How to combine object snaps?

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How to combine object snaps?

Postby lars » Tue Jan 06, 2009 3:23 am

Hi forum,

this is my first message, so let me try to explain what I am using QCad for first. I am an architect, having worked on different CADs for some years (Vectorworks, formZ, Archicad, Autocad). At the moment, I do not much drafting but need a tool to work with plans others prepare for me, and as I do so on a Linux workstation, I started to look at QCad. I mostly have to measure distances in the drawing at the moment, to check and take over dimensions into other applications (simulations).

Now I can open my drawings and do all I want to, but it is more than unconfortable. The reason is that, I can set the object snap just to one mode. But in 90% I have to measure from an end point (geometry) to an intersection point (axis), which is the only accurate way to find locations of objects in a drawing. So for every point's location, I have to change the snap settings twice! Isn't there any way to set up the snap settings like "snap to end point, mod point, intersection point" once and for all?

Thank you for any hints, CU Lars.

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Postby andrew » Tue Jan 06, 2009 9:24 am

QCAD version 2.2 comes with autosnap that combines the most used snap modes, including intersections and endpoints. The QCAD Community Edition does not have this feature at this point.

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