QCAD 3 Released

I am pleased to announce the final release of QCAD 3!

After almost 4 years of planning and development, this is a major update of QCAD.

QCAD 2 users shouldn't have any problems to adapt to QCAD 3. The user friendly and much liked user interface which separates QCAD from the rest is of course still present in QCAD 3, with only minor changes.

At the very heart of this update is the new, powerful scripting interface of QCAD 3. Although you will not see much of this as a regular user, it changes the way how new tools can be developed for QCAD and will have a big impact on the future development of QCAD. As a result of this, we will see new features, tools and even new applications being developed at a rapid speed.

Over the course of the next days, I will post various articles to this blog to put some of the most interesting new features of QCAD 3 into the spotlight:

  • Multipage printing
  • Command line tools (dwg2bmp, dwg2pdf, dwg2svg)
  • SVG export and import
  • The new property editor
  • The new part library browser
  • Working with selection modes
  • Scripting with QCAD 3

The QCAD book has also been updated to reflect the various changes and cover some of the new tools and features. The updated book is available as of today in English and German (the French translation is still work in progress).