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 688 QCAD (main)Bug ReportMedium QCAD3: Deadlock happens during text operation when one  ...Closed
Task Description

I just use QCAD3 for the first time. I work with OpenSuse 12.2.
After having unpacked the downloaded package, I am able to start QCAD3 with the QCAD command icon.
Check shows that i used the most actual version.
Obviously no further installation steps are necessary.
I am able to draw some lines, etc.
However, when trying to select a font, I recognized that the computer hangs at least for 5 minutes.
The CPU load is about 50%, and i am not able to move the mouse and to do anything else.
During this time, sometimes there is access to disk, sometimes not.
So, in order lo cancel the hanging, i must make a hard system reboot.
Before i have entered the font selection, i have tried to look into the help options.
However, It was not possible to get the FAQs and the QCAD forum, so i am not aware about similar documented problems.
I have looked after similar bugs, using the words ‘text, font’. No similar bugs found.

 696 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Text control characters (e.g. upper /lower sign) explic ...Closed
Task Description

The control characters, such as bold, italic, superscript/subscript, of a Text are displayed explicitely in the drawing. Thus, one obtains not the required appearence of the characters in the drawing.
This occurs when i use QCAD3 in Windows Vista or in openSuse 12.2 on a 64 bit laptop.
If instead i use QCAD3 in openSuse 12.2 on a 32 bit laptop, then characters are displayed in the required appearance. (However, on this laptop i have the reported difficulty in selecting fonts).
If i change back from the drawing to the text editor, then also the texteditor displays the text together with explicit control characters, and not in the original required form.

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