Flyspray:: Flyspray::QCAD Bugtracker: Recently opened tasks 2020-08-06T04:03:53Z FS#2104: Dublicate functions in scripts/simple.js and scripts/library.js files 2020-08-06T04:03:53Z 2020-08-05T13:07:25Z

Both of these files (scripts/simple.js and scripts/library.js) contain a function named sleep() that duplicate each other. There is probably a need to delete one of them.

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Vladimir Syroezhkin
FS#2103: Crash when lengthen() executed twice 2020-08-05T10:02:24Z 2020-08-03T05:50:30Z

This code was executed in the Script Shell window. Then the program is failing of and closed.

a = addLine(0,0,100,100);
lengthen(a, true, 50); // success
lengthen(a, true, 50); // FAILED!
Vladimir Syroezhkin
FS#2102: Angular Dimension - fixed extension line option incomplete 2020-07-18T08:48:25Z 2020-07-17T19:09:15Z

The property editor offers for an Angular Dimension the option to make a fixed extension (yes/no) but the input field for a length is missing.

FS#2101: File > SVG Export: Double hyphen in text leads to invalid SVG file 2020-07-16T09:21:40Z 2020-07-16T09:20:36Z

Double hyphens in text entities lead to double hyphens in SVG comments which is not valid.

FS#2100: Property Editor not showing polyline area 2020-08-05T09:58:26Z 2020-07-14T20:01:40Z

Polyline’s areas don’t shows own property in Property Editor

Lucas Alonso
FS#2099: DIM Label, Square Symbol doesn't adopt layer attributes 2020-07-13T02:44:35Z 2020-07-13T02:40:50Z

The square symbol offered as symbol in DIM label is the only symbol which doesn’t adopt the layer color.
If I print a drawing in full color it leads to a black symbol in an otherwise colored dimension.

It is also the only symbol which has a solid filling what is confusing when you work with it in Model_Space ...

FS#2098: Offset will pick up hidden blocks while using it in a layout 2020-07-05T19:19:50Z 2020-07-05T19:19:13Z

When I’m drawing inside a layout block the offset tool picks up lines from blocks that are hidden.
It is not happening with all the block.

reint kamp
FS#2097: Very hard to snap to baseline reference point of dimension 2020-07-05T19:10:59Z 2020-07-05T19:10:59Z

With default autosnap settings reference points included I find it very hard to snap to the baseline reference points of a dimension.
I manage to do it by setting snap to reference point only and zoom out till I see the entire dimension element.

reint kamp
FS#2096: trim fail between line and arc 2020-07-13T08:29:41Z 2020-07-05T15:51:34Z

Trim, or round do not work between the green line and the magenta arc. The line properties do not report the length correctly.

Info - distance reports the distance between the end point of the magenta arc and the start point of the red arc as .1534. the Property editor reports the green line length as .257.

If the length of the green line is edited to .5 inches then trim and round work properly, and the green line length is reported properly. The other line/arc intersections have been edited in this manner.

Larry Buller
FS#2095: Can't Print from Q-cad in Win 10 2020-07-13T08:31:57Z 2020-07-02T14:01:41Z

I can’t print from Q-cad in Win 10 latest update. Q-cad says it has sent it to the printer but does not print.
To make it work I print to a PDF file then send it to the printer. I was able to print prior to the update.

I have checked and rechecked the settings in Q-cad as well as my Firewall and printer. All other programs print ok.

I tried printing from my Win 7 computer and all works fine.

Please advise.