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DL_TextData Struct Reference

Text Data. More...

#include <dl_entities.h>

Inheritance diagram for DL_TextData:

Public Member Functions

 DL_TextData (double ipx, double ipy, double ipz, double apx, double apy, double apz, double height, double xScaleFactor, int textGenerationFlags, int hJustification, int vJustification, const std::string &text, const std::string &style, double angle)
 Constructor. More...

Public Attributes

double angle
double apx
double apy
double apz
double height
int hJustification
 Horizontal justification. More...
double ipx
double ipy
double ipz
std::string style
std::string text
int textGenerationFlags
int vJustification
 Vertical justification. More...
double xScaleFactor

Detailed Description

Text Data.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DL_TextData::DL_TextData ( double  ipx,
double  ipy,
double  ipz,
double  apx,
double  apy,
double  apz,
double  height,
double  xScaleFactor,
int  textGenerationFlags,
int  hJustification,
int  vJustification,
const std::string &  text,
const std::string &  style,
double  angle 


Parameters: see member variables.

Member Data Documentation

double DL_TextData::angle

Rotation angle of dimension text away from default orientation.

double DL_TextData::apx

X Coordinate of alignment point.

double DL_TextData::apy

Y Coordinate of alignment point.

double DL_TextData::apz

Z Coordinate of alignment point.

double DL_TextData::height

Text height

int DL_TextData::hJustification

Horizontal justification.

0 = Left (default), 1 = Center, 2 = Right, 3 = Aligned, 4 = Middle, 5 = Fit For 3, 4, 5 the vertical alignment has to be 0.

double DL_TextData::ipx

X Coordinate of insertion point.

double DL_TextData::ipy

Y Coordinate of insertion point.

double DL_TextData::ipz

Z Coordinate of insertion point.

std::string DL_TextData::style

Style (font).

std::string DL_TextData::text

Text string.

int DL_TextData::textGenerationFlags

0 = default, 2 = Backwards, 4 = Upside down

int DL_TextData::vJustification

Vertical justification.

0 = Baseline (default), 1 = Bottom, 2 = Middle, 3= Top

double DL_TextData::xScaleFactor

Relative X scale factor.

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