock::Id  blockId)
void RBlockReferenceData::setReferencedBlockName ( const QString &  blockName)
void RBlockReferenceData::setRotation ( double  r)
void RBlockReferenceData::setScaleFactors ( const RVector sf)
void RBlockReferenceData::update ( ) const

Entities can reimplement this function to invalidate any internal cache (mark the entity as dirty).

Reimplemented from REntityData.

void RBlockReferenceData::update ( RObject::Id  entityId) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class RBlockReferenceEntity
friend class RViewportEntity

Member Data Documentation

RBox RBlockReferenceData::boundingBox
QMap<REntity::Id, QSharedPointer<REntity> > RBlockReferenceData::cache
RVector RBlockReferenceData::position
RBlock::Id RBlockReferenceData::referencedBlockId
double RBlockReferenceData::rotation
RVector RBlockReferenceData::scaleFactors

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