how do i remove double lines in polylines

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how do i remove double lines in polylines

Postby alfran » Wed Dec 16, 2009 1:21 pm

Hi all,
i have a problem with polyline structures. After drawing my structures, sometimes there are 2 pieces of line or orc which are in the same layer, but exactly on top of each other, so you cannot see them on the screen. When i make polyline structure of the loose segments, these double lines will be part of the polyline.

Now when i convert them to a Gerber file, these double lines give me troubles, my converter does not find nicely closed structures (although there nicely closed on the screen.

Is there a way to easily remove these double lines?
(note, if i select all segments in a box, i also select the double lines. If i click on double line, i only select 1 line, not both).


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