QCAD 3.2.1

QCAD 3.2.1 is now available with two new tools and the usual bug fixes.

First, a new construction tool for inscribing ellipses into quadrilaterals has been added. This can for example be useful when creating isometric projections with angled sections through round parts as shown at the right. The auxiliary construction in blue is used as quadrilateral for drawing the inscribed ellipses in the front view and in the isometric view.

Ellipse inscribed in a quadrilateral.

The other new tool is a convenience tool for clipping or clearing rectangular areas for example to create a detail view as shown below. Especially for complex drawings, this tool can be a lot more efficient than exploding and trimming each entity to the rectangular area.

Clip selection to rectangular area.

As you might have noticed, QCAD is now also on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter for those QCAD users who like to hear the latest developments about QCAD through social media.