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 1588 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLow "hole" realisation Closedshoorick Task Description

Trying to design PCB with QCad (as hobby ;) I found an inconvenience with routing tracks through holes: I need end one line, snapped to the one edge of contact pad and start new line from other side of the pad, otherwise if line goes through the hole and covers it, hole disappears or becomes damaged; or I need to clean each hole of track parts before printing.

so, subject is: to define a certain area of white or background colour, so if any object (line or other shape) intersects it, it will be just invisible inside this area. they may still be visible, say, in draft mode.

I’ve been thinkig about simpliest way to make it, but not sure. Maybe it can be an additional property of the hatch, or it can be specific “background” solid colour, which can be applied to the hatch (apply this colour to other kind of object is not a good idea).

Then contact pad can be defined as shape with smaller round hatch inside to designate hole, so we can route lines, snapping them to the hole centers, not caring about clearing these holes later of little pieces of tracks.

Maybe it can be usefull :) Thanks for your great work!

 1589 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Placing parts from library error: wrong parts of item Closedshoorick Task Description

I made a set of places for dip chips. I did not met any problem until I add “bottom” and “top” designation :)

Now if I add to the drawing narrow place first, then wide one, wide place has “top” as narrow, and vice versa: if the wide place is first, then narrow will have wide “cap”. Same is with library items, based on these places... Maybe it is because block of the “top” have same number and are treaten as same?

In the attach you may see library items and two resulting files.

I’m using this version: qcad-3.17.1-trial-linux-x86_32.tar.gz


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