Linking errors... impl. missing for QG_CadToolBar, etc

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Linking errors... impl. missing for QG_CadToolBar, etc

Postby Fatman » Thu Oct 22, 2009 5:52 pm

I'm nearly done compiling QCad, but it seems I'm still missing something. I've built the dependencies successfully and run (some of) the test programs (see further rambling below). I'm on the link stage of the qcad module. It reports no implementation for classes like QG_CadToolBar, QG_CoordinateWidget, QG_MouseWidget, etc.

By the way, the dxflib and qcadlib test programs seem to work fine, although the qcadlib test program outputs entirely to standard error instead of standard out. Hmm, perhaps there's something wrong in my qcadlib build? Is it ok to upload my (large) stderr file for comments?

I can't get the qcadguiqt test program to compile, because qg_test.cpp seems to be calling on some non-existent files. It looks like the rs_import and rs_export files were replaced with rs_fileio, and the dev forgot to update qg_test.cpp. Am I right?

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