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RdfHandler Class Reference

SAX style XML handler. More...

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void characters (void ch)
 Handle text data.
void RdfHandler (void rdf)
void startElement (void namespaceURI, void localName, void qName, void atts)
 Handle element (tag).

Public Attributes

int context
int language
int rdf

Detailed Description

SAX style XML handler.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

void RdfHandler::RdfHandler ( void  rdf)

Member Function Documentation

void RdfHandler::characters ( void  ch)

Handle text data.

void RdfHandler::startElement ( void  namespaceURI,
void  localName,
void  qName,
void  atts 

Handle element (tag).

Member Data Documentation

int RdfHandler::context
int RdfHandler::language
int RdfHandler::rdf

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