Free dxf Mechanical Symbols Libraries

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Free dxf Mechanical Symbols Libraries

Postby Alexvader » Thu Sep 02, 2010 6:43 pm

Hi Forum

I am a new user of QCad, although i am an experienced user of several major CAD/CAM/CAE commercial and open source applications, like BRLCAD, Salome Platform, Calculix, Code Aster, and SolidWorks, Inventor, AutoCAD, CATIA, ProE and Siemens PLM

I have used Salome platform to build 3d digital mockups of mechanical assemblies which I export as *step.

This allows third party users to see them in most CAD packages, and/or use them in analysis codes after meshing them and applying boundary conditions/loads.

I wish to know how can i place a folder containing symbols about several ISO standards such as surface finishing, welding, tolerances, etc in my /usr/share/qcad/libraries.

My question is not "HOW" i can do this, but whare can I find such libraries ( free ) to use them in my production dawings.

I tried to use some very complete libraries of an Intellicad product, which cannot be used in QCad, they are in dwp format...

Can someone please pont me a site where to download these symbols templates in dxf, or till which version of AutoCAD will QCad still open dxf files...?

Best regards

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