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1203QCAD BugtrackerdxflibBug ReportLowImages not saved (dxflib)AssignedPoul-Henning Kamp Task Description

I am doing a bit of landscaping and using a (big) ortophoto as one of my layers in order to sanity-check on the ground measurements.

The layer contains a point and the image and nothing else.

The image is a 8MB file: “PNG image data, 4200 x 2980, 8-bit/color RGB, non-interlaced” and it is scaled to 210 coordinate units (meter) horizontally in the drawing.

With approx 50% probability the image disappears during Save, as see for instance in this diff of the DXF file:

      @@ -158699,28 +153057,6 @@ AcDbXrecord
      -  5
      - 90
      -  1
      - 10
      - 20
      - 11
      - 21
      -  0

The point in the same layer does not similarly disappear, the bug only seems to affect images.

I have seen this bug from version to git as of yesterday (63e06c778926a803bdfbffdf27b8c24d41511072).

I have not been able to correlate the bug with anything.

Looking closer at the DXF file (attached), there seems to be some residuce of attempts to insert images in protected/invisible layers, so this may be some kind of refcounting issue.

(Any chance of getting FreeBSD into the “Operating System” field ?)

 1201 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLow SVG import: add support for circles, ellipses Closed1Poul-Henning Kamp Task Description

The attached file should result in two overlapping circles, it does not, it results in a single ellipse.

The “<circle ... />” directive seems just be ignored in this case, but in other instances I have seen it result in ellipses.

And the “<ellipse ... />” directive should of course result in a circle, when rx and ry are the same.

 1193 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Landscape print lacks rotation ClosedPoul-Henning Kamp Task Description

I have spent a couple of days banging my head against this.

If I print the attached drawing in landscape mode to my printer, the drawing is not rotated, and the paper only contains ~2/3rds, oriented the wrong way.

If I print to PDF-File, open in gv(1), and change the size field from “Automatic” to the chosen papersize, same thing happens.

If I print to Postscript-File, open in gv(1), change the size field to the chosen papersize, the rotation is correct.

Many PDF viewers will autodetect missing rotations and other such stuff, and you will never notice a mistake like this, but gv(1) does it the “old-school” way and shows the mistake.

The crucial bit of the Postscript output is:

  /pageinit {
  % 210 *297  mm (landscape)
   90 rotate 0.060000000 -0.060000000 scale } def

Something similar is missing in the PDF and the output to the printer.

PS: This is also on FreeBSD, but I doubt that matters at all for the “print to file” operations.

 1192 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow print Dialog not shown on FreeBSD ClosedPoul-Henning Kamp Task Description

I compile git/trunk on FreeBSD, and the print dialog does not come up.

I tried the obvious fix in scripts/File/Print/Print.js:

  if (RS.getSystemId()==="osx" || RS.getSystemId()==="linux" || RS.getSystemId()==="freebsd") {

But that didn’t work.

Maybe the test is better if reversed ?

  if (RS.getSystemId()==="win") {
      // slot 'dummy' is never called:, "dummy");
  } else {

(PS: This should be “Operating System = FreeBSD” but that’s not in the pull-down menu)

 1175 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow SVG import turns polylines into polygons ClosedPoul-Henning Kamp Task Description

(I’m running on FreeBSD, but that was not an option in the selection for Operating System)

When importing a SVG file in version 3.7.5, it qcad turns polylines into polygons.

I’m attaching a trivial .SVG file showing this, it should *not* render as a rectangle,
but as a “rectangular upper case C”.

And many thanks for making good quality CAD software available to the FOSS community.

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