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836QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLowMerge different Offset tools into just twoAssignedgalio Task Description

Merge Parallel Line(with distance), Concentric Arc(with distance), Concentric Circle(with distance) and Offset(Polyline) into one generic Offset with distance tool that if possible also works for ellipses and splines.

Do the same for the “through point” tools so that there also is just one Offset through point tool.

The Offset tools could be located with the Modification tools.

 835 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLow And shortcut to change value in Option toolbar Closedgalio Task Description

Pressing TAB should directly activate the corresponding text-field if a tool is activated where a numerical value can be set in the Option toolbar.
Pressing TAB again should select the next text-field in the Option toolbar.

If the last text-field in the toolbar is activated pressing TAB should deactivate the text-field. Pressing TAB one more time after this should again activate the first text-field.

 834 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Merge Line from 2 Points and Line from Angle Tools Closedgalio Task Description

Add the options from the Option toolbar the Line from Angle tool to the Options toolbar of Line from 2 Points.

As long the user does not set a value for Angle or Length the tool acts just like Line from 2 Points. During this time the values are automatically filled in corresponding to the line preview on canvas.
Once the user enters a value to into the field for Angle or Length this value is fixed and only the other one can be modified on the canvas.
Of course the user can also define both values by typing in the values.

833QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLowMove number of copies into Options toolbarAssignedgalio Task Description

The Number of Copies (Delete Original, Keep Original, Multiple Copies) and whether to use the current layers attributes should be found in the Options toolbar of the active tool.

This way the option would be set before or during the operation (preview?)the popup window afterwards would be obsolete.

832QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLowAdd shortcut to fastly enter ortho modeAssignedgalio Task Description

When drawing or moving objects holding down CTRL should activate ortho snapping as long as CTRL is pressed.

If ortho mode has been active before holding down CTRL should deactivate it (for the time it is beeing pressed).

 828 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Handle to reposition CAD Tools Closedgalio Task Description

CAD Tools could have a small handle that would make it possible to drop them in a different location.
This should not be a header with title, maximize and close buttons like normal dropable windows have.
Instead it should be a (dotted) line similar to the one normal toolbars have.

827QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLowUse Properties Editor to define Properties of newly cre...Assignedgalio Task Description

If there is no selection the Properties Editor could be used to predefine the properties of to be drawn elements.

 826 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Show Polygonal Area in the Properties Editor Closedgalio Task Description

If one or more closed Polylines are selected the (summed up) area should be displayed in the Properties Editor.

 825 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Move non single straight line away from Line Tools Closedgalio Task Description

Line Tools menu would be way clearer as it would only create single straight lines.

This can be achieved by implementing FS#822 and  FS#824 .

 824 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Rectangle and Polygon should (optionally) produce Polyl ...Closedgalio Task Description

First of all it would make it easy to move them in one piece.
And if additionally FS#823 is implemented (with the option to easily stretch orthogonal to the selected line) this would improve the handling of Rectangles and Polygons significantly.

The tools could then be moved to Polyline Tools or maybe get their own category called Polygon Tools with a Rectangle as Icon.

823QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLowAdd Midpoint Handles to Lines and PolylinesAssigned1galio Task Description

The Midpoint Handles should be used to move Polyline Segments and lines. This would add easy to access stretch functionality.
Combined with a shortcut(hold down shift or alt etc.) to fix the movement to be orthogonal to the line this would bring a lot of extra value.
It would also be possible to to have another shortcut to easily insert nodes to Polylines (again hold shift or alt etc.)

822QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLowmove Freehand Line to Polyline ToolsAssignedgalio Task Description

In order to be more easily editable after creation Freehand Line should produce a Polyline and should be moved away from Line Tools to Polyline Tools

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