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1864QCAD (main)Bug ReportLowPrint current view doesn't shows the actual quantity of...Assigned
Task Description

Case: My last “Print preview” setting was “Multiple Pages” = 4
QCAD will remember this setting until I change it.

If I then - maybe days later - start a “Print current view” out of my drawing then QCAD will show me the current view on ONE page. Exactly what I expected. If I start the print QCAD will print on FOUR pages regarding to the last “Print preview” setting. Not what I was looking for .... :-(

Now knowing what will happen I launch “Print current view”, see my current view on ONE page, launch the “Drawing preferences”, see that FOUR is the number for pages, doesn’t change anything and cancel the dialog. NOW I can see that FOUR pages are used for the current view print.

That is confusing and it would be nice to have somehow more control over this behavior. ;-)

1863ECMAScriptFeature RequestLowWidgetFactory.saveState: save state of checkable QGroup...Assigned
Task Description

QGroupBox widgets with <property name=”checkable”> are not saved in Qcad3.conf

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