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 1993 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Draw > Insert Bitmap: relative zero point not set ClosedHusky Task Description

If I insert a bitmap the relative zero point (RZ) isn’t set at all. It will be set at the mouse position in the moment when I terminate the tool.

This leads among other things that I can’t use the Alt key for ortho mode or other tools for restrictions.

 1991 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Modify > Divide: Preview indicator fails on infinitive  ...ClosedHusky Task Description

Infinitive line,
launch Divide (DI),
click infinitive line

An orthogonal preview line should now indicates where the cut will happen when the next point is chosen.
QCAD version displays that indicator below a variable angle to the infinitive line. Regardless what it shows - the cut will happen orthogonal. ;-)

 1988 QCAD BugtrackerTranslationBug ReportLow Translation: "Automatisches Speichern" wird mit "Autosa ...ClosedHusky Task Description

QCAD Pro, Deutsche Benutzeroberfläche:

Kommando Zeilen Mitteilung:
[13:35:12] Automatisches Speichern in: C:\Users\
[13:35:12] Autosave abgeschlossen.

Englische und Deutsche Benutzeroberfläche:
Die angezeigten 3 Punkte nach dem xxx.dxf sind überflüssig da die Zeile nach dem dxf definitive endet.

 1986 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Page Tags set as default not displayed ClosedHusky Task Description


1. QCAD default start drawing:
Application Preferences, Page Tags enabled,
Load new drawing (Menu/File/New),
Launch Print Preview, Page Tags not displayed on print preview page,
Check Drawing Preferences shows that Page Tags are still enabled, turn it off, turn it on, confirm with OK makes the Page Tags visible on the Print Page.

2. Customized start template drawing - saved as template with enabled Page Tags - same behavior.

See also:

 1980 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Display, block position issue ClosedHusky Task Description

Drawing created with a previous QCAD version has issues to be correctly displayed in the current snapshot.
e.g. drawing opened in QCAD 3.23.0 - works flawless.
same drawing opened in QCAD 3.23.4 - has problems to show inserted blocks correctly.

 1979 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow View > Layer List: icon spacing ClosedHusky Task Description

Snapshot 3.23.04

Spacing for symbols in layer list way to wide compared to previous versions.

Version 3.23.03 - Husky-2019.10.22-02.png
Version 3.23.04 - Husky-2019.10.22-01.png

1977QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLowCorresponding coordinate format AssignedHusky Task Description


It would be less confusing to read messages in the command line protocol if it would use the same coordinate separators like the settings below Application Preferences / General / Coordinate Format.

This example shows the “Absolute Cartesian Coordinate” but of course all corresponding format settings should be used within messages.

Absolute Cartesian Coordinate: Setting = semicolon (;) but the message will use division (/).

 1950 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow File > Save As: File dialog offers unsupported export f ...ClosedHusky Task Description

QCAD Pro fails to write R10, R9, R2.6, R2.5 dwg files. Younger types and dxf work as expected.
Tested the issue back to QCAD 3.18 - no version is able to save those file types.

See also:

 1944 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block toggle switch for visibility fails ClosedHusky Task Description

3.23.02 Block toggle switch for visibility fails.
3.23.0 Block toggle switch for visibility works.

 1943 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Tool "New from Template" fails ClosedHusky Task Description

File / New from Template fails in different situation like immediately after launching the tool, sometimes after changing directories in the dialog like from imperial to metric etc..
QCAD tries for ever (wait cursor) or even quits QCAD. It’s not a clear pattern ...

See also: doesn’t works
3.23.0 works

Reported on Ubuntu 19.4, Win10

1930QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLowOption disable "Auto Zoom on load" for saved "Layout Vi...AssignedHusky Task Description


my setting for “Auto Zoom on load” is checked to on. That works perfect for me for most of my drawings.

But if I save a drawing with Layout Viewports then I have to adjust every Viewport again after loading.

Would it be possible to have an option below Application Preferences / Graphics View / Appearance / Auto Zoom on load / ON which excludes drawings saved with Layout Viewports?

 1891 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow File > Import: import fails Closed2Husky Task Description

I’m not able to import any dxf or dwg.

1890QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLowPossibility to address an QCAD extern font folderAssignedHusky Task Description

Like the Library Browser it would be nice to be able to define a extern font source folder. Especially now after we are able to create our own cxf fonts with QCAD. :-)

The reason is the same why we have it already for the library - without it we have to copy our individual fonts manually every time after a QCAD update to use them uninterrupted for existing and new drawings.

 1889 QCAD BugtrackerDocumentationBug ReportLow Autosave fails for QCAD original cxf font location ClosedHusky Task Description

Now I try the third time to post this .... :-( .... deleted by “wrong token”???????
However ...

Regarding to the online tutorial:

Opening a CXF Font for Editing

To load an existing CXF font file in QCAD to view and edit its glyphs, simply use the menu File > Open and choose the format filter “CXF Font Files (*.cxf)”. Then choose the font file you want to open. The fonts that come with QCAD are stored in directory “fonts” of your QCAD installation.

quote end

Editing the cxf font in the original QCAD font folder will lead to a error message triggered by the Autosave function:

File access error: “C:/Program Files/qcad-3.22.1-pro-win64/fonts\~~Husky_test_font.dxf”. Access is denied.
[15:34:58] Autosave failed: C:\Program Files\qcad-3.22.1-pro-win64\fonts\~Husky_test_font.dxf

Note: Windows will not save anything in a system folder and the process is terminated by windows.

Solution: Move the cxf font for editing from the QCAD folder to a unprotected folder like Documents/drawings.
After editing is done move it back to the QCAD font folder.

 1871 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow View > Block List: Renaming current block does not upda ...ClosedHusky Task Description


launch BE / Edit contents of selected block,
Pencil symbol shows that this block is now in edit mode,
launch Rename Block / rename it, confirm with ok, dialog closes,
renaming doesn’t works, pencil symbol is still on that block,
try to launch rename block again - doesn’t work anymore,
return to main drawing,
if I then select this block it will show the new name in the Property editor but not in the block list,
if I try to open this block within the block list again it doesn’t works,
if I open this block within a double-click in my drawing it will open but the pencil isn’t shown.

1870QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Stretch tool / option to turn selection restriction on...AssignedHusky Task Description


since 3.19.2 the Stretch tool looks for any selection and follows the specification “Only stretch selected entities if there is a selection”.

That is a nice feature but it leads many times to confusing because I have to deselect a selection just because I need to use the stretch tool on something else on the fly. The same if I “forgot” a selection outside of my zoom which is still important for me. The stretch tool just won’t work without any message why not. My routine now is that I terminate every selection just before I use the stretch tool just not to be surprised by “why isn’t it working”?

It would be nice to have in the Stretch option bar a checkbox to turn the “only selection feature” on or off. QCAD should remember that setting.

 1864 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow File > Print Current View: multiple pages printed ClosedHusky Task Description

Case: My last “Print preview” setting was “Multiple Pages” = 4
QCAD will remember this setting until I change it.

If I then - maybe days later - start a “Print current view” out of my drawing then QCAD will show me the current view on ONE page. Exactly what I expected. If I start the print QCAD will print on FOUR pages regarding to the last “Print preview” setting. Not what I was looking for .... :-(

Now knowing what will happen I launch “Print current view”, see my current view on ONE page, launch the “Drawing preferences”, see that FOUR is the number for pages, doesn’t change anything and cancel the dialog. NOW I can see that FOUR pages are used for the current view print.

That is confusing and it would be nice to have somehow more control over this behavior. ;-)

 1861 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Modify > Stretch: block references inside stretch box a ...ClosedHusky Task Description

I know that I can’t stretch a block in Model space but a block completely inside a Blocks should move. It doesn’t works that way in

1837QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLowLine bisector toolAssigned1Husky Task Description


we have already this nice tool “Angle bisector”.

I would really appreciate if we could get the same function for parallel lines to place a line exactly in the center of both lines.


1827QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLowProperty Editor: Accept advanced scale expressions for ...AssignedHusky Task Description


Identical scale expression used in Print Preview like 5:1, 5/1, 5”=1”, 5 are working flawless like expected.
Same expression used in a Viewport scale leads to different outcomes.

The Property Editor used to fix that in Paper_Space does also not accept those standard expressions.

 1819 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLow  Additional Options for "Paste along Entity" ClosedHusky Task Description

Please see:

 1818 QCAD BugtrackerDocumentationTaskLow QCAD Reference Manual / Paste along Entity ... ClosedHusky Task Description

... describes basically the “Paste” tool and not the “Paste along Entity” tool.

 1809 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Draw > Viewport > Add Viewport: layout dialog combobox  ...ClosedHusky Task Description

Drawing with more than 4 Layout Blocks (Layout1, Layout2 etc),

Add Viewport, choose rectangle for viewport, Dialog pops up to choose a Layout Block,
I choose Layout4 - the Viewport is placed on Layout2,

next new Viewport - placed on Layout3 - the Viewport will be placed again on Layout2 ...

 1808 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Property Editor: Changing width, height, orientation fo ...ClosedHusky Task Description

Property Editor / Size adjustment for Polygon rectangle accepts no changes for Width and Height. Was perfect working till 3.21.2

 1794 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Detect Duplicates / Options / Refresh Icon missing ClosedHusky Task Description

Please see also

 1793 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Ruler functionality is compromised by Auto Grid setting Closed1Husky Task Description

Regarding to an observation by the forum member Horst1803

The ruler functionality is compromised by Graphics View / Grid settings.
To show the full Ruler functionality “Automatic scale grid” has to be activated. I think that is not intended behavior.

Case: Appearance / Show rulers = activated

Application Preferences / Graphics View / Grid

on - Automatically scale grid
on - Automatically scale meta grid
off - Solid grid lines
= Rulers visible
= Graduation visible
= Labels visible

off - Automatically scale grid
on - Automatically scale meta grid
off - Solid grid lines
= Rulers visible
= Graduation invisible
= Labels invisible

 1791 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Edit > Paste: relative zero point not set ClosedHusky Task Description

If I insert a content from the Clipboard to the drawing a new Relative Zero Point isn’t created.
I’m not able to use e.g. a restriction regarding to the last inserted content. QCAD will use the last Relative Zero Point in the drawing even if I already inserted a content.

Clipboard content = circle

1. First insert

Restriction horizontal

2. Second insert

1789QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)SuggestionLowApplication Preferences / General / Performance :0Assigned1Husky Task Description

Hi Andrew,

we know that you need to have always software performance in your mind to decide which features / tools can / should be implemented and on which way.

I really appreciate your effort to find the best middle way between software features and performance but I think also it’s a tough call to appraise worldwide the overall customer equipment to make the software workable to the best for everybody. That isn’t possible without compromise.

Maybe it would make sense to think about a new dialog in the “Application Preferences” to let the user decide what kind of feature are absolutely needed regarding to his/her work-task / equipment. I don’t mean that you need to cover every single thing but the main “performance jeopardy’s” should be covered with an on/off switch.

Yes I know - that isn’t done in 5 minutes but I think that can make your life easier in the long run and will cover even more customer.

Just my two cents. ;)

 1786 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block > Select Block References: not using active block ...ClosedHusky Task Description

... can’t find Block References if the Block which contains the Block References (Attributes) isn’t selected prior with the mouse.

The Selection Filter will find the Block References regardless which block is chosen in the Block List.

 1785 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Template / Viewport scale issue ClosedHusky Task Description

Given: Template with prepared Paper Space Frame/Titleblock scale = 1:1.
Drawing 1:1
First Viewport / scale 1:1 / inserted in Paper Space = everything fine,
Second Viewport / scale 0.02 will scale the Paper respective to the new Viewport scale but the Frame/Titleblock isn’t scaled.

 1770 QCAD BugtrackerWebsiteBug ReportLow shop language ClosedHusky Task Description

FR - Ok,
DE - Ok,

EN - not OK. Main text is in english, menu is in german.

 1769 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow QCAD Help link to "FAQ's (Online) is broken ClosedHusky Task Description

QCAD help link to “FAQ‘s (Online)” is broken and leads to a 404 page.
(Menu → Help → FAQ‘s (Online))

 1720 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Modify > Auto Trim: fails for Rays and Infinite Lines ClosedHusky Task Description

... if other entities involved.

Please use the Auto Trim tool first with visible and then with invisible Block Countertop. The effect can change depending on where you click.

 1715 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Print option "Auto fit pages to drawing" broken ClosedHusky Task Description

Print option “Auto fit pages to drawing” broken.

 1688 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Scaling (SZ) selection by Mouse only proportional possi ...ClosedHusky Task Description

Tested with checked / unchecked button for proportional scaling - but it doesn’t matter.

 1686 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow File > Print: Line scale in Viewport wrong if Model_Spa ...ClosedHusky Task Description

Line / Lineweight 2mm
Model_Space Print Preview off / previously used scale was 1:1
Viewport 1:10
Paper_Space Print Preview scale 1:1
I’ll use the Paper_Space for a print:
Works as expected. A 2 mm Line will be printed in 2 mm


Line / Lineweight 2mm
Model_Space Print Preview off / previously used scale was 1:10 (closed Preview will keep it in memory),
Viewport 1:10
Paper_Space Print Preview scale 1:1
I’ll use the Paper_Space for a print:
Works not as expected! The Model_Space Print scale is used for scaling the 2 mm Line in the Paper_Space/Viewport. The Line will be printed with a 20 mm wideness.

 1679 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Print Preview scale format metric/imperial selection bo ...ClosedHusky Task Description

Not sure: Bug or feature request. However - it’s right now confusing :-)

It would be nice if the scale format list would respond to the “Measurement System (for line types and hatch patterns)” setting.

If my setting is Metric:



1:5 etc etc

If my settings is imperial:



1”=4” etc etc

 1677 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Dimension: Scale option grayed out in model space ClosedHusky Task Description

... impossible to chose a scale in the DIM option bar.

 1672 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Dimension tool displays wrong meassurement ClosedHusky Task Description

Settings are:
General: Drawing Unit
Drawing Unit: Foot
Paper Unit: Inch
Measurement System: Imperial

Dimension Settings: Architectural


I draw a horizontal line 12 units (foot) long,
Use then the Horizontal DIM tool and it will display a measurement of 1’ = false,

I draw a horizontal line of 2 units (foot)long,
Use then the Horizontal DIM tool and it will display a measurement of 2” = false,

I assume the input for the line length is handled from the DIM tool as inch and not as feet.

 1671 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block > Add Layout Block: fails if layout with same nam ...ClosedHusky Task Description


delete a Layout Block in Block List - name e.g. ANSI A P,
create a new Layout Block - try to use the deleted name (ANSI A P) again and it will be declined because the “Layout already exists.

 1670 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Layout Blocks are not using print settings from Applica ...ClosedHusky Task Description

My settings below Application Preferences:
Dimension Settings
Drawing Unit: Inch
Paper Unit: Inch
Measurement System: Imperial

Printing - Page
Page Orientation: Landscape
Paper size: ANSI A (Letter)
Paper width: 8.5” Paper height: 11”

Printing Colors
Color Mode: Black / white

Blank QCAD template used as the start drawing.

Issue in Layout Block

Printing Color Black/White changed to “Full Color Mode”,
Default setting to use ANSI A will change to ISO A4 in mm regardless that the Paper Unit is inch and size ANSI A.
Unit is unstable when you change the format a few times. It will switch between mm and inch what can lead to a 8.5 mm x 11 mm Paper size (then called customized!) or 210” x 297” ANSI A4,

Paper orientation preset to Landscape is then Portrait in Layout Block

 1669 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Edit > Application Preferences > Defaults for New Drawi ...ClosedHusky Task Description

Blank QCAD template used as the start drawing.

Application Preferences / Dimension Settings

Text hight doesn’t accept anymore input 3.5/25.4 and it will change that in a new drawing to “0” instead to show 0.137795

If I remember correctly: Marked for “Keep proportions” = unchecked in new drawing is desired behavior, correct?

 1661 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Viewport rotation issue ClosedHusky Task Description


1. Launch Add Viewport, adjust setting for scale and rotation, determine Viewport - QCAD will switch to a Layout Block
= scale and rotation works as expected.

2. Launch Add Viewport, determine Viewport - QCAD will switch to a Layout Block,

change scale setting = works as expected on view and frame,

change rotation = works on view BUT NOT ON VIEWPORT FRAME.

 1654 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Edit > Convert Drawing Unit: convert viewports ClosedHusky Task Description

Converting the Drawing unit (CU) in Model Space will ruin all preexisting Viewport arrangements in your Layout Block. You have to rebuilt them from stretch or undo the unit conversion.

 1653 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Dimension font configuration only loaded if drawing con ...ClosedHusky Task Description

This bugs me since a long time but I wasn’t able to reproduce it ..... till now!

My Dim Label font for new drawings (Application Preferences) is set to “Helvetica-Bold” Basically it was working just fine for new drawings but from time to time, after saving and reopen my drawing, the font was lost and replaced by “Standard”. No idea why!

Today I was playing with the new QCAD Feature “Default Template” and learned that I loose all the time my preselected font. QCAD ignores that my Template “Drawing Preferences” and also the “Application Preferences” are set to “Helvetica-Bold”. It will be replaced by “Standard”. Annoying! :-(

Ok, question was why it doesn’t happened with all drawings, all the time?
After many tests ....
The “old” blank Template opens with the correct font setting. If I use a Dim in the drawing and save it everything works as expected.
If I save the drawing without a Dim in it then the preselected Font will be replaced by “Standard”. It happens also if I delete all Dims in a so far proper working drawing - save and reopen it leads to the same issue. The Font will be replaced by “Standard”.

The new feature “your own Default Template” will not work regarding the Dim Label font in any cases - the template itself needs at least one Dim in the drawing to keep the desired Font.

 1642 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Selection Filter / Line / Continuous ClosedHusky Task Description

The Selection Filter doesn’t works proper with a Line / Continuous combination. Example drawing has Linetype by Layer and not by Layer

Entity type: Line
Property: Linetype
Comparison: = (is)
Value: Continuous

... doesn’t finds what I have ask for.

Entity type: Line
Property: Linetype
Comparison: ≠ (is not)
Value: Continuous

... finds more than that what I have ask for.

 1635 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Print current view / Portrait ClosedHusky Task Description


if I use the “Print current view” tool for a Landscape format - everything works just nicely!
If I use it for a Portrait print - the scale is way of.

For this example I used a rectangle as reference. The details what I’m looking for are captured with same sized red rectangles. The Paper orientation was changed before I used the Print command. To have the maximum view I select the rectangle and used “Zoom to selection” - then Print to current view.

Portrait, scale way of:

Portrait, manual adjusted - it should look close to this one:

I attache for testing the dxf too.

1629QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLowAdd additional Option to Angelur DIM ToolAssignedHusky Task Description

Please see:

1628QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLowMove / Copy and snap tangentialAssigned3Husky Task Description

Please see:

 1625 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Copy Layer ClosedHusky Task Description


often I’m in the situation that I have to create an additional Layer mostly based on the settings from an already existing Layer. Just a question of organization. This new Layer has then everything identical except the name and one(?) Attribute. This could be that only the color or the Line weight deviates.


Existing Layer

Layer name: Lot 47 area existing


Color: Red

Lineweight: 0.35

Linetype: Dashed

New Layer

Layer name: Lot 47 area proposal


Color: Blue

Lineweight: 0.35

Linetype: Dashed

Unfortunately if done manually it happens in an blink of an eye that the human imperfection (me!) makes a mistake and (e.g.) a “Center (.5x)” finds it way into the Linetype Field instead of a “Center (.2x)” .... :-(

The workaround for a few User is to use in cases like this the Property Editor / General Property and customize single Attributes. In my opinion the first step to lose the control over your own drawing ...

A “Copy Layer” / Copy Layer Attributes” function would speed up this task and eliminate to a minimum the “human imperfection” factor.

I could imagine that a right click (like copy block) on the Layer triggers the “Add Layer” function and the dialog is already prefigured with the Settings of the Source Layer ...... ready for editing.
The new Layer itself is “empty” like any other new Layer.

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