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 226 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportCritical Editing and saving a file ClosedJean-Jacques Brasse Task Description

Just started with the program. I opened drawing made under 2.2 pro to modify it. Everything works ok (deleting entities) but as soon as I start removing unused layers, I get an error message when trying to save my work (photo attached). The previouly saved file becomes an empty file...Working on Win7x64, logged as admin.

798QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLowelaborate on purge toolAssigned1Jean-Jacques Brasse Task Description

Modify the “purge layer” tool to preserve empty layers with a locked status.

 501 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Dimension labels: R prefix ClosedJean-Jacques Brasse Task Description

Is it possible to add the “R” prefix (Radius) in the label drop box when dimensioning?

 438 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Layer color changes when file is closed and re-opened w ...ClosedJean-Jacques Brasse Task Description

When file was saved and closed, layers “masse, traits-fins, equerre-ar” were specified “black”. When re-opening QCAD for another session, the color layers were changed to a “custom” dark red. I noticed this happening several times with different files, always those that are black/white.

 408 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Script Macro recorder Closed3Jean-Jacques Brasse Task Description

Having practically no experience in scripting, a recorder that one could activate to memorize repetitive tasks (ie: inserting several layers with different attributes when starting a new drawing)would a useful tool to help get a start on scripting.

 257 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow autosnap to reference point Closed1Jean-Jacques Brasse Task Description

Autosnap does not recognize the center of a circle as a reference point.


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