Word-wrap and text

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Word-wrap and text

Postby jsstevenson » Tue Apr 01, 2008 6:27 pm


I have been using Qcad Community Edition for about a year now and with the exception of one aspect it appears to meet my requirements very well.

The one area I struggle with is related to the issue of placing text in a dynamic fashion. For example, at the moment when I enter text, containing say two hundred words, it simply appears as one big line unless I actively introduce carriage returns every 40 or 50 characters to force the text to wrap to the next line down. Not perfect but manageable. The problem is if I want to adjust a drawing and adjust say the width of the text area from 50 characters to 100 characters I have to edit the text by removing any previously introduced carriage returns and then adding new carriage returns at the required position. Unless I am missing something this is the only way to control the text area width?

Is there a more elegant way of altering the text area without having to alter the text directly in the Community Edition? If not, is this a feature I would find in the Pro version?

Thanks for reading.


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