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 655 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow  Changing Minimal grid spacing option (px) - proves no ...Closed
Task Description

Changing the Minimal grid spacing (px) proves non effective, in that - it does not reduce the number of steps to to reach target view!

Tested and agreed on Win 7 -64

See Topics:


and related - http://www.ribbonsoft.com/rsforum/viewtopic.php?f=32&p=6694#p6694

 654 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Text missing from dwg import (block attributes) Closed
Task Description

Hi Andrew,

I am guessing this is an external library, but you maybe able to push it upstream.

Certain Autocad DWG files with embeded blocks fail to display text that was associated with them. For example see grid ref D.03 in the attached autocad drawing, the circles are terminals and should have nos in them.

Have tried exploding them in qcad etc, but nothing.


 653 QCAD (main)Bug ReportMedium crash on some file operations may be Qt related Closed
Task Description

On file open selection from main menu or on output to PDF Qcad crashes


I/O error : No such file or directory
/usr/share/mime/inode/directory.xml:1: parser error : Extra content at the end of the document

 652 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Arbitrary options toolbar height Closed
1 Task Description


 651 QCAD (main)Feature RequestVery Low Posibility print some layers in color and others in bla ...Closed
Task Description

Qcad3 have the feature to print in 3 ways: color, grey and black.

The missing feature is select some layers to preserve the original color in the black mode of print.

 650 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow library dependencies changed from rc5 to final Closed
Task Description

Hi there,

trying to start the final qcad-3.0.0 under Ubuntu results in

./qcad-bin: /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.14' not found (required by ./libQtCLucene.so.4)

qcad-3rc5 runs fine - do I have to install something to run the final qcad3?

Thanks - Stefan

 649 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow To add an Array option. Closed
Task Description

To re-introduce an ‘Array’ option with Number of columns/rows and Column/row spacing.

This option could be added to the Modify tool set so - could be used with all entities, not only blocks!

Wieder einzuführen Ein ‘Array’ Option mit Anzahl der Spalten / Zeilen und Spalten / Zeilen Abstand.

Diese Option könnte der Modify Tool so eingestellt, hinzugefügt werden - konnte mit allen Stellen, nicht nur Blöcke verwendet werden!

*Please see topic:

 647 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Customize line type Closed
5 Task Description

I would like to get a submenu in properties to define own line types, i.e. one dash and three points or line + block.

Edit: Add support for custom line types defined in DXF / DWG files.

 646 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Is a Debian Installation possible? Closed
Task Description

Post from topic:

Re: QCAD 3 Final
by ralvejd » Fri Jul 20, 2012 9:43 pm

Yes nice news
I’m waiting for a Debian installation

 644 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Search for text Closed
Task Description

Search for a text, highlight or select (?) the result(s).

 643 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Zooming mode of operation Closed
Task Description

I just realized, that Zoom-in and Zoom-out (with the mousewheel) works different from graphical editors I know (as soon as drawing is larger than full screen).

Graphical editor (PSP X2 (and other too I think)):
Will make the position of the cursor the center of the drawing area. Thus allowing very fast to reposition the viewable area without changing into a move mode (Hand icon) and without the rulers on the left or down of the drawing area. The reposition is very handsome!
But this solution is only half way practical: If you use the wheel twice to zoom twice in sequence without moving the cursor, it will reposition the image twice - this double reposition is not practical at all, as the second reposition is rather random!

Lets the center unchanged and just zooms-in or Zooms-out.

My proposal:
- Zoom-in or Zoom-out around the current position of the cursor
- move this current position to the center of the screen
- move the cursor itself to the center of the screen (thus avoiding to shift the image again with a subsequent zoom-operation

  1. if the user uses a second zoom-op the new center remains mostly fixed. This would allow best of both solutions:
  2. but the user is free to make an other area of the drawing the new center if he actively moves the cursor again.

I think this would be very simple, intuitive and efficient to handle, reducing the need to reposition the drawing manually a lot.

Actually I think earlier version of graphical editors I used worked with were implemented that way.

I’m not an extensive CAD user. Maybe there are special requests for this type of work that are in contradiction to my idea. Maybe it would be practical to activate this type of zooming when used along with <ALT>. Hmmm - no: Allow original QCAD-zooming with <ALT>!


By the way:
Mouse right-click seems never assigned in QCAD. In Windows a user usually expects ‘Properties’ to be activated with right-click. But I think with the clever way you implemented this, there is no real need to change this. As the standard is already broken: Why not assign permanently a ‘Move’ (Hand icon) to ‘right-click’...

 642 DocumentationBug ReportLow Better explanaton for Layer '0' Closed
Task Description

Layer ‘0’ has some special function. E.g. it can not be deleted, it will contain the data of undeleted layers.

I recommend adding some explanations: Explain the function of Layer ‘0’ as third paragraph in chapter 12 of the manual. Further it should be recommended to never use this layer for drawing.

By the way: I consider this to be better than no layer undelete. BUT: is there really not way for a true layer undelete...

 640 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Selected object dos not get printed Closed
Task Description

If an object is selected while ‘print preview’ is activated this object will be shown in preview in a special color and not printed at all.

I do see no reason for either behavior. My opinion: If it gets saved while selected it should get printed as well.

 636 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow 64 bit compilation Closed
Task Description


I’m using QCAD2 quite a while now and after moving from FreeBSD-i386 to FreeBSD-amd64 there are some libraries missing in the 32 bit version (libXi and some more).

I’d strongly suggest making a 64 bit compilation of the pro version. The community edition does compile and run on FBSD-amd64 very well.

Maybe ths would better be posted to the suggestion list of the upcoming version 3 ...

Thanks for attention!
see topic:

 635 QCAD (main)Bug ReportMedium hatch fills wrong area, saving results in "Exception oc ...Closed
Task Description

Attached you’ll find a floor plan.

Trying to fill the walls (layer “KG_Wand”), the hatch does not fill them but the space inside the rooms.
Saving the file (with the wrong hatch) leads to

Exception occurred. Entity NOT saved: 148

in the Command Window, after re-opening the file the hatch is (as expected) not existing anymore.

 634 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Hatches using user added hatch patterns cannot be saved Closed
Task Description

Hatches using user added hatch patterns cannot be saved.

OpenDesign error message: “Bad name for Hatch pattern”

 633 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Default file type(s) can not be inserted by Visio 2010 Closed
Task Description

The R2010 DXF and R2010 DWG formats produced by QCAD 3 RC5 cannot be opened by Visio 2010.

Error message:
Cannot open file. The file may not be a DWG or DXF file, it may not be in a supported version of the DWG file format, or it may be corrupted. Check the file and try again.


  1. QCAD 3 RC5
  2. Visio 2010 with all updates installed

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open QCAD 3 RC5 and create a basic drawing. Save using the default file types (R2010 DXF or DWG)
  2. Open Visio and create a new drawing.
  3. Go to Insert tab and click CAD Drawing. select drawing created above.
  4. Observe error message

Additional info:

  • When I use Save As in QCAD 3 RC5 and select any previous file format, Visio can insert the drawing. The problem I’m seeing with this part is that on a more complex drawing, the spacing/alignment is messed up (items aren’t in their proper spacing).

Other observations with a more complex file:

  • If I open a R2010 versioned file in Solidworks and then save it back out as a dxf file again, Visio will properly insert the drawing with correct spacing/alignment
  • If I open the file in QCAD and then save as Drawing Exchange (*.DXF) it inserts properly in Visio with correct spacing/alignment.
  • If I open the file in QCAD and then save as Drawing Exchange R12 (*.DXF) it inserts in Visio but the alignment is off (similar to problem above).

File attached for reference.


 632 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Text Höhe default in Application Preferences / Drawing  ...Closed
Task Description

Es wäre Hilfreich für eine eigene durchgängige Standardisierung die möglichkeit zu haben Default Texthöhen in den Application/ Drawing Preferences vorgeben zu können.

Perfekt wäre in meinen Augen das man drei Texthöhen vorgeben könnte wie z.B. 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 5mm die bei der Eingabe von Text (oder beim editieren) per Schalter gewählt werden könnten. Das individuelle eingeben von Texthöhen sollte aber zudem beibehalten werden.

Bei der Bemaßung kann ich dies bereits jetzt für eine Texthöhe einrichten ... ;-)

 630 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Select entities by type Closed
Task Description

please see:

from LeoP

” What would be really useful is a method to select entities by type, rather than by location or layer.

It could have a user interface like the snap command with buttons for the entity type to select, or like the line command with a drop-down box.

This would enable one to quickly select e.g. all texts in a drawing for subsequent attribute modification. Now one has to select each text individually if the texts are scattered over the drawing and layers...”

 629 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Viewports - not retaining positions? Closed
Task Description

in Win 7-64

Hi Andrew
when I set up my default choice of viewports - say ‘Two vertical’, they do not retain either the initial starting position or indeed the position I leave them in when I reopen a drawing. On opening a new/previous drawing - always one of the viewports is at ‘almost’ full extents!
I then have to manually re-position my viewports to suit.

Is this normal behavior happening here?
It would be good if a drawing opened with persistent viewport positions held, possibly this option could be added to the ‘Layout’ Viewports dialog window?

*Out of interest, when you introduce an isometric grid in the future - will it be possible to set up a ‘Three:Right’ layout view for example and have all three viewports showing different planes - Top, Front and South East?



 627 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Text: Falsche Info beim editieren der Formatierung ... Closed
Task Description

Grundsätzlich finde ich die Optionsauswahl beim erstellen oder editieren eines Textes im “Text Option Window” als sehr Komfortable.

Trotzdem gibt es hier für mich noch einige Ungereimtheiten die ich als Bug bezeichnen würde da es untypische Informationen liefert und verwirrt.

QCad, English, XP, Text Optionen Window:
Im linken Bereich gibt es den sogenannten “Main Font”. Dieser kann aber nicht unter Application/Drawing preferences vorgegeben werden, richtig? Hier würde ich mir wünschen das ich diesen vorgeben kann und es somit ein “Default Font” wäre. Für Bemaßungen benutze ich z.B. eine Vorgabe von 0.137795276 inch (= Deutsche DIN 3.5mm für Texthöhen) und bin Heilfroh das ich dies als Default vorgeben kann ;)

Im rechten Bereich des Text Options Windows kann ich im “Rich Text” Tab den Text formatieren - grundsätzlich eine schöne Sache.
Leider verwirrt mich dieses Fenster immer wieder:
Text erstellt, individuell formatiert(Textfonts, Höhe, Farbe), positioniert in der aktuelle Zeichnung.
Doppelklicke ich den Text um ihn zu editieren poppt das Optionsfenster auf und der Text ist markiert. Im Text font wird mir gesagt das es der Text Arial ist mit einer Höhe von 1 und schwarz. Da ich aber NICHT Arial verwendet habe und die Texthöhen unterschiedlich sind und alles in rot ist dies eine falsche Information.
Hier hätte ich erwartet: Font = *VARIES*, Höhe = *VARIES*, Farbe = *VARIES*. Klicke ich dann mit der Maus in den Text (Markierung verschwindet, Cursor blinkt im Text) habe ich immer noch die selbe Info - erst ein zweiter Klick spuckt dann die richtige Info aus.

Zurück zum Main Font: Wie nutze ich diesen wenn ich bereits andere Formatierungen verwendet habe - neu eingeben? Gutes Gedächtnis vorausgesetzt ;-) Spaß bei Seite: Sollte dies nicht eine Vorgabe sein die “auf Knopfdruck” verwendet werden kann?

Und da ich neugierig bin .... wofür ist die Option “Simple Text”?

 626 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow CAD font styles not saved (except standard) Closed
Task Description

CAD font styles not saved (except standard)

 624 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Line pattern scale Closed
Task Description

If we use a dash line type and set the overall linetype factor to 100 on a drawing (plan of 20metres x 20 metres approx) and then come to print it on A3, the linetype is not being scalled back from 20metres to suit the page extents.

So instead of lots of dashes we see just 2 strikes across the page. For now we set the linefactor low, which is good for printing, but now appears a solid line in the display unless we really zoom in.

 623 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow C++ plugin interface Closed
Task Description

C++ plugin interface to add functionality from existing C / C++ libraries to QCAD.

 621 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Trailing cutter correction similar to Modify - Chamfer  ...Closed
Task Description

Trailing cutter correction for corners (see attached file).

‘Korrektur Schleppmesser-Offset’

 619 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Status bar - X,Y etc. input fields  Closed
Task Description

It could be very useful to have in the status bar area - input fields for typing in X and Y position, Distance and Angle etc...

For example these could be used instead of entering absolute/relative coordinates in the command line.

1.Draw line.
2.Start point - enter in X Field.
3.Next point - enter in Y Field.

This method could also be used for specifying positions when placing other entities.

For me I tend to use a combination of the command line/GUI for most work but I think for those who do not wish to use the command line this could be useful.

 616 QCAD (main)Bug ReportVery Low Qcad 3 logo incorrect Closed
Task Description

Not a major thing in fact, but there is an error in the logo of QCad3.
Surrounded in red in the jpg.

 615 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Intersection beween an ellips and a tangent. Closed
Task Description

The intersection between an ellips and a tangent is not détected.

Using tool split 2.
When clicking on part 1 of the circle only part 1 is removed.
When clicking on part 2 of the elipse part 2 and part 3 are removed. The intersection with the tangent is not found.

 613 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Split entities: wrong interpretation of start angle inp ...Closed
Task Description

Split entities: start angle must be entered in degrees * 1rad (converted from degrees to rad twice)


 611 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Align objects based on source / definition points Closed
Task Description

Align objects with other objects.
- Specify 1st source point
- Specify 1st target point

- Specify 2nd source point
- Specify 2nd target point

One pair of source / target points:
- Selection is moved

Two pairs of source / target points:
- Selection is moved and rotated

Three source / target points might be used to ‘tilt’ the object in addition to moving and rotating it.

 610 QCAD (main)RefactoringLow replace QMdiArea with QTabBar and QWidgetStack Closed
Task Description

QMdiChild widgets in an QMdiArea receive repaint and mouse events even if they are not active which slows down the user interface when having multiple MDI children open.

Long term, QMdiArea might have to be replaced with something else.

 608 QCAD (main)Bug ReportMedium Page orientation can not be changed while page preview  ...Closed
Task Description

When in print-preview mode, the page orientation (portrate or landscape) can be changed using its document-preference dialog box, but it does not take effect.

 607 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Warning needed Closed
Task Description

When trying to Move an object to a layer that is locked nothing happens and no warning, so it difficult to figer out what is the reason.

The same happens when the default layer is locket. No way to add an object and no warning helps to understand what is going on.

A warning message should be displayed when such a situation occurs.

May be the default layer should never be locked.

[Edit: warnings are display in the command line history]

 606 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Grid with unit 'Mil' Closed
Task Description

In version when unit mil is selected the grid choices are auto, 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10
In version 3 when mil is selected the grid units are 1/128, 1/64, 1/32 ...... etc. binary.
This needs correction. I use the grid a lot when I draw so this is a high priority for me.

 605 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Print settings: show page borders, show bounding box Closed
Task Description

- Remove unused option ‘show bounding box’ - Fix ‘show page borders’ (should be ‘show paper borders’)

 603 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow SVG import straight path segments Closed
Task Description

I noticed, that paths are not fully imported into QCAD. I rewrote case “m” of “SvgImporter” like below, that way also straight line segments are drawn correctly. Case “M” should be similar:

      case 'm':
          x = ox = coords[0];
          y = oy = coords[1];
          x0 = x;
          y0 = y;
          for (k=2; k<coords.length; k+=2) {
              x += coords[k+0];
              y += coords[k+1];
              this.importLine(ox, oy, x, y);
              ox = x;
              oy = y;
 602 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow QCad 3 : Intersection between ellipses Closed
Task Description

Intersection between ellipses are not all detected.

This makes difficult difficult to make the projection as the example I give, where part of ellipses are to be removed betwwen intersection ponts.

 600 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Library browser: adding item to favorites Closed
Task Description

System : Windows 7 64 bits French.
QT SDK 1.1.0 installed

When I right click to add an object in Favorites, the object does not happear in favorites tab.

 599 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Line tangent to ellipse with start point on minor axis Closed
1 Task Description

Line tangent to ellipse with start point on the minor axis of the ellipse produces wrong result.

 597 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Rechteck, Referenspunkt nicht mehr wählbar in kombinati ...Closed
Task Description

Will ich ein Rechteck mit Größenvorgabe zeichnen und kombiniere dies mit einem versetzten Relative Zero Punkt kann ich nicht mehr den Referenzpunkt (unten Links etc.) wählen und in der Vorschau sehen. Gezeichnet wird es richtig - wenn ich den Vorgang abschließen kann!

Rechteck mit Größe,
verändern Relativ Zero,
Ende eines anderen Elementes,
Relativ X,Y,
Will ich dann den Referenzpunktes des Rechtecks verändern - hat QCad Probleme dies umzusetzen oder auch den Vorgang dann flüssig durchzuführen.

 595 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Editing text trims leading space. Closed
Task Description

To reproduce, enter the text (te): “a\n b”. Then bring up the edit text dialog (mt). The spaces before the “b” are gone.

 594 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow A '<' (0x3C) in a text object omits text to end-of-line ...Closed
Task Description

To reproduce: insert text (te) “a<b” into drawing. Then open the dialog to edit (mt): the “b” is missing from text field.

 593 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Multiple instances of QCAD opened when double-clicking  ...Closed
Task Description

Most likely a timeout issue if the machine is very busy:
- Explorer launches QCAD when a file is double-clicked
- QCAD checks if another instance of QCAD is already running by trying to contact the other instance. This may time out if the operating system is very busy or QCAD has not been used for a while and needs to wake up first.

See also:

 592 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Kreis Punktfunktion erweitern auf Elemente ... Closed
Task Description

Es wäre schön wenn ich einen Kreis zwischen Elemente platzieren könnte indem ich die Begrenzung nicht durch Punkte sondern durch Elemente angeben könnte. Eine Auswahl von 2-3 Elementen mit/ohne Radius soll den Kreis Geometrisch korrekt an die Begrenzungselemente anschließen lassen.
Hilfskonstruktionen oder der Umweg über Round RN (was allerdings nur bei geraden Linien funktionieren kann) würden dadurch entfallen.

Laienhaft könnte ich mir vorstellen das die Grundlage für diese Funktion bereits in der Round (RN) Funktion existiert ...

 591 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Library Browser - No Docking? Closed
Task Description


There are a couple of things from QCAD2.2.2 to QCAD3 that work, but do not seem as fluent. Sorry if this has been reported, there are a lot of feature requests in German that I can not read!

We nearly always use a file library, which was accesible easily via a box in the corner of QCAD

1) The Library browser does not recollect the last open tab status and library selected, so each time you open it, you have to move back to the library.

2) As it opens as a separate window, each time I move away from QCAD and back its gone behind ala GIMP style. It would be much nicer if it was dockable.

3) It would be nice to have a refresh now, rather than a refresh next time it starts.

Also other bit if you want it

1) Key press Alt+F, A will highlight “Save As” but does not select it. I would have expected a SaveAs Dialog to come straight up


 590 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Sichtbar/Unsichtbar geschaltete Blöcke/Layer speicherba ...Closed
Task Description

Ich habe versucht die Template Vorlage von Clive (danke dafür!) für meine Bedürfnisse anzupassen.

Clives Template:

Für meine Templates benötige ich die Symbole der Projektionsmethode 1 UND die Projektionsmethode 3.

Deshalb habe ich jeweils einen Block für die Symbole entworfen welche in dem Template an der selben Stelle platziert sind und entsprechend ein- bzw. ausgeblendet werden sollen. Beim aufrufen des Templates soll natürlich einer der Blöcke bereits sichtbar sein.

Leider kann ich aber einen Unsichtbar geschalteten Block nicht als solches abspeichern was dazu führt das ich beim aufrufen des Templates mehrere Blöcke sichtbar übereinander habe. Layer kann ich als unsichtbar abspeichern.

Ich sehe sehr viele Verwendungen um mit sichtbaren/unsichtbaren Blöcken ein Template vorzubereiten. Da es mit Layern funktioniert denke ich mir sollte es auch mit Blöcken machbar sein.

Oder ist es ein Bug?

 589 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Total Length of selected entities komfortabler anzeigen ...Closed
Task Description

Es wäre schön wenn die “Total Length of selected entities” etwas komfortabler angezeigt würde.

Ich arbeite meistens ohne “Command line”.
Benutze ich das “Info Tool” um die Total Length zu erhalten erhalte ich leider keinen Hinweis wo diese angezeigt wird.
Diese wird nur in der “Command line” angezeigt .... :-(

Zwei Lösungen könnte ich mir vorstellen:
1. Anzeige in der Zeichnung am Mauszeiger ...
2. Anzeige im Property Editor, Geometry, Length (dann natürlich Addiert) anstatt *VARIES*.

Die 2. Lösung halte ich persönlich als die elegante Variante da es eine logisch nachvollziehbare Aussage ist. Zudem erspart es einige Mausklicks auf dem Weg zum Infotool um die gewünschte Info zu bekommen.

Bemaßungen sollten, wenn sie nicht aufgelöst sind, ignoriert werden.

 587 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Library Browser / Favoriten Verwaltung ganze Ordner ein ...Closed
Task Description

Es wäre hilfreich wenn man in der Favoriten Verwaltung des Library Browsers nicht nur einzelne Symbole sondern auch ganze Ordner hinzufügen könnte.

 585 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Copy & Paste Vorschau Proportionen passen nicht ... Closed
Task Description

Kopiere ich Bemaßungen/Leader in die Zwischenablage und möchte diese dann wieder in die Zeichnung einfügen passen die Vorschau Proportionen nicht mit dem eingefügten Ergebnis überein. Eigentlich nur ein Schönheitsfehler aber es erschwert die korrekte Positionierung und die benutzung der Optionen wie skalieren, rotieren etc ...

 583 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Leere Layer als solche kennzeichnen ... Closed
Task Description

Im Zuge einer Zeichnungserstellung entstehen viele Layer.
Auch Library Items oder Kopien aus anderen Zeichnungen können noch viele Layer hinzu bringen.
Um die Übersicht zu behalten sollten deshalb nicht oder nicht mehr gebrauchte “Leere Layer” nach Fertigstellung (oder auch zwischendurch) der Zeichnung entfernt werden.
Diese herauszufinden gestaltet sich als sehr aufwendig weshalb ich eine Kennzeichnung der leeren Layer als sehr nützlich empfinden würde.

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