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Sub-Divide tool??

Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2012 9:41 pm
by acidblue
Is there a sub-divide tool in qcad??
I'm trying to do this: ... ectronics/
Scroll down a little more than half way down the page.

Can I use he divide tool to do something similar??

Re: Sub-Divide tool??

Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 10:53 am
by Clive
Hi acidblue

Two methods you could use are:

In CE version
1.Set up 2 layers - Layer 'Draw' and Layer 'Construction' (layer construction can be a different colour say -Cyan).
2.In layer draw, draw a rectangle e.g. 194.23mm x 54.5mm (obviously you will know your exact sizes).
3.Then in layer 'construction' select to draw a horizontal line (LH) and in the length field type in 194.23/9 and QCAD will do the math and give you a line exactly one 9th of 194.23mm.You can then place these lines 'snapping' to the end points until you fill the whole line. Do the same with the opposite line, this will give you your reference points on this layer.
4.Then in layer 'Draw' you can draw lines between these reference points giving you 8 equal parts (columns).
5.Repeat this method for all other lines and when you are finished quite simply turn off layer 'construction' - job done.

In QCAD 3 pro
In the 'Points' tool set there is an option to specify the Number of points along a line (see image below), this is very simple to use, you just type in what you need in the 'Number of points' field (9 in your case) and snap to an end point of your line then snap to the other end and 'hey presto' all done - the line is exactly divided into 8 equal parts. Do the same on the opposite line and then just draw lines between the points! Afterwards the points can be deleted or turn off the layer you used for the points.
It couldn`t be simpler than this, it is well worth giving the QCAD pro 3 'free' trial a go - the added features are really good!

Hope this helps :wink:

Re: Sub-Divide tool??

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2012 2:00 pm
by Clive
Hi acidblue

I thought the link you posted showing the 'electronics box' is really useful and as such I`ve decided to 'knock out' a few of the boxes myself on the laser cutter.I`ve attached a dxf file which may or may not be useful - the drawing contains 1 face but obviously you can copy this and re-scale this as needed, the size I based my face on is 100mm x 100mm and the lineweight is 0.00mm (needs to be this for laser cutting ideally) for 3mm (1/8th) perspex.
Not too sure how this might 'open up' in the CE version, I think it would need to be opened then re-saved in the dxf format again in order for the file to become ' workable' in the CE version? Anyway the file is attached (probably need to 'save as' first to desktop or similar then open up).

The drawing should look like this: