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Startup preferences

On Mac 10.14.6: QCAD Pro → Preferences... → Startup

Check or uncheck “Enable Splash Screen”

1. Restart of QCAD, the splash screen with Initialising add-ons xx% is identical

2. Apply, Cancel and OK buttons - why have both Apply and OK buttons?

Simon Miller
FS#1934: Diametric text - overlaid 2019-08-16T12:33:35Z 2019-08-16T12:30:28Z

Diametric text is always placed above a horizontal measurement.

I often want to indicate both the inside and outside diameter of an object e.g. a wheel using diametric text. The text is overlaid and illegible.

To avoid text overlapping, I use Horizontal Aligned because I can control the position of the text to avoid illegible text.

A better method would be to alternate the placement of diametric text (alternatively) above and below a measurement so that in the majority of cases an overlap would be avoided.

Similarly for a vertical measurement, the text is overlaid and illegible.

When the angle is almost vertical, the angle controls the side the text appears however it also reverses the direction of the text (which is logical but not attractive).

Kind regards

Simon Miller
FS#1933: Advanced SVG export file overwrite check doesn't use updated filename 2019-08-14T22:54:33Z 2019-08-14T22:54:33Z

In the Advance SVG Export dialog, when I edit the filename to be different than the default file that already exists and then clear the checkbox for “Overwrite existing file without asking” just to make sure that I haven’t already created a file with the modified name as well, then I get a popup warning that the export would overwrite the default filename, not the name as edited. In other words, the overwrite check ignored the fact that I edited the filename.

Observed on MacOS Mojave (10.14), but probably applies to all.

Stephen Casner
FS#1932: Check for update fails to discover new version 2019-08-13T07:13:16Z 2019-08-12T20:56:10Z

“Help→Check for QCAD Pro Updates” fails to discover new version. Tested on OSX and Linux versions.

Johan Persson
FS#1931: File > SVG Export: hatch arc interpolation 2019-08-09T08:48:41Z 2019-08-09T08:48:41Z

Hatches with arc boundaries are exported as crude polygons.

See also:

FS#1930: Option disable "Auto Zoom on load" for saved "Layout Viewports" 2019-08-08T22:03:59Z 2019-08-08T22:03:59Z


my setting for “Auto Zoom on load” is checked to on. That works perfect for me for most of my drawings.

But if I save a drawing with Layout Viewports then I have to adjust every Viewport again after loading.

Would it be possible to have an option below Application Preferences / Graphics View / Appearance / Auto Zoom on load / ON which excludes drawings saved with Layout Viewports?

FS#1929: Printing Problem - Preview differs from Printout 2019-08-08T11:56:28Z 2019-08-08T11:35:56Z

... ? I reported this already some days ago, but the task doesn’t show up in the list? ...

Comparing ‘Drawing’ and ‘Preview’ - o.k.
Comparing ‘Preview’ and ‘Printout’ - NOT o.k. ! Elements are missing
(Rem: in the QCAD sketch itself, the missing elements are in a separate layer; however, anyway - preview should show the same image as the printout !?)


Günther Gräbner
FS#1928: Optionnally 'Auto clean up' after generation of NaN / Null / Null-lenght ... properties. 2019-08-05T06:36:19Z 2019-08-05T06:29:52Z

Some functions / methods can generate some sort off entity or part with NaN / Null / Null-lenght ... props.
Some explicitly don’t and test their actions with isNull().

As these serve a purpose in some processes, trails of them can be part of the results.
For some users Null / Null-lenght are meaningfull, for other users these produce errors down the line.
In a few cases its a desirable feature eg. controlpoint spline.
(Allthough there are no Null props involved with equal successively controlpoints)

Many problem post on the forum are related to Null - Zero and so on.

In some cases it can’t be undone by re-editing the drawing.

If it can’t be undone by Undo/Redo it is a bug.

In some cases there is a difference noticed after file save-close-open.

FS#1927: Drawing and printing inconsistent, with wrong/missing elements 2019-08-04T21:02:08Z 2019-08-04T16:40:52Z

Drawing and PrintPreview are consistent, but printout differs : rectangle missing (bottom right), line missing (bottom green line) - see att. Error can be reproduced, after saves and restores.
A VERY elementary WYSIWIG-problem....

Günther Gräbner
FS#1926: No negative coordinate values ? (DO command) 2019-08-04T20:38:00Z 2019-08-03T17:07:56Z

Just starting with QCAD, for some hours now - really excellent user interface (compared to other low budget CADs, like DCAD, or BeckerCAD...) !

Surprisingly, point coordinates - entered via the command line, and shown with correct positions on the drawing- are not displayed correctly with the ‘dimordinate’ (DO) command.
There are no negative values, even when the center point (0;0) is right in the middle of the drawing, so points left and below should have !


Günther Gräbner