Open Source 2D CAD
DL_ArcAlignedTextData Struct Reference

Arc Aligned Text Data. More...

#include <dl_entities.h>

Public Attributes

int alignment
int arcHandle
bool bold
int characerSet
double cx
double cy
double cz
int direction
double endAngle
std::string font
double height
bool italic
double leftOffset
double offset
int pitch
double radius
bool reversedCharacterOrder
double rightOffset
bool shxFont
int side
double spacing
double startAngle
std::string style
std::string text
bool underline
bool wizard
double xScaleFactor

Detailed Description

Arc Aligned Text Data.

Member Data Documentation

int DL_ArcAlignedTextData::alignment

Alignment: 1: fit 2: left 3: right 4: center

int DL_ArcAlignedTextData::arcHandle

Arc handle/ID

bool DL_ArcAlignedTextData::bold

Bold flag

int DL_ArcAlignedTextData::characerSet

Character set value. Windows character set identifier.

double DL_ArcAlignedTextData::cx

X coordinate of arc center point.

double DL_ArcAlignedTextData::cy

Y coordinate of arc center point.

double DL_ArcAlignedTextData::cz

Z coordinate of arc center point.

int DL_ArcAlignedTextData::direction

Direction 1: outward from center 2: inward from center

double DL_ArcAlignedTextData::endAngle

End angle (radians)

std::string DL_ArcAlignedTextData::font

Font name

double DL_ArcAlignedTextData::height

Text height

bool DL_ArcAlignedTextData::italic

Italic flag

double DL_ArcAlignedTextData::leftOffset

Left offset

double DL_ArcAlignedTextData::offset

Offset from arc

int DL_ArcAlignedTextData::pitch

Pitch and family value. Windows pitch and character family identifier.

double DL_ArcAlignedTextData::radius

Arc radius.

bool DL_ArcAlignedTextData::reversedCharacterOrder

Reversed character order: false: normal true: reversed

double DL_ArcAlignedTextData::rightOffset

Right offset

bool DL_ArcAlignedTextData::shxFont

Font type: false: TTF true: SHX

int DL_ArcAlignedTextData::side

Side 1: convex 2: concave

double DL_ArcAlignedTextData::spacing

Character spacing

double DL_ArcAlignedTextData::startAngle

Start angle (radians)

std::string DL_ArcAlignedTextData::style


std::string DL_ArcAlignedTextData::text

Text string

bool DL_ArcAlignedTextData::underline

Underline flag

bool DL_ArcAlignedTextData::wizard

Wizard flag

double DL_ArcAlignedTextData::xScaleFactor

Relative X scale factor.

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