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Opened by H. Stiekema - 06.11.2018
Last edited by Andrew - 06.11.2018

FS#1814 - FS#1813 Revisited

 FS#1813  Revisited. (Several bugs in QCAD/CAM 3.21.3. when generating G-code in “G-code Laser (offset).)

Hi Andrew,

After closing the bug notification I realised I didn’t add the DXF. My apologies for not attaching the DXF-file at hand.

Fortunately I am not the only one;

You can fix the missing G01 by replacing your file postprocessors/GCodeLaserOffsetMM.js with the attached updated file.

Since it was not attached, that makes two of us.

Anyway I have attached the DXF-file to be tested.

Closed by  Andrew
06.11.2018 09:49
Reason for closing:  Duplicate
Andrew commented on 06.11.2018 09:48

The file is attached in  FS#1813  (please scroll down and check the yellow box).

Note that you can still add comments to closed bug reports (no need to open a new report).

Andrew commented on 06.11.2018 10:41

I've attached another postprocessor update (see yellow box below).
Copy all three files contained in the ZIP archive to the postprocessors directory of your QCAD/CAM installation.
This contains the G01 fix from  FS#1813  as well as postprocessor preferences for LASER on / LASER off codes (see bottom of CAM > CAM Configuration dialog).

Note that these are all fixes / customizations on the post processor level.

H. Stiekema commented on 06.11.2018 13:10

Executed as described.

Unfortunately not succesfull; bug still not fixed.

Current situation see attached pdf.

Andrew commented on 06.11.2018 14:00

In that case, you can use the attached postprocessor for now. It always writes G01 for all linear moves.

H. Stiekema commented on 06.11.2018 15:40

Yes, the G1-bug is fixed now.

No, the Speed S problem is not fixed.

No, the init module is not fixed.

No, I can not use several different laser-settings.

Please, do read my contributions more carefully.

Andrew commented on 06.11.2018 16:26

The missing G01 was a bug (= unintended, erroneous behavior) that is fixed now.

The other things you have mentioned are customizations you are requesting for your particular use case and postprocessor (= not bugs). These might be implemented at one point when time permits or you could try to implement these yourself by adjusting the post processor file or creating a new one if you are comfortable with editing plain text / simple JavaScipt.

Custom development is also possible on a contract basis.

H. Stiekema commented on 09.11.2018 12:52

Hi Andrew,

Always handy to know that development on a contract basis is possible. Thanks, but no thanks.

I have attached an edited post processor file, so all other QCAD CNC-laser-owners finaly can use their machine as intended.

As for the requested particular use of my case, I have also attached a file to upgrade your laser knowledge. I suggest reading it with care, so you might decide for yourself which omissions are bugs (= not usable by flawed design or execution whatever the cause) and wich seems to be particular requested ones. After all, who am I to decide?

With compliments.

Andrew commented on 09.11.2018 13:13

You have exactly done what QCAD/CAM postprocessors are meant for: you've customized QCAD/CAM for your own, particular needs. In the process you have likely acquired knowledge you can apply to future improvements of your post processor.

Note that CNC machines are being used for all kinds of purposes (metal milling, drilling, granit milling, polishing, LASER cutting, plasma cutting, water jet cutting, gluing, welding, etc.). If a controller supports G-Code or similar, QCAD/CAM can produce code for it. However, a post processor needs to be written / adjusted in many of these cases. To use your own metaphor: you have not built your own engine (this would have taken you months or years...), you have merely adjusted the seat position a bit ;) Well done!

Anyway, thanks for your input.

H. Stiekema commented on 09.11.2018 16:22

Really? Why do I feel, sitting down in the merely adjusted seat position, exhausted as I have just build a car myself, after being a metal worker, paint sprayer and mechanic at once all together? Being a certified CNC-operator I already have a driving licence, so I should know how to handle that. Should be the burden of getting older.

Anyway, finaly sitting down comfy in the QCAD seat, I am ready for take off. Oops, it turns out the engine stalls time after time. Sometime I find myself kicked out of the car (System Monitor tells its running off at 50% CPU-time into eternal space). I have attached the original roadmap (only 201 kb), and the roadmap as far as QCAD had altered it (2600 kb). Updating a previous path seems impossible, and setting the destination CAM Export is a real kick out.

I don't know why the car does this; forgot the seat belt perhaps? Or gives the bolt 'G1-bug' more trouble deeper into the engine?


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