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Print full size drawings

Postby Quicker » Fri Oct 29, 2010 11:48 am

I do a lot of radio control airplanes and draw my own designs. Rigt now I'm using TurboCad on Windows, but I'm trying to make the switch to QCad because I'm dumping windows in favor of a Mac laptop and a Linux machine. I'm a Unix admin by trade. I do have a CNC machine that is controlled by Mach3 on Windows, but I'm trying to switch that to EMC on Linux, too.

I print full sized plans for these planes on a 15" wide dot matrix printer with cont. feed paper. In TurboCad I can print a full size drawing on this printer. This works very well. I'm having problems doing this with QCad. I get what would be the first sheet, then the printing stops. It will not continue printing the entire drawing.

I attached screenshots of both QCad and TC in this process.

Am I doing something wrong?




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Postby andrew » Fri Oct 29, 2010 12:04 pm

Printing on multiple pages is not possible with QCAD 2.

Possible workarounds are:
- Set the paper to the actual paper size of your printer and do the page by page printing manually (draw and print cross-hair glue marks as orientation help for accurate stitching).
- Export as PDF and use third party tool to print on multiple sheets.

Wait for QCAD 3 (1st quarter 2011) which has a comfortable multi-page printing feature with automatic stitch marks, margin handling, preview, etc.

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