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IDCategoryTask TypeSeveritySummary  descStatusProgress
316QCAD (main)Feature RequestLowBlocks list and selected blockAssigned
1 Task Description

Wouldn’t it be nice, if selecting a block in model view would somehow highlight (just like clicking a block in the list does) the selected block in the “Block List” window?

(Feature request sounds a little harsh, enhancement proposal would seem more apt.)

 1909 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Blocks invisible when loading disappear when made visib ...Closed
Task Description

See also:

Regression caused by fix to  FS#1899 .

 748 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Blocks ... Closed
Task Description

It would be nice ...

- to be able to use " and / in Block names what is really helpful in the Inch and Fraction world ... ;-)

- the ability to overwrite an existing Block what is often much easier/faster than editing a Block ;-)

- After selecting a Block you get the info of the Block name in the Property Editor (Geometry / Referenced Block).
If I need to edit this Block I have to go to the Block List - have to search for this name because it is not marked .... and of course it is a long long list.
It would be nice to have a “Edit this Block” Button in the Property Editor / Geometry / Referenced Block dialog ... ;-)

614QCAD (main)Feature RequestLowBlocks - overwrite current layer yes/no ...Assigned
Task Description

I would appreciate an option for the library Browser that gives me the possibility to decide by my self to use the current (same name) layer in my drawing or overwrite it with the existing layers in the library item.

Imagine the possibility’s of this feature .... ;-)

 555 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Blöcke zählen .... Closed
Task Description

Eine Zählfunktion die erfasst wie oft ein Block in einer Zeichnung vorhanden ist.

Hintergrund ist das es damit eine Unterstützung gäbe die das erstellen von Stücklisten etc. erleichtert würde.

Die Anzahl der Blöcke könnte z.B in der Block List eingeblendet werden wie z.B.: “Schraube M6x40 (17x)” oder auch in einer extra Text Liste.
Zudem könnten so auch nicht (oder nicht mehr) benutze Blöcke ermittelt werden wie z.B. “Schraube M6x20 (0x)” welche dann aus der Zeichnung entfernt werden könnten.

Siehe auch:


 558 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Blöcke aus dem Editiermodus direkt in der Library speic ...Closed
Task Description

Blöcke aus dem Editiermodus direkt in der Library speichern zu können wäre eine erheblicher Arbeitsersparnis.

Wenn ich persönlich einen Block in einer Zeichnung erstelle überlege ich mir natürlich gleich ob ich diesen nicht auch in anderen Zeichnungen verwenden könnte. Somit erhalte ich leicht eine Umfangreiche Library die mein Leben leichter macht .... ;-)

 1030 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block->Create Library Item Issue Closed
Task Description

I create a number of library items to create parts assemblies..

I will build a component in a drawing that has other components in its own layer then isolate the component and only select it. I then use Block→Create Library Item to create a component, set it origin and save the item.. When I open the item, there apears to be a set of duplicate lines generated. I have to select all the components and do a detect duplicates then delete them before doing anything else with the drawing.. I found this issue by trying to create a cutaway view then adding a crosshatch. The crosshatch tool does not like lines on top of lines..

2138QCAD (main)SuggestionVery LowBlock zoomstate supersedes Model_Space after Undo of BCAssigned
1 Task Description

Summary: Block zoomstate supersedes Model_Space after Undo of BC

QCAD Professional
Version: (
Internet: QCAD.org
Build Date: Oct 15 2020
Revision: 2895712
Qt Version: 5.13.2
Architecture: i386
Compiler: Unknown «< (Win installer 32 bit)

With the file provided:
ZW to see the top green ‘revision cloud’ up close
Box select around the cloud
»> 2 entities in selection
BC, select origin somewhere inside the selection, accept proposed naming
»> ‘Block 1’ is created from the selection
BD, select the newly created Block Reference
»> Auto zoom of ‘Block 1’ (Intended behavior)
»> Returns to Model_Space with the zoomstate of the removed Block
»> Halfway down the drawing
»> The former zoomstate of the Model_Space is lost

Intended behavior is that the zoomstate of Model_Space and Blocks don’t mix
See: https://www.qcad.org/rsforum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=7797&p=30371#p30378

This proves they do, even if the block doesn’t exists anymore.


PS: 3th trial to enter a suggestion ...

 737 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block with Circle - can't snap to ... Closed
Task Description

XP32 / QCAD 3.0.5

Block with Circles - can’t snap to “Reference”, Intersection.

 168 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow block visibility Closed
Task Description

disable for now or implement

 1944 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block toggle switch for visibility fails Closed
Task Description

3.23.02 Block toggle switch for visibility fails.
3.23.0 Block toggle switch for visibility works.

 1550 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block references: mirrored block references in 3rd part ...Closed
Task Description

Files imported from other CAD applications might contain blocks that are mirrored if the block reference uses an inverted extrusion direction.

 1845 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block reference points cannot be supressed in printer o ...Closed
Task Description

Drawing preferences have no effect on point type when printed or in print-preview for block reference points.
Notice in “print output”, the “Dot” (Block reference point) is displayed (drawing preferences are ignored).

See attached photos.

 1395 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block reference not selectable Closed
Task Description

Block references to blocks with an origin other than 0,0 are not selectable.

See also:

 2029 QCAD (main)Bug ReportVery Low Block order issue within drawing exchange between CE an ...Closed
Task Description

If I create a dxf in Pro and open it in CE (or vice versa) the block order can change strange and a new Layout Block is occasionally added. Looks like dxf version (R15 etc.) doesn’t matters.


 1481 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block List: update changes selected item Closed
Task Description

- Select a block in the block list.
- Toggle the visibility of another block or add a block, etc.
- Selected block changes

 110 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block list: blocks disappear when showing hatch dialog Closed
Task Description

Block list: blocks disappear when showing hatch dialog

 939 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow block hierarchy Closed
Task Description

The block hierarchy is lost after saving. Only one item appears in the block after reload, and it is doubled outside, too.

attached file:

Tried to put the four patches and the bar in a “Pzeile” block, this works, but after save and open, only the bar is in the block and is doubled to layer “0”.

The attached file is the destroyed version with removed doublette.

 1528 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block attributes: relationship with block reference los ...Closed
Task Description

The blocks that are included in drawings by version 3.16.4 do not obey the rule “select attributes along with block references” while in version 3.15.5 in the same drawings and for the same blocks the rule is obeyed.
Note: Blocks already included in the previous version will enforce this rule in the new version.

 1525 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block attributes: escaped unicode sequences in files no ...Closed
1 Task Description

The characters in Portuguese such as “ç é â ... etc ...” are replaced by codes starting with version 3.16.x
Files created with versions of QCAD 3.15.x whose characters were correct in the Properties List when opened by QCAD 3.15.x appear in this strange way when opened in versions 3.16.x.
However, in the screen and in the extraction of the list of attributes the characters are correct.
Apparently the error only occurs in texts on the Block Properties List and Attributes.
However, you can use correctly the characters in a file created from version 3.16.x

Exemplo: “dormitory’ in portuguese is “dormitório” it’s appear like “DORMIT\U+00d3RIO” when file is opened on QCAD 3.16.x

 1514 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block attributes: association with block reference lost ...Closed
Task Description

Create block reference with attribute
Copy block reference and attribute

The copied attribute is now associated with the first block reference instead of the second.

 2240 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block Attributes not showing on "Specific Properties" o ...Closed
1 Task Description

I just updated my QCAD to (3.26.2) version and lost the hability to edit block attributes of my sheet or in any other block.

I tried to save as the drawing and the problem persists.

When I open the block, the attribute is there and is all set in the Specific Properties, but when I exit to the Model Space to edit the Attribute text, the created attributes don’t appear on Specific Properties tab.

The use of block attributes in sheets, balloon or any block that contains text is very necessary.

 265 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Block Attributes Closed
1 Task Description


  • Ask user to enter block attribute values when inserting block
  • If attribute definition changes (tag changes), update attributes accordingly (note that other CAD systems don’t do this)
  • Support for multiline attributes
  • Control order of attributes (as shown to user in property editor, when inserting blocks)


  • Defining new block attribute definitions (constructing block attribute definition entities)
  • Editing block attribute definitions (property editor)
  • Synchronize attributes based on attribute definitions (position, angle, size, ...)
  • Loading block attribute definitions from DXF / DWG
  • Saving block attribute definitions to DXF / DWG
  • Loading block attributes from DXF / DWG
  • Saving block attributes to DXF / DWG

Related commands: DDATTE, ATTEDIT, ATTDEF

 2222 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block attribute definition: default text displayed inst ...Closed
Task Description

See also:

 86 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Block arrays Closed
Task Description

Support arrays of block inserts.

 1786 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block > Select Block References: not using active block ...Closed
Task Description

... can’t find Block References if the Block which contains the Block References (Attributes) isn’t selected prior with the mouse.

The Selection Filter will find the Block References regardless which block is chosen in the Block List.

 1210 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block > Insert: too many rows previewed Closed
Task Description

Preview always shows maximum number of previewable rows instead of configured number of rows.

 1392 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block > Insert Block: keep proportions Closed
Task Description

1. Select block to place into drawing
2. Change x-scale to 1/3, observe grayed out y-scale shows (.333)
3. Click chain to unlink x & y scales
4. Change y-scale to 1/2
5. Click chain again to relink x & y scales and y-scale box grays out but 1/2 remains
6. Block is placed using x = 1/3 and y = 1/2 even though the chain shows x & y linked and 1/2 grayed out


 2223 QCAD (main)Bug ReportVery Low Block > Insert Block: duplicate entries in attributes c ...Closed
Task Description

Insert block with multiple instances of the same attribute definition (same tag).
Attributes combo box shows multiple entries for the same attribute.

 1277 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block > Insert Block: block Attributes invisible by def ...Closed
Task Description

I defined new attributes in a 3.11.0 drawing. I can’t get it working.
I loaded an old drawing, knowing that there are working attribute in - there are not anymore working in 3.11.0

Synchronize Attributes doesn’t helps to solve the problem.

Old drawing attached ...

 1664 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block > Insert Block: attribute color not synced with a ...Closed
Task Description

1. Create new block
2. Edit block
3. Block > Attributes > Define Block Attribute
4. Use property editor to change color of this attribute definition to fixed color
5. Insert block into model space
6. Color of attribute is “By Layer” instead of fixed color

 1436 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block > Create Library Item: item does not have same un ...Closed
Task Description

Library items created from existing drawings should have the same unit as the drawing. Currently, the unit of newly created library items is ‘None’.

 1984 QCAD (main)Performance IssueLow Block > Create Block from Selection: Slow for large num ...Closed
Task Description

See also:

 1831 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block > Copy Block: attributes of block references are  ...Closed
1 Task Description

1) Open the attached dxf file
2) Right click on “vne_vent_odvod_ec_3f” block in Block list and select Copy block
3) Choose name
4) Insert reference of this Copy block to the modelspace
5) Save the file
6) Close and reopen the file

RESULT: Attributes of block references included in the original block are missing in the copied block.
Immediately after insertion of the copied block I can see in the property editor, that block reference attributes are not “conected” to the block reference, but they are still visible. They disappear when the file is reopen.

Alternative way I use to copy this kind of blocks without error: Open block I want to copy, Select all entities, reference copy of them, paste to modelspace, select them in modelspace and choose create block.

 1548 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block > Attributes > Synchronize Attributes: exception Closed
1 Task Description

Block attributes are not properly synchronized on QCad 3.16.5 after editing the block in the drawing, in Linux Mint 18.1 and in Windows 10; On Windows as less frequency, the error is intermittent, on Linux is constant. Attach the dxf to test.

 1566 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block > Attributes > Synchronize Attributes: deleted bl ...Closed
1 Task Description

Deleted (undone) block attributes are stored to DXF/DWG.

 1737 QCAD (main)Bug ReportMedium Block > Attributes > Define Block Attribute: broken Closed
Task Description

Broken due to UI file resource not being found.

 1671 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block > Add Layout Block: fails if layout with same nam ...Closed
Task Description


delete a Layout Block in Block List - name e.g. ANSI A P,
create a new Layout Block - try to use the deleted name (ANSI A P) again and it will be declined because the “Layout already exists.

 891 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Block - Create Library item: unit / reference point pos ...Closed
Task Description

Created library item does not have the same unit as source drawing.
Zero point is not at chosen reference point.

Vers. 3.2.1, Drawing Unit “inch”!

... it takes the absolute 0 point as reference.

Millimeter works fine!!!

Rest of the units .... I don’t know ;-)

 571 TestsTaskLow Blake Closed
Task Description

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 580 QCAD (main)Bug ReportMedium Black color reverted to white color on each close Closed
Task Description


When I started Q3, I selected a White background in the initial dialog window. I opened a copy of a good Q2 file and saw that ALL entities with Q2 Black/White color where forced to be White. Andrew explains this as a mean to avoid unreadable items against the background colors. Remember I selected White as background ? I guess Black/White entities could be better kept as Black ?

Following Andrew’s advice, in Application Preferences =⇒ Graphics View, I unchecked the Auto correct black and white colors check box. The background settings is white. OK.

I went through a process of changing the White color for several layers to Black. I also had to change the color codes for the hatch areas. For instance, the hatch area layer “055_F_Murs” has “14-76-255 / 255-197-179” values in Q2. Why these values are auto corrected to “30-128-255 / 255-191-127” ?

After these changes, I saved the file, closed Q3 and opened the file again.

Catastrophique ! All “Black/White” layers were back to Black and the hatch colors were back to the “auto corrected” values.

Changing the background color to black then white seemed to solve the problem : the layers kept the Black color. Actually it was just an illusion.

Yesterday too much confident, I spent the whole day, modifying layers to Black, adding new layers also Black or custom color, checking the line weight (replacing the “default” (?) value of 0.25 mm with my preferred default value of 0,00 mm, I’ve posted on the forum about this) and so on. I saved the file, closed it.
To-day, nearly all layers have lost their colors :
- Black ones are again White,
- custom color are “auto corrected” as above for “055_F_Murs”,
- only the standard non Black/White colors are preserved, like Blue, Magenta etc.

At this point, I can’t continue using QCAD 3 with enough reliability as my color settings are always lost. This is why I qualify this bug as CRITICAL.
I don’t want to use a Black background or a Light Blue one. Why do you think all old “green on black VDU” were replaced with “black/color on white” displays, to begin by Apple ?

NB I already reported this but can’t find it in the list (maybe because I forgot to enter a summary ? No warning, happily I had a copy with Notepad), sorry for the duplicate.

1080QCAD (main)Feature RequestLowBitmap export: calculate size based on bounding box inc...Assigned
Task Description

I have created a drawing, where the CENTERS of the most outer lines have a distance of 3.06mm in both X and Y.
The line weight of these outer lines is 0.6mm, so the whole image is 3.06mm + 2* 0.6mm/2 = 3.12mm wide and long (center to center plus half of the line weight on every side).
Additionally in the export there is a frame around the image, making it 3.12 + 2*frame.
The export function however calculates 3.06mm when setting the resolution to 1000Pix/cm, so it does not include the line weights and the outer frame.

 340 QCAD (main)Bug ReportMedium Bitmap export shows selected entities Closed
Task Description
  • Selected entities are exported in the way as they are shown on screen.
  • Same applies for highlighted entities.
  • See attachment.
 459 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Bitmap Export is Cropping a few pixels too many from bo ...Closed
Task Description

When exporting bitmap images the crop is just a bit too tight, and is resulting in lost parts of the drawing. In QCAD2 there was a very small padding of pixels around the exported object that prevented that problem.

1169QCAD (main)Feature RequestLowBitmap clippingAssigned
Task Description

Clipping bitmaps to only show a part of the image.


2242QCAD (main)SuggestionLowBill of MaterialsAssigned
1 Task Description

It would be a very interesting feature to add to future versions.

I also use AutoCAD Mechanical 2012 and the BOM is synced with every balloon on the drawing. Making it easy to edit.

The core BOM accepts formula fields and we can easily calculate the mass of a part, with some Ifs and math.

The BOM that is shown in the actual drawing is more simplistic, and has just Part number, Quantity, Mass and the Description. But it’s related to the “core BOM”.

It’s a very interesting thing! It would be great on QCad.

 359 QCAD (main)Feature RequestLow Bigger lineweights Closed
Task Description

Currently lineweights seem to be available up to 2.11mm,how about extending the range for some bigger lineweights!



 686 QCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Bibliothekbrowser zeigt keinen Inhalt Closed
Task Description

Ich verwende QCAD normalerweise unter Windows 7 als Benutzer ohne Privilegien. In diesem Modus zeigt der Bibliothekbrowser keinen Inhalt. Der Pfad zur Bibliothek ist in den Applikationseinstellungen korrekt eingerichtet. Wenn ich auf “Aktualisieren” klicke, läuft der Vorgang ab, aber danach ist immer noch kein Inhalt im Browser sichtbar. Starte ich QCAD als Administrator, habe ich keinerlei Probleme mit dem Bibliothekbrowser. Ich vermute, dass bei der Installation von QCAD die Privilegien nicht richtig gesetzt wurden. Eine Neuinstallation hat allerdings keine Abhilfe geschaffen.

 642 DocumentationBug ReportLow Better explanaton for Layer '0' Closed
Task Description

Layer ‘0’ has some special function. E.g. it can not be deleted, it will contain the data of undeleted layers.

I recommend adding some explanations: Explain the function of Layer ‘0’ as third paragraph in chapter 12 of the manual. Further it should be recommended to never use this layer for drawing.

By the way: I consider this to be better than no layer undelete. BUT: is there really not way for a true layer undelete...

 1058 TranslationBug ReportLow Benutzerreferenz, anstatt skaliert wurde rotiert verwen ...Closed
Task Description

In der Benutzerreferenz für Skalieren wurde irrtümlich das Wort “rotiert” anstatt “skaliert” verwendet

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