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RFlowLayout Class Reference

Flow layout. More...

#include <RFlowLayout.h>

Inheritance diagram for RFlowLayout:

Public Member Functions

void addItem (QLayoutItem *item)
int count () const
Qt::Orientations expandingDirections () const
bool hasHeightForWidth () const
int heightForWidth (int) const
int horizontalSpacing () const
int indexOf (QAction *action) const
int indexOf (QWidget *widget) const
void insertAction (int index, QAction *action)
void invalidate ()
QLayoutItem * itemAt (int index) const
QSize minimumSize () const
 RFlowLayout (QWidget *parent, int margin=RDEFAULT_MIN1, int hSpacing=RDEFAULT_MIN1, int vSpacing=RDEFAULT_MIN1)
 RFlowLayout (int margin=RDEFAULT_MIN1, int hSpacing=RDEFAULT_MIN1, int vSpacing=RDEFAULT_MIN1)
void setGeometry (const QRect &rect)
void setIconSize (const QSize &s)
void setListViewMode (bool on)
QSize sizeHint () const
QLayoutItem * takeAt (int index)
int verticalSpacing () const
 ~RFlowLayout ()

Private Member Functions

int doLayout (const QRect &rect, bool testOnly) const
int smartSpacing (QStyle::PixelMetric pm) const

Private Attributes

int hSpace
QSize iconSize
QList< QLayoutItem * > itemList
bool listViewMode
int vSpace

Detailed Description

Flow layout.

Added actions are represented as QToolButtons.

This class is available in script environments.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RFlowLayout::RFlowLayout ( QWidget *  parent,
int  margin = RDEFAULT_MIN1,
int  hSpacing = RDEFAULT_MIN1,
int  vSpacing = RDEFAULT_MIN1 
RFlowLayout::RFlowLayout ( int  margin = RDEFAULT_MIN1,
int  hSpacing = RDEFAULT_MIN1,
int  vSpacing = RDEFAULT_MIN1 
RFlowLayout::~RFlowLayout ( )

Member Function Documentation

void RFlowLayout::addItem ( QLayoutItem *  item)
int RFlowLayout::count ( ) const
int RFlowLayout::doLayout ( const QRect &  rect,
bool  testOnly 
) const
Qt::Orientations RFlowLayout::expandingDirections ( ) const
bool RFlowLayout::hasHeightForWidth ( ) const
int RFlowLayout::heightForWidth ( int  width) const
int RFlowLayout::horizontalSpacing ( ) const
int RFlowLayout::indexOf ( QAction *  action) const
int RFlowLayout::indexOf ( QWidget *  widget) const
This function is not available in script environments.
void RFlowLayout::insertAction ( int  index,
QAction *  action 
void RFlowLayout::invalidate ( )
QLayoutItem * RFlowLayout::itemAt ( int  index) const
QSize RFlowLayout::minimumSize ( ) const
void RFlowLayout::setGeometry ( const QRect &  rect)
void RFlowLayout::setIconSize ( const QSize &  s)
void RFlowLayout::setListViewMode ( bool  on)
QSize RFlowLayout::sizeHint ( ) const
int RFlowLayout::smartSpacing ( QStyle::PixelMetric  pm) const
QLayoutItem * RFlowLayout::takeAt ( int  index)
int RFlowLayout::verticalSpacing ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

int RFlowLayout::hSpace
QSize RFlowLayout::iconSize
QList<QLayoutItem*> RFlowLayout::itemList
bool RFlowLayout::listViewMode
int RFlowLayout::vSpace

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