dxflib 3.3.4 bugs

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dxflib 3.3.4 bugs

Postby joose » Fri Dec 20, 2013 6:00 pm

This document dxflib334/test/myfile.dxf is invalid, the first error is that the line break is defined as "\n" when it should be "\r\n", using a hex editor to change the 0A 0D0A and got the attached myfile.dxf:


the second error is that even so the file is invalid in all viewer drawing, so use the ODA_File_Converter_3.0.9 for errors and line 1084: "ODA Warning: Syntax error or premature end of file on line/offset 1084. OdError thrown during readFile of drawing "E:/...." : Bad Dxf sequence".


Similarly, the compiled files using dxflib334 described have the same problem. I hope you can solve these problems.
I have a DLL for Windows in bits 32-64 compiled with codeblocks 12.11 modify some lines of code to make it operational and efficient, if you're interested I can share here or in codeproject.

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Re: dxflib 3.3.4 bugs

Postby dgrees » Thu Apr 03, 2014 9:22 am

i reproduced this bug.
If you try to open file myfile.dxf from package in TrueView, you see message "Expected TABLE, recieved STYLE on line 1084.".

This is because of method DL_Dxf::writeStyle. I tried to togle commented lines in code and dxf file became openable.
But this is just workaroud, what is real solution to this problem?
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